That Alabama Girl

Brooke Woods ran away from her Alabamian family at the age of only fifteen, moving to Bradford, England. She hadn't had friends,a love life, or hapiness for years. At school, the one and only Zayn Malik leads her on, only to bully her and break her heart; Brooke letting go of all trust she'd ever had for anyone. But when Zayn and Brooke meet again, will he just lead her on again? Secrets are revealed, tears are shed, relationships are built up. But will this Alabama girl ever trust him again?


10. Memories

Zayn roamed the streets of Bradford coolly, and smiled to himself at little things, piecing back together memories. There is the public pool where he met his "best friend" Alex. And there is the small swing he used to push Wahiyla on when she was younger.

And there is one of the best memories.

Zayn had been walking for a long time, and his feet had brought him to Brooke's house. He stood in front of the steps, letting the memory flood back into his mind.

"Thank you for the nice night out, Zayn... I really enjoyed it." Brooke said to Zayn. The two had just been bowling together, and Zayn had walked her home, hand-in-hand. "It was no problem, babe, I had fun too." Zayn smiled down at her. He leaned down and kissed her cheek. Brooke blushed furiously, and thanked him once again. "See you at school tomorrow, Brooke. Don't forget, the dance we're going to is tommorrow." "How could I forget?" She grinned. Zayn gave her a small kiss on the back of Brooke's hand, and walked off. Brooke smiled, and stepped inside her home.

Zayn smiled at the memory. He realized he had been ignoring all her calls, so he walked up the steps to Brooke's home, took a deep breath, and knocked.

Brooke awoke with a start, hearing a knock on her door. She groaned, and swung her legs over the side of her bed as she got up; thinking it was probably just the postman. But when she answered the door, Zayn stood there instead, looking at the ground, hands stuffed in his trouser pockets. "I'm sorry." Zayn said.

"For what?" Brooke asked. "For yelling at you." Zayn simply said. "It's alright. I'm sorry, too."

"For what?" Zayn said, looking into her eyes. Brooke's heart beat rapidly. "For rejecting you. Look Zayn, I like you too, but... maybe we should just stay friends... until I sort out my head. Okay?" Brooke pleaded. "Alright." Zayn smiled, pulling her into a warm hug. She breathed in Zayn's musky scent of collange and cigaratte smoke. But she liked that smell.

Zayn and Brooke spent the rest of the day curled up together on the couch, watching Mean Girls, Finding Nemo, Bridemaids, and other films. Zayn even got her to watch a scary one, and she cuddled up into him instanly.

Both of them never wanted their moment together end. But somebody always comes along and ruins it, don't they?

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