That Alabama Girl

Brooke Woods ran away from her Alabamian family at the age of only fifteen, moving to Bradford, England. She hadn't had friends,a love life, or hapiness for years. At school, the one and only Zayn Malik leads her on, only to bully her and break her heart; Brooke letting go of all trust she'd ever had for anyone. But when Zayn and Brooke meet again, will he just lead her on again? Secrets are revealed, tears are shed, relationships are built up. But will this Alabama girl ever trust him again?


11. Loving

Kelly walked into her house quitely, expecting Brooke to be asleep, but instead found her cuddled up next to some boy on the couch. She realized it was Zayn. Kelly knew Brooke had been crying over him just hours before. She despised him. "OUT!" Kelly yelled at Zayn, startling him. "Can you never just begin with a simple 'hello'?"

"Fine. HELLO! Now, get out of my house!" She yelled once again. "Calm down!" Zayn shouted back, standing up to face her. "Brooke and I are only hanging out! Having an issue?!"

"Yes, I am! She cried over you! You hurt Brooke!" Zayn turned to Brooke. "You cried?" Brooke nodded. "I-.... I didn't know..... I just... I'm sorry Brooke." Zayn pulled Brooke into a hug.

"Oh, boo, hoo, hoo! Now get out! I don't want you to get her hurt again, it's not right for Brooke! So just-" Brooke interuppted. "No! If he's leaving, I will too!"

"You're bluffing." Kelly scoffed. "Oh, really? Watch me." "Your just going to leave? Where will you stay?" Kelly smirked.  "I'll be back for the rest of my things, and Jawaad, tomorrow!" Brooke grabbed her purse and ran out of the house, without Zayn. Brooke sat on the nearest bench, crying into her hands. Why had Kelly done that? She was so embarresed.

Brooke felt a warm body next to her. She looked up to find Zayn next to her. He wrapped his arms around Brooke, and she wiped her eyes. "What was that?" Zayn whispered into her ear, giving her butterflies. "I don't know, Kelly just- ugh." Zayn wiped Brooke's tears, causing her to flinch. She smiled at him. Zayn said, "So.... Who's Jawaad?"

Brooke laughed. "Jawaad is my turtle. I actually named him after you, you know." Brooke blushed a furious shade of red. Zayn kissed her cheek, making her blush so red. "That's adorable." Zayn chuckled.

"I- uhm, t-thanks.." Brooke stuttered. "Just out of curiosity, but where are you going to stay now that you're moving out?" 

"No clue." She answered truthfully. "Well, I suppose you could always stay at my home until you find a place."

"Oh, no, no, no, I couldn't stay at your house, I just-"

"Nope. I'll make you stay if I have to. I'll drag you to my house!" Brooke giggled, "Oh, really? Do it; I'm not moving! My butt stays on this bench."

Zayn began to tickle her sides. "Ahh! Zayn! Stop!" Zayn shouted, "NEVER!" Brooke giggled and giggled, as he kept tickling her, picking her up and bringing Brooke to the ground. He sat on her waist, one leg on each side of her. She felt awkward, though she loved being with Zayn. "That tickles! Zayn, alright!"

"Alright, what?" Zayn smirked, as he stopped tickling her. "I'll go home with you, alright!"

"Okay, but first..." Zayn leaned down to Brooke, brushing his lips on hers. She rolled her eyes and leaned up to him, pressing her lips to his. Zayn smiled as he pulled away after some long moments.

Brooke suddenly wondered why on Earth she had rejected him.

Brooke Ashlynn Woods loved Zayn Jawaad Malik.

And DJ Malik loved his (well, soon to be his) little Brookie.

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