That Alabama Girl

Brooke Woods ran away from her Alabamian family at the age of only fifteen, moving to Bradford, England. She hadn't had friends,a love life, or hapiness for years. At school, the one and only Zayn Malik leads her on, only to bully her and break her heart; Brooke letting go of all trust she'd ever had for anyone. But when Zayn and Brooke meet again, will he just lead her on again? Secrets are revealed, tears are shed, relationships are built up. But will this Alabama girl ever trust him again?


7. Lover Boy

Brooke slowly pulled away after some long moments and camera flashes. "So, how was your first kiss?" Zayn smiles. "Did you enjoy it?"

"Yeah, yeah I did. Thank you Zayn." Brooke blushes and looks at the ground. Zayn lifts her head up with his fingertips.

"I want to see your beautiful face." Zayn explained. Brooke could  feel her face grow hot. "I, urm, better get home..." Brooke mumbled, standing up, causing Zayn's fingertips to leave her face.

Zayn frowns. "Do you need a ride, Brooke?"

"N-no, I think I want to walk. I'll see you around." Brooke stutters. Zayn leans in and kisses her cheek. "Bye babe."

"Don't call me babe!" Brooke shouts as she walks out of the coffee shop, chuckling.

Zayn smiled to himself. He was so close to having her. And he wanted to call her his so badly. But, what would Simon think? Simon and the boys had an agreement to tell him before they dated anybody. Zayn decided to ring him.

After three rings, Simon answered.

"Simon Cowell speaking."

"Hey Uncle Simon."

"Hello Zayn. How can I help you, but make it quick. I'm on a run."

"Well, there's this girl I like and..."

Simon interuppted. "Is it Emma Watson? She's lovely and your type-"

"No Simon! It's a girl I've known since Grade 10."

"Is she famous?"


"Is she pretty?"


"Alright, lover boy. But I'm not so sure you can date her."

"What?! Why?" Tears brimmed Zayn's eyes.

"Well nobody will no about her, so-"

"So?! Louis dates El and she's not famous!"


"No Simon! Please let me date her! I think I.... I think I love her." A tear escaped Zayn's eye.

"Alright. You can date her, go ahead. But don't make him public until you're positive you love eacother. And this better not be a fling."

"Thank you Simon!" Zayn said, wiping his face.

"Now, go have your fun pretty boy."

"Bye Simon!"

Simon chuckled, "Bye Zayn."

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