1D fan fiction... read to find out more


2. The first night

Chapter 2

Twelve hours. That's how long I had been walk ing. I sighed looking up at the night sky. I didn't feel like sleeping in an alleyway tonight. So I headed for the 24 hour nightclub. I'm not a prostitute but I need a place to stay. So I'll just see if I can get someone to take me home. I fix my clothes and walk in. The smell of alcohol and sweat immediately washes over me and I feel faint. So I walk up to the bar and ask for a water. I watch the whole time, making sure it's not tainted with anything. After a quick drink I turn around, ready to find myself a place to spend the night.

I sit down, exhausted. I've been here for an hour and still can't find anyone. A shadow in the back corner catches my sight. I can tell its a guy just by looking at his figure. And I'm not afraid to say he was hot. I wander closer and am surprised to find its a guy my age, perfect. I strut over to where he's standing and lean against the wall.
"Your new here." I commented, successfully getting his attention.
"Umm, yeah I guess I am." The boy said. He had a British accent, a little odd coming from a nightclub in California. I just shrugged it off and kept talking.
"I need a place to stay tonight and you happened to catch my eye..." He cut me off by placing a finger to my lips.
"I'm not looking for a one-night-stand, thanks"
I'll admit I was a little shocked but kept up my game.
"Oh, me neither. But my ride ditched me and I'm too drunk to remember what address I'm staying at. I promise nothing will happen."
He smiled down at me with what looked like sympathy. We stayed like that a total of three seconds before he grabbed my arm and lead me to his car. I was asleep before we even reached his front door.
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