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1. My life

No. I will not do it again. I am strong enough to fight back. I sigh, apparently I'm not strong enough. I take the pocket knife and slit the skin on my wrist open. The red blood that I have become familiar with slowly drips to the ground. It's become an addiction, so much that if I don't cut it feels like the world is about to collapse around me. Unease, fear, and hatred boil inside me. And I'm not strong enough to fight it all on my own. But I have no one else. I'm an 18 year old orphan. I was given up to adoption after I was born and the families they have put me in since then have been worse than the orphanage.

My first family was great. I lived there until I turned eight. On the day I turned eight their birthday present to me was a trip back to the orphanage. The second family I was in abused me. I was there until age fourteen. The third and final place they dropped me in was hell. There was only a father, if you could call him that. He was an alcoholic. He used every drug imaginable. He was never home and when he was he hurt me.

I ran away about a year ago. It wasn't hard considering he wasn't home at the time. I now resort to living in alleyways and in abandoned buildings. Although anyone who saw me would think I had the perfect life.

I had nice clothes only because I begged for them at goodwill. I hardly ever see my reflection, and when I do its terribly beautiful for a girl who's spent her life hating people. I have hair so blonde it could be white that goes down to the middle of my back. I'm supper skinny, it's because I'm anorexic. I don't need people or food to survive. Only water and you can find a drinking fountain almost anywhere. My best feature is my eyes. They are an ice blue. They have so much hate and hurt in them no one usually talks to me. And I like it that way. My name is Allison Horan, and I need help.

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