1D fan fiction... read to find out more


4. My attempted escape

Chapter 4

Liam was the first to speak.
"What did you say your name was??"
"I said my name was Allison, Allison Horan. Now if you don't mind, I'll be leaving now." I gave Zayn a cold stare before smiling at the rest and running out.

The fact they didn't do anything to stop me from leaving told me three things..

1. The breakfast invite was just to be nice
2. They agreed with Zayn
3. I wasn't wanted here more than anywhere else

I quickly found my way back to the park I had been staying at and sat down on a bench. I took out my knife and had just started to slit my skin when I heard someone yell,
"What on earth do you think your doing??"
I turned to see Harry standing there, breathing hard from running after me. He had a terrified look on his face and you could tell he had never seen anyone self-harm.
"What are you doing here Harry? I already said no to breakfast." I stated, not knowing why in the world he would want to come after me.
"What did you say your last name was again??" He asked
"Horan" I said "Harry, why are you smiling like that?"
He had this creepy grin on his face and I could feel my brain shutting down. Whenever I get nervous or afraid my brain goes into autopilot and I act on impulse. I reached into my pocket and pulled out my gun.
Yes, I carry a gun. His smile immediately faded and I could see the fear in his eyes. I was about to step forward when I was tackled from behind, the gun falling out of my grasp.
"What the hell?" I screamed as one of the boys pinned me to the ground.
"Louis, let her go. The gun wasn't loaded." Harry called for where he was crouching next to the gun. Ok, so maybe I should check to see if it works before aiming it at someone.
Louis got off of me and offered me a hand up. I ignored it and got up on my own.
"May I pleeeease have my gun back." It wasn't a question. I ran up to him and grabbed it out of his hands. These people were crazy. I was about to run when I noticed they had me surrounded. So I did the most logical thing possible, I screamed.
The scream was so ear-splittingly loud and high that you couldn't help but cover your ears. I took my chance and made a run for it. I was so smart!!!

But Liam was smarter. He grabbed my waist and flung me over his shoulder. I could tell he wasn't expecting me to be so light because he over threw and had to grab my legs at the last second.
"I got her!!" He shouted over to the others, who were just now regaining their posture.
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