Of Wizards, Vampires and One Direction

"Its time for some well deserved R and R", thought Edward, Hermione and Niall sitting in cozy sofas in three different continents. None of them knew the other two, in fact, two of them didn't even exist in the real world. All of them had faced immense hardships in the last few days and no one knew that was just a beginning...


1. 1

Celebrations were still going on, three days after the demise of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named or Voldemort as he will be called from now on. Harry, the public hero of the magical world, was sleeping his butt of. Next door, Ron was lying awake still thinking about everything and not being able to believe that it was truly over. Somewhere, at the back of his mind he was getting a vibe that something bad was going to happen. But with Voldemort dead what bad could, shrugging himself he dozed off to light sleep, from where he will be woken by a nightmare shortly.

Bella stood up from the bed and went over to Nessie's bedroom where she'd heard a stirring sound. Sound asleep, she thought as looked at Renesmee, her baby, when she was grabbed from behind. Her attacker pressed his hand against her mouth and dragged her to the bed in her room. "There's still some night left, love", Edward's voice whispered in her ear.

He was dead tired and all Louis wanted was to sleep. As other four members of his boyband came into the room, Louis felt his eyes drooping and slipped into a deep sleep. Zayn and Liam dropped in next to him and followed suite. Harry opted for a quick shower before sleeping and Niall raced towards the little friggie to grab a bite of anything to eat. It had been a long day and tiring night. But their successful concert made all the hard work, missed sleep, worth it.

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