Diary Of A Stupid, Yet Interesting Life

Diary of a stupid, yet interesting life.


1. Introduction


Dear Diary,

Now, before you start thinking I'm a grily girl who wears skirts and dresses all the time and carries around a pink fluffy diary with a flower blue pen, I'm not. I'm the complete opposite  Of course, I have my boy bands, my boys, and girl drama, but I'm more of a laid back, yet crazy, fun loving type person. I'm one of those girls who wears dark - almost black - skinny jeans, and a sweat shirt to school everyday. I'm one of those girls who gets and average of an A on all of her grades. I'm one of those tall blond hair, hazel eyed chicks, but still has a belly roll, if you know what I'm saying. I'm one of those girls who have pimples on their foreheads and noses. Basically, I'm a normal 15 year old girl. My name is Emily Velloso, and this is my diary of a stupid, yet interesting life.

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