Diary Of A Stupid, Yet Interesting Life

Diary of a stupid, yet interesting life.


2. Friday, December 14, 2012


Dear Diary,

So this is the first day of my diary!!!!!!!! Happy day! I know, I'm weird. Anyway, I decided to start to write in here today because I've been having a bunch of problems lately  I've had confusions with my feelings, and other things. Which actually leads me to part one of my day problems...


So I recently made friends with this new girl in my school named Sam. I asked her if she thought any of the guys in my school are cute and she said Nick DeStio, who happens to be my crush. So, I let it slide because many of my friends like him, and I thought it would be fun to like the same guy. So anyway, Nick and I are really close, and he told me who he liked a little while back. Her name was Miranda and she was in our class. (Nick and I are in the same class.) I was okay with that because she had a boyfriend named, Declan who happens to be my cousin along with this other boy named Mike. Anyway, I knew Miranda would never break up with Declan for Nick so I was okay with it. But today, Nick told me he didn't like Miranda anymore, but someone else in our class. I was getting kind of excited because I thought, you know, maybe he would like me. So me and my friend named Andie begged and begged for him to tell us until he finally told us. And with my luck, it happened to be one of the most popular, bitchy, girls named Rose. (See how I don't know about her last name because I don't give a shit about her.) So Andie is friends with Rose so she gets all excited, and obviously, I have to fake over-excitement. So Andie tells me why shes so excited and it's because Rose likes Nick. On the outside, I'm like, "OH MY BAJESUS!!!" But on the inside, well maybe this would be a better way of explaining it...have you ever felt that pain in you chest when you hear or see something that broke your heart? It feels like someone just stabbed it? Well, that's what I felt. It took me all I had to not just brake down in tears. I've liked this boy since kindergarten and now he's probably going to go and ask her out! Oh won't Monday just be great? (NOTE THE SARCASM!!!) Basically, the only thing that's keeping me together is One Direction! Anyway, on the bus ride home, one of my friend's named Ian was giving me tips about what to do because he's just awesome like that. He told me to get over him. But you just can't get over someone you've liked for 10 years! But when I thought about Nick this time, I didn't have that same tingly feeling I usually have when I talk about him. Instead, I had a flashback to music class, 8th period. 


"Since you all got an A on your project last week, we are going to watch a movie today. Feel free to move where you please." Mr. Srgo told us. He pulled the piano to the side, turned off the lights, and pressed play on the square TV. He walked over to his laptop and was doing who knows what on it. I stayed in my seat, while one of my best friends named Jaden came and sat next to me. Nick sat behind me and started to put his feet on my back, almost touching my butt. We always did this, but today, he  came over and sat down next to me after a couple of minutes. And another difference was I didn't get excited when he sat next to me, it was just a ,"Woah, my best friend is sitting next to me." Kind of thing. And then I saw him. He's the shortest boy in our class, but he has hair and eyes like Liam Payne, and he acts just like me. We both love video games, boy things, and were both extra pervy. But he just didn't like One Direction, which is understandable because hes a boy and all. Anyway, he was sitting not next to Jaden but a chair away, leaving a empty seat next to him. I got up and sat down on the floor and not the chair. He smiled at me and then looked back at the movie, probably wondering why I took the floor instead of the chair. Jaden got off her chair and came and sat next to me, looking at me with a questionable face, probably wondering why I just moved from my crush to one of my best guy friends. I just shrugged, not knowing myself why I had moved. I looked up to see Anthony looking at me, and blushing when I caught him. He looked away and I sighed. What is going on? I looked down at his black and neon green shoes, and then remembered in gym glass. I use to squish his feet all the time! I put my hand on his foot and played with it, poking it, rubbing my finger across it and even taking the end of his shoe lace and poking him with it. 

In the middle of the movie, my two friends Josh and Austin came over. Austin looked at me crazy, like I was some alien. We are only 15, why would I be playing with his foot? Does that make sense...? Anyway, Josh looked at me and smiled, for he knew the squishiness of Anthony's foot because he himself has squished them once before! Anthony and I kept exchanging glances, blushing every time we caught each other. "What's going on between you two?" Jaden whispered in my ear. "I have no idea." I whispered back. I smiled the rest of that movie. Even when it ended, I felt like the happiest girl in the world. "Boys in chorus, please come over here." said Mr. Srgo over the conversions of the class. Anthony got up and walked over, leaving me on the floor, shoe less. "UGH!" I wined. "I want Anthony's foot!" Jaden giggled and nudged my side. "What?" I asked, looking away from Anthony. "You like him." She stated and smiled proudly. "What? Nooo.." I said, fixing my gaze on Anthony again. "Yes you do!" She exclaimed. "Jaden, he's so much shorter than me. He's up to my boobs, never a good height!" I told her. "You so do, it's not about the height and you know it." She told me. "Ugh, I don't know. All I know is that I need Anthony's feet right now!" I exclaimed. "Your so pathetic." She said, laughing. "So no more Nick?" She asked after a moment of silence. "I don't know, I'm so confused." I admitted. Then, Anthony walked back over. "YES! No one has squishy shoes like yours!" I announced and played with them again. He laughed and looked at me. "Everyone in your seats, the period is coming to an end momentarily." Mr. Srgo instructed. Anthony got up, about to walk to his seat when I said, "I'm squishing your feet in dismissle!" "I'm not going to be there! Member  aftercare?" He called back. My heart dropped. That was the first time I ever felt like that for a boy. 


So Diary, tell me, do I like Anthony and am over Nick? Or do I think I like Anthony but really like Nick? Maybe I liked both? Or neither? 

-Emily Velloso

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