One Direction Imagines (Collection 5)

Just some One Direction Imagines


4. Teacher Styles (Harry)


My next class was already waiting for me. I went inside the room and the first person I saw was (Y/N), the hottest girl in this school. Gorgeous, sweet and intelligent. I realized I was staring at her so I shook my head and stood behind my desk. ‘Okay!’ I yelled to get the attention. Everyone turned around or took their seats and looked at me. I started talking about the lesson and eventually gave them some work. Some sighed or rolled their eyes, but they all started working. I sat down in my chair and looked at them. I looked at (Y/N) and saw she was staring at me. She smiled at me and looked back on her paper.  I got overwhelmed by her. She was so beautiful. I loved looking at her beautiful angel face. I couldn’t deny it that I was in love with her, but I knew she’ll never be my girlfriend, because I was her damn teacher. So I could only dream of her in my arms, feeling save. Calling me when she wanted to hear my voice. But no, I was an annoying teacher. ‘Mr Styles’ a precious voice called. I looked up and saw (Y/N) looking at me. ‘Yes?’ I asked. ‘I’m done’ she said and looked at her paper again. I stood up from my chair and walked over to her desk. I stood behind her, leaned over her and placed my hands on her desk. I looked at her paper, trying to concentrate, but her scent caught me and made me weak. I shook my head lightly. ‘Very well, miss (Y/L/N)’ I whispered in her ear. I see her shiver and smirk. I walk around a bit and then the school bell rings. Everyone packs their things and head out of the class as fast as they can. I sigh and sit in my chair again, rubbing my nose bridge. ‘Euhm, Mr Styles’ I look up and look into (Y/N)’s face. ‘Yes?’ I ask. She leans with her hands on my desk, giving full view to her cleavage. I look at it and feel myself getting horny. ‘Mr Styles!’ she says again. I look up at her, feeling myself blush. ‘Dirty boy’ she says and walks around my desk. ‘Looking at your students like this’ she says. She stands between my legs. I look up at her and see a devilish smile. Oh fuck it. I grab her hips and pull her into me. I push her shirt up a bit and kiss her stomach while I look in her eyes. ‘We shouldn’t do this’ she says. ‘Fuck it’ I growl and pull her into my lap. She smiles and leans in to kiss me. I do the same and fit my bottom lip between her lips. Her lips feel so soft and warm. I lean back in my chair and pull her with me, holding her close so I feel her chest against mine. My heartbeat against hers. This feels so right. I open my mouth a bit and lick her bottom lip. She happily parts her lips and lets my tongue inside of her mouth. I explore every inch of it and lick her wet tongue with mine. I moan softly against her lips. ‘You’re so beautiful’ I whisper against her lips. She strokes my cheek and smiles at me. I give her lips a soft kiss and pull off her shirt. ‘So hot’ I mumble against her stomach and place wet kisses up to under her bra. I reach behind her and unclasp it. I let her bra fall into my lap and look at her breasts. They are so perfect. I take her boobs into my large hands and massages them. I look at my movements, then at her face and back at my hands. Her face is full with pleasure. I take her bottom lip between my teeth and tug on it, asking for attention. She looks down at me and grind her hips against my harding crotch. She slips her hand under the waistband of my pants and boxers and grasps my cock. I sigh, feeling relieved now she’s touching me. ‘Take it off, please’ I beg her. She gets of my lap and unbuttons my pants. She pulls them down my legs with my boxers. My dick slaps up against my stomach. She smirks and kneels between my legs. She takes my cock into her warm, small hands and start pumping up and down, really slow. I rest my head against my chair. I hear her giggle. She flicks her thumb over my red, swollen tip, making me moan. I feel her wet tongue licking the length of my dick. ‘Oh baby’ I moan and tangle my fingers into her hair. She takes my dick into her mouth and bobs her head up and down.  ‘Mmm yes, keep going’ I moan and lay my hand on the back of her neck to let her take more of me in. She takes all of it in, deep throating me. She gags when the tip of my dick hits the back of her throat. I moan and feel my legs shake. ‘Baby stop, please stop’ I say and pull her up, into my lap again. ‘I won’t cum without you’ I whisper against her lips and kiss her. I slip off her skirt and her panties, throwing them aside. While we are making out, I let my hand trail down  her stomach and touch her swollen clit. She jumps up a bit. I trace one finger over her slit, feeling how wet she is for me. I let her lips go and rub her juices over her lips. ‘So wet for me’ I say. She licks her lips and hums. She kisses me again and I start rubbing her clit, fast and hard. Her moans are getting muffled by my lips. I thrust one finger inside of her and rub her clit with my thumb. She lets my lips go and moans, throwing her head back. I pull her close to me by the back of her neck. ‘You dirty girl, letting you get fingered by your teacher. You should get punished’ I growl into her ear and take her earlobe between my teeth. I feel her walls clench around my fingers and moan at how tight she is. If this feels so good around my fingers, how good would it feel around my cock. I couldn’t wait anymore. I got my fingers out of her and grip my cock into my hand. I rub the tip against her clit. ‘Please, Mr Styles. Fuck me’ she moans. ‘Call me Harry baby’ I growl while I’m teasing her and myself. ‘Please Harry, get the fuck in me!’ she almost screams. I smirk and push myself inside of her. I groan when I feel how tight she is. She throws her head back when I’m all the way inside of her. ‘Ow, fuck, you feel so good’ I moan. ‘Move, Harry’ she moans. I grab her hips and slam up, into her. She grabs her boobs and squeezes them. ‘My job’ I growl and pushed her hands away. I grab her boobs and squeeze them. She begins to ride me, grinding her hips back and forth, making sure I go deep inside of her. ‘I’m going to cum’ she moans. ‘Hold it’ I growl. ‘I can’t’ she moans. I grab her hips and thrust into her at a fast pace, making my climax come closer. ‘Fuuuuck, Harryyyy!’ she moans and cums all over my dick. Her walls are clenching around my throbbing cock. I can’t hold it any longer and release inside of her. ‘Oh yeees’ I moan and fall back against my chair. ‘Mmmm’ I moan while I’m still releasing. She gets off me, but I pull her back into my lap, holding her close to me. I look at her face, her eyes watching mine, the corners of her mouth lift a bit into a beautiful smile. ‘You’re so gorgeous’ I whisper and place a kiss on her forehead. She kisses me, slow and full with passion. I kiss her back, unable to keep my hands off her. She pulls back and looks at me. ‘I love you’ I say and let my forehead rest against hers. ‘I love you too’ she says and smirks. She stands up and puts on her close. I do the same. ‘I’ll see you tomorrow Mr Styles’ she smirks. I nod at her. She opens the door, but I stop her. ‘Wear a skirt tomorrow’ I say and wink at her.   
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