One Direction Imagines (Collection 5)

Just some One Direction Imagines


5. Shower (Harry)


I was really good friends with Eleanor and Danielle. We had movie night together in Eleanor’s house. *DING-DONG* The doorbell ring and Eleanor get up to open the door, leaving a bowl of her pop-corns on the coffee table. “VAS HAPPENIN’ GIRL?!” a group of boys yelled and I jumped, scared. “Dear god…” I put my hand on my heart, really scared. What the fuck is happening here? “Oh…we didn’t know…oh, sorry…” one boy with brown hair and brown eyes said hugging Danielle. That must be Liam, her boyfriend. “Don’t worry we were just watching a movie. Oh yeah, [Y/N], this is my boyfriend Liam, Eleanor’s boyfriend Louis, Zayn, Niall and Harry.” Danielle introduced me to the boys. My gaze stopped at curly one- Harry. He was so fucking hot. “Nice to meet you, guys.” I said smiling shyly. They all hugged me quickly, but Harry hugged me tightly. I felt his cologne filling my nostrils, his strong biceps and his big hands around my waist. We break the hug, and the boys probably realized that our hug was long cause they were wolf-whistling.  “Uuuu, Harry likes someone…” Louis said laughing with Eleanor. I felt my cheeks burning, I never felt so shy. We were watching the movies and I was talking with Harry silently all the time. We were getting to know each other very well, and it was really nice to talk to him. I felt comfortable. He was really nice guy. And hot guy. I realize everyone’s in their beds, only Zayn and Niall were sleeping on the couch, but Harry and I were awake, chatting. I felt a little tired so I get up. “I need a shower. I’ll show you where you can sleep.” I said pulling him up. I show him his room, and I realize there’s no place for me to sleep. “It’s okay, you can sleep with me.” Harry said sitting on the edge of our bed and smirking at me. “Thanks.” I said as I go to the bathroom in our room to take a shower. I take off my clothes and I get in the shower, feeling hot water on my skin, relaxing me. I heard some noise but I keep my eyes closed, Harry probably needed something from the bathroom- then I felt cold air hitting my wet skin. I gasped turning around to see Harry’s standing in front of me- naked.  “I needed shower too, so I was thinking we can save the water…” he winked at me stepping under the water with me in front of him, our bodies almost brushing. I looked at his abs, collarbones, neck, pink plump lips and his green eyes, feeling myself wetter and wetter, but not from the water. Damn, I wanted him. I needed him. He interrupted my minds by smashing his lips on mine, pulling me closer to him. I put my hands on the back of his neck, playing with his wet curls, and I felt his hands on my tights, motioning me to jump. I jumped and he pressed his hot body on mine, squeezing my bum. He pull me against the wall, kissing my neck. I moaned when he kissed my sweet spot, sucking it and licking it. “Shhh babe, someone’s sleeping in this house.” he whispered kissing my collarbones. “I don’t care…” I moaned again when he kissed my right breast, softly biting my nipple. I felt his right hand traveling up my tight to my wet pussy, his fingers rubbing my clit, teasing me. “Mmmmmh Harry…” I sighed in pleasure when he put his three long fingers inside me, curving them inside of me, hitting my g-spot all the time. “Oh, oh, oh Harry I’m gonna cum!” I moaned louder when he used his left hand to rub my clit. I felt pure pleasure, my orgasm coming. “Cum for me [Y/N]…now…” he said in his husky voice kissing me, exploring in my mouth with his sweet tongue. I grabbed onto his shoulders and I cum. He licked his fingers clean and I felt his huge dick slamming inside me. Fuck, he was so big. I gasped, and he just stand there, letting me adjust to his size. I moved my hips towards him after 5 seconds and he started thrusting in me, hard and fast. I bite his shoulder to hold my screams, he was finding some new sweet spots in me, and pleasure was big. I never felt so good like now, this was the best sex I ever had. With, ladies and gentlemens, Mr. Harry Styles. “Fuck. You…are…so…tight….uggghh…” he groaned really loud, going faster, rubbing my clit to help me reach my orgasm. “Harry, I’m cumming I can’t anymore…Ohhhh yeah…” I moaned meeting his lips with mine. I looked at the mirror behind Harry, admiring his back, his muscles… I felt myself cumming on his dick and he cum too after 4 final thrusts. Loud groans were escaping his perfect lips. He put me down on my feet catching his breath along with me. Harry pressed his wet forehead on mine, looking deeply into my eyes. “I’m going in bed now. When you come back, round two.” he smiled cheeky, leaving me there to finish my shower. That was the best shower in my whole life.  
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