One Direction Imagines (Collection 5)

Just some One Direction Imagines


2. Sex Tape (Niall)


Niall’s POV: I make myself comfortable on the bed and start the video on my laptop. Moans are filling the room and I feel myself getting hard. I squirm a bit on the bed, but eventually I unbutton my pants and slide them down till my knees. I do the same with my boxers. My cock is already half hard. I grip him in my hand and slowly stroke up and down, making me fully erect. (Y/N) POV: I come home and toss my keys on the table besides the door. I sigh and trap off my shoes and my coat. ‘Niall?’ I ask. Nothing. I go upstairs and open the bedroom door. Moans are filling the room while he’s watching his laptop. ‘Well well well’ I say and smirk. He turns his head, shocked that he’s caught. ‘What were you watching?’ I ask while I get closer to the bed. ‘Nothing’ he says with flushed cheeks and he closes his  laptop. His dick is still out of his pants, laying on his stomach. I sit next to him and take the laptop out of his lap. I open it and click on the video. My jaw drops. ‘What?’ I ask and look at him. He’s busy with pulling his pants up, but I stop him by sitting on his lower stomach, with his laptop in my hands. ‘Well?’ I ask when I look at the video of me riding Niall. ‘Remember that time when my laptop was standing on the nightstand?’ he says embarrassed. I nod. ‘Well, I was recording because when I was on tour, I wouldn’t feel so lonely’ he said and looked at the sheets. I smirk at place the laptop back on his chest. ‘Watch the video’ I say. ‘What?’ he asks confused. ‘Watch the video’ I say again. He looks at me but starts the video. I feel him getting hard under me. I get off him and pull his trousers and boxers all the way down. I sit between his legs and lick the vein on his dick. He moans and looks at me. ‘Look at the screen’ I say. He looks back at the screen where I hear myself moan and scream. I wrap my hand around his cock and start pumping him slowly, making him more hard for me. I follow the vein with my fingertip and start pumping again. Niall is moaning and he bucks his hips up in my hand. ‘Please (Y/N), let me watch you’ he begs. ‘You can watch me on your laptop’ I say and lick the length of his dick. I take his dick inside my mouth and bob my head up and down, very slowly. I take his balls in my hand and massage them. He groans but he’s still looking at the screen. I smirk and let his dick fall out of my mouth. He thrusts his hips up, desperate to be touched again. ‘Please baby’ he begs. ‘What?’ ‘Do something’ he says. ‘What do you want me to do Niall?’ I ask and strip all my clothes off till I’m fully naked. He looks at me and his eyes widen. ‘Can I…-‘ ‘No, keep watching and don’t touch me’ I say. He winces and I smirk, loving the control I have. ‘So Niall, where do you want me to touch you?’ I ask again. ‘Down there’ he says. ‘Where honey? Be more specific’ I say. ‘Fuck (Y/N)! Just suck my dick or put it inside of your tight pussy!’ he almost screams. I chuckle. ‘Was that so hard?’ I ask and take his dick back in my mouth, sucking like never before and hollowing my cheeks. ‘Oooh yes, keep going baby’ he moans, with his eyes glued on the screen. I take my vibrator out of the drawer and put it on the highest level. I trace it around his red, swollen tip, making him jump and buck his hips up again. I push them down and go to his balls. I swirl it around them and lick the length of his dick one more time. ‘Does that feel good, baby?’ I ask. ‘Sooo good’ he moans. I smirk and turn it off again. I position him at my entrance and slam down on him. ‘Fuck, yes (Y/N), you’re so fucking tight’ he moans. ‘Do you like watching the video while I’m fucking you?’ I moan while bouncing up and down on his dick. ‘Yes, I like it… a-a lot’ he moans and closes his eyes. ‘Keep them open Niall’ I moan. He starts thrusting upwards, inside of me, making me scream his name. ‘Oh fuck, Niall, faster’ I moan. He holds his laptop, sets it on the ground and flips us over. He lifts my legs over his shoulders and starts thrusting hard and fast inside of me, making me scream like never before. He starts rubbing my clit with his thumb. ‘Are you almost there, babygirl?’ he asks. ‘Yes!’ I scream. ‘Look at me when you cum’ he groans and thrust his hips back and forth, almost pulling all the way out and slamming back in me again, hitting my g-spot with hard force. ‘YES! Niall! I’m cumming!’ I scream and look him in the eyes. He looks at me intently and fucks me through my orgasm. ‘Your orgasm face is beautiful’ he groans in my ear. His thrust become sloppy and finally, he cums inside of me, while moaning my name. He collapse on top of me, trying to catch his breath. I feel him soften, so he pulls out of me and lays next to me, wrapping me in his arms. ‘That was amazing (Y/N)’ he says and kisses my lips softly. ‘Maybe we should make a sex tape soon so you don’t get bored on tour’ I say, smirking at him. ‘Deal’ he says with a big grin on his face.  
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