One Direction Imagines (Collection 5)

Just some One Direction Imagines


1. It Gets Better (Liam)


5:30 A.M.  It’s too early for this shit.  I didn’t want to get up and go to school, but I had to.  So I dragged myself out of bed and into the shower.  I already knew it was going to be one of those days where I just wanted to sit on the couch in sweats and a hoodie and do absolutely nothing…but I couldn’t because of fucking school.  It probably sounds like I hate school but I really don’t.  I have good grades and amazing friends, I just didn’t want to deal with the world today.  I was trying to put an outfit together and I had absolutely nothing that fit.  Everything was too big because I had recently lost weight and hadn’t gotten new clothes yet.  Before I left the house, I told my mom I was going to need money for clothes.  Of course, she thinks I’m asking her to fix global warming and she makes a huge fucking deal out of absolutely nothing.  Whatever.  I left the house in a pissed off mood. When I got to school, I had to go to my locker to switch my books.  To top off my already shitty morning, the whole god damn football team was crowded around my locker.  Perfect.  I squeezed my way through them and opened my locker.  I could feel all of their eyes on me and could hear them snickering but I ignored them.  When you get hit in the balls during a game, I’m going to laugh my fucking ass off.  As I was going to take my jacket off, all my books fell to the floor and went flying all over the place.  All the boys started stepping on my books and laughing,  “Oh, you dropped this? My bad.”  “This isn’t yours is it?”  That’s it! I’ve had it! I slumped to the floor and just sat there as a single tear fell down my cheek.  Somewhere around me, I heard a guy shouting, “Hey!  What are you guys doing! Leave her alone!  Move back…that’s right you heard me. Move back!!” I heard some feet shuffling and hadn’t noticed that somebody was handing me all my books back.  I looked from his hands to his chocolate brown eyes and there he stood.  Liam.  I’ve kind of had a thing for Liam since the first time I saw him.  But he was on the football team and I was a nobody.  I looked up through my wet eyelashes just enough to see him handing back my books back, “Here Y/N.”   I didn’t even know that he knew who I was.   “Are you okay?”  I shook my head slightly and looked back at the ground as another tear slid down my cheek.  He took his hand and lifted my chin so my eyes met his.  God, he was gorgeous.   “I’m going to take you home, okay?” He almost looked…worried. Was Liam, the captain of the football team, worried about me?  “O-okay.”  I shakily whispered to him.  He took his rough, calloused thumb and wiped my tears away.  He could tell that I was tired, so he put my books in my locker and, in one swift motion, lifted me off the ground bridal style.  I wrapped my hands around his neck and I took one quick peek around at the rest of the guys standing around.  They all had a mix of emotions displayed across their faces ranging from guilt to disgust.  I couldn’t look at any of them, so I buried my face in the crook of Liam’s neck.  Damn, he smelled good.  As if he could hear what I was thinking, a small smirk came across Liam’s face. The car ride was short, seeing as I lived only 5 minutes away from the school.  My mom had already left for work, so I had to dig my keys out of my bag.  When I found them, I realized that I was shaking.  I felt a strong pair of hands snake around my waist and up my arms.  I relaxed against Liam’s strong chest as he held my hand in his and took the key to open the door.  Liam followed me into the house and closed the door behind him.  While I still had the courage, I turned around and blurted out, “Why are you doing this?” He had a look of surprise on his face but he soon relaxed.  He was about to answer when I cut him off.  “You’re the captain of the football team and I’m at the bottom of the food chain.  I didn’t even think you noticed me, let alone know my name.  if you think you owe me for something, then you should just leave right now.  You should have just left me the-“ I was cut off by soft lips against mine.  It took me a second to realize that Liam was kissing me but I soon kissed him back.  Boy, can he kiss.  His lips moved in sync with mine, as his hands moved around to my waist and mine to his neck.  He pulled back and put his forehead to mine. “I’ve always known who you are Y/N, I was just afraid to talk to you. You are gorgeous, sweet, and smart.”  He lips formed the most adorable smirk I had ever seen in my life. “And I’ve heard you talk back to the guys on the team.  You’re pretty damn hot when you get angry.”   I laughed at this knowing that when I get mad at someone, they’re done for.  I kissed him quick on the lips and walked us over to the couch.  We watched movies and ate popcorn and talked about everything.  How I hated spiders and he couldn’t stand girls that were obnoxious.  He loved Toy Story and I loved Beauty and the Beast.  We spent all day cuddled up, occasionally making out.  Maybe today wouldn’t be such a bad day after all. the end
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