One Direction Imagines (Collection 5)

Just some One Direction Imagines


3. In Control (Harry)


“Harry Styles get back here! You are so going to regret this!” I scream as he runs into the sanctity of his hotel room. The gang and I are currently staying in a fancy pants hotel in Virginia for their current tour that I just so happen to be opening for. The others have gone out for food and both me and Harry claimed not to be hungry. Only now I find out it was all part of his master plan to steal my laptop and go through all my private writings. I mean sure, I’ve got song lyrics that I don’t mind sharing, but I also have other things. As in private other things. “I never would’ve thought you were into femslash” he calls through the wall, “it’s kind of turning me on”  Ding! And idea springs to my mind. Now I have a plan to get back at him.  “Haz” I say as softly as I can through the wall. I try to make it sound allluring but to my own ears it just sounds ridiculous. Still, it’s worth a shot. “maybe I can help you with that”  That gets his attention.  The door swings open and he’s stood there with my laptop tucked safely under his arm like he thinks I might make a grab for it. Smart boy. His expression is impossible to read, so I can’t tell if he’s buying into my ‘offer’. “really?” I make an exaggerated show of biting my lip and glancing over every contour of his body, undressing him with my eyes. I can tell my attempt at being sexy is working, the bulge in his pants is proof enough.  “yes” I breathe, now close enough that our lips are almost touching, “but if we’re going to play this game, we’re going to do it my way”  He replies with a throaty moan and I can tell he wants release. So I saunter over to his dresser while he follows me like a lost puppy. It’s actually kind of adorable and I like having this kind of control over him. I’ve never had a boyfriend, and never gotten further than second base with a boy, so it’s safe to say I have no clue what I’m doing.  He puts his hand on either side of my waist, trapping me between the dresser and his body. But his poker face falters when I turn around; he doesn’t know why I’ve just pulled out several neck ties and scarves. “on the bed” I instruct, hoping my tone came off as commanding and in charge. Wait, does he even like girls being in control? Ah, who cares. He seems happy to oblige. Once he’s down, I swing one toned, tan leg over his torso, straddling him then flip my hair a bit because… I don’t actually know why. Because it just feels right. Maybe I want to fluff it up a bit to look sexier or something.  His curly brown locks spray around his cherubic face and his gorgeous green eyes are now clouded with lust, so hopefully I’m doing this right. “strip” he eagerly throws his shirt off to somewhere on my right, but his jeans are a little more difficult. I’m still straddling him, so he has to work around me. I’m not helping him, I want him to do it himself. It’s all part of my ingenious punishment plan. He starts removing his underwear but I stop him by placing one hand on his chest to lie him back down and the other over his hands.  “no, I want to do that part”  He holds his hands up in surrender and smirks, “you’re in charge”  I love the way that sounds coming from his lips. I smile and lean down to gently peck his bare chest, then set my plan in motion.  Starting with his hands, I bring them over his head and secure them on either side of the bed frame. If he didn’t know what I’m planning before, he certainty must know now. He tugs at his restraints and I smile foolishly when I see that he is immobilized. Before I tie his feet down, I kiss his neck, a long and lingering kiss that begins my descent down his sculpted chest and finally bringing me to a stop at his perfect v lines. I stop for a second to peek up at him through my long lashes and it’s obvious he’s impatiently waiting for me to continue. Feeling emboldened by his apparent desire, I slowly pull down his Calvin Klein’s by my teeth, and am greeted by a very big, very eager hard on. I don’t even realize I’m staring until he chuckles a bit, but can you blame me? I mean I’ve heard of how big he is but wow, it’s really something to behold. Internally cursing myself for my temporary loss of control, I finish tying his feet down and then stand back to admire what I had accomplished. He’s completely exposed and vulnerable, I could do anything I wanted to him. Perfect. “aren’t you a little over dressed?”  I look down and remember I’m still wearing my favorite pair of short shorts and a tank top, but for some reason I’d chosen today to actually wear underwear. Slowly I crawl up his body, never once lifting my eyes off of his. “I guess I am” I undress myself excruciatingly slowly, starting by sliding one strap off my shoulder and I’ll admit I was a little turned on myself. I never knew I could be such a tease. He pulls on the ties around his arms again and I can tell he wants me to speed things up.  Once I’m left in nothing but matching lacy white underwear, my torture begins. I decided to start innocent, by merely running one nimble finger up my inner thigh. He squirms under me and I can’t help but enjoy how easy this is. Ive barely begin and he’s already ready to beg.  “I though you said you were going to help” This sets me off, and it’s all I can do not to growl in response. My nails dig under his skin as I lean down and hiss, “I also said you would regret taking my laptop” my nails sink in deeper and pierce through his skin, “this is why you do not steal from me Harry. I don’t like people invading my privacy” There’s a new edge to the look in his eye. He’s fearful, but there’s something else too. The asshole has the nerve to reply, “I think it shouldn’t be private. I mean you’re pretty cute but I like this side of you way better. You’re so sexy”  I narrow my eyes and sit back into my position on his torso. “flattery isn’t going to save you”  I have to take back control. Somehow it has slipped away from me, and into his restricted hands. I slide down a bit, careful not to brush his length, stopping once I’m positioned just under it. I trace a delicate finger around his genital area, but carefully avoid the areas where he needs my touch most. He’s so hard it’s throbbing, and I smirk at the thought of how much it must be aching. “that cannot be good for your health, Haz” I say as sweetly as I can, and it’s his turn to glare at me.  “and I’m about to make it a whole lot worse”  He involuntarily whimpers at the loss of my touch, and I hook a finger under my lacy white panties. His view of my playing with myself is ocscured by the thin white cloth, but he knows exactly why I’m doing. I lightly skim between the two lips, working my way up to my clit. I sigh loudly at the sensation, the satisfaction of finally touching myself only heightened because of Harry’s obvious dislike of not being able to touch me himself. I taunt him because of it. “don’t you wish you could be the one touching me Harry? I’ll bet you’re just dying to have your hand all over me. Where would you start? Where would you touch me?” He clamps his lips together but it doesn’t stop the unintelligible and inhuman noise that escapes. “tell me” one of my fingers brushes the head of his dick ever do faintly, and the reaction is downright shocking. I’m actually kind of surprised he hasn’t come all over himself though. The boy must have incredible stamina.  “everywhere” he chokes out. My finger dances down his shaft, “be more specific” “your breasts. I’d tear off that bra of yours and grab them. I’d rub my thumbs over your nipples hard, then take them in my mouth one by one and suck until you’re moaning my name. I’d bite down a little bit just to hear you gasp and swirl my tongue all around until your so sore you’ll be begging me to stop” The hand at my pussy drifts up to my breasts and I mimic his fantasies as best I can. I’ll never admit it to him, but it doesn’t feel nearly as good as it would if he were to one touching me. Another finger joins the other at his cock, “what else?” “I’d bring my mouth up to your neck while my hands explore your body until they stop just below your back. I’d suck and bite along your neck and jaw, and squeeze that perfect little ass of yours” I throw my head back and moan at the thought, then wrap the rest of my hand around the base of his shaft. “anything else?” He smirks, thinking he’s won. It’s actually kind of cute how he thinks he’s the one in control.  “finally I’d plunge two fingers into your tight little pussy without any warning, and you’d scream my name so loud every one in this entire state would hear. I’d pump them in and out so fast and roughly graze my thumb over your clit. I’d keep going like that until its too much for you and you release your hot sticky come all over my fingers, and I’d lick it all off”  I try to do the same to myself, but I need both hands to finger fuck myself and rub my clit at the same time so I let go of his cock and feverishly rub myself. He complains about my letting him go without reward but I’m too caught up in the sheer ecstasy of my game too notice what he’s saying. I moan loudly and uncontrollably, my fingers flying at an alarmingly fast pace that I never knew I could do and it’s all too much.  My orgasm hits me suddenly, but unlike those pornstars or the sluts that Harry’s likes to bring back with him, I ride my orgasm out silently, enjoying every second of it as Harry watches me completely helpless. Screaming is overrated anyway.  Once I’m done, I slide my fingers out and suck off whatever has collected. The taste is indescribable. It’s sweet, but a very subtle, very unique kind of sweet. I purposely hold eye contact the whole time. I get off of him and bend down to collect my discarded clothes. “that was fun, I needed that.” I chime, “oh and you really should do something about that” I point to his erection, and he makes a feeble attempt to break away from his restraints once again. “you can’t just leave me here! I’m going to fuck you so hard when I get out of these!” he yells and I laugh darkly, “you mean if you get out. Oh and thanks for my laptop back. See ya” I saunter out and finish putting back on my clothes, then curl on a couch in the front room and open my newly rescued laptop.  A few moments later the other boys burst in, laughing and talking about whatever it is they’re talking about. Harry screams out for help. They all look at me pointedly, “what did you do to him?”  I cant help it, I laugh while retreating to the safety of my room. “the real question is what did I do to myself”  
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