One Direction Imagines (Collection 4)

Just some One Direction Imagines


7. Young Love (Niall)


Niall tangled his fingers through a strand of hair that lay across my face; the end credits rolling. Shivers ran down my arms as his fingers grazed softly against my face that rested in his lap. I could feel him becoming restless as he shifted beneath on the sofa; his hands wandering from my face and down my chest, snaking underneath the hem of my tanktop. I inhaled deeply as his fingers made their way beneath my bra; brushing gently against my nipples. Lifting my head from his lap, I gazed up to him; his eyes were wild with lust and his cheeks slightly flushed. I bit my lip and swung my leg around him so I was now straddled on top of him, running my hands up the front of his torso and removing his tight t-shirt. I could feel him growing beneath me as I pressed my lips lightly to his; his fingers massaging the skin of my back just above my top. Leaning back slightly, I undid his jeans, deliberately taking my time. I was driving him crazy; his hands frantically attacking my back as he pulled me in urgently to his toned body. “Nuh uh.” I smirked, pulling away from him and making my way to my knees; bringing his trousers down with me. He groaned as I levelled my face with his restricting boxers; the hot air from my mouth tormenting his desires. “God Meg, you’re such a tease” he whined as his fingertips massaged my scalp. Looking up at him, I hauled my top over my head, running my hands slowly down my chest whilst sucking on my bottom lip. I loved teasing him; I loved having this sort of control over him. Dragging his boxers to the floor, I flicked my tongue across the head of his penis; his hips twitching towards my mouth insistently. I ran my warm tongue along the shaft; his breathing quickly becoming stilted and shallow. “Does that feel good, Niall?” I teased, lingering my tongue at the tip. “So fucking good.” His voice was deep and ragged. Standing up, I unhooked by bra and let it slip down my arms and to the floor. His cool blue eyes watched intently as I tugged playfully at the hem of my lace underwear. “How much do you want this?” I smirked at him; his hand running up and down his penis as I stood there exposed in front of him.    

Without warning, Niall leapt forward and grabbed the backs of my thighs; pulling my body down roughly on to his. With a knee either side, I ground my crotch eagerly against his; tongues entwining and nails clawing. “Fuck Megan, you’re so hot” he purred into my ear as I sucked at the skin of his neck. His fingers fumbled beneath the thin crotch of my underwear as he rolled them over my clit before sliding one in. I rocked my hips back and forth as his finger worked skilfully against my g-spot; my breathing becoming more and more erratic by the second. I took his penis in my hand as I worked my wrist frantically back and forth, soon positioning myself above him. His wet tongue circled my nipples as I lowered myself on to him slowly; we’d been together for 6 months now but I still hadn’t gotten used to his size. His fingers dug desperately into my hips as I picked up a steady rhythm; placing my hands on his shoulders to steady myself. Shifting his hands to my waist, he began pulling me down hard on to him; bucking his hips upwards as he did so. “Fuck Niall” I moaned breathlessly as the skin of my thighs crashed repeatedly against his; tangling my hands furiously in his hair as his thrusts deepened. Leaning into him, I slammed my lips into his; our hot bodies writhing intensely. “Are you gunna come for me?” I whispered into his ear, his groans suggesting that he was close. “Not before you do” he smirked, pushing his thumb against my clit. My clit rubbed relentlessly against his thumb as my body continued to move above him; my moans now completely out of my control. I was so close; I felt myself begin to tighten around him; euphoria filling my head. “Ugh NOW” I cried as ecstasy flooded throughout my entire body. Niall’s orgasm soon followed; his fingers clawing unmercifully at my back as he hissed profanities into the clammy skin of my shoulder, spilling himself inside of me. I collapsed my body onto his as our chests rose and fell rapidly against one another. He linked his hands around my back as we both came down from our highs; hearts racing and breathing sporadic.    

“Wow.” He spoke, as I removed myself from him. I grinned as I repositioned myself against him on the sofa.  

“Wanna go and get cleaned up in the shower?”  

I nudged him playfully. Laughing, he grabbed me by the waist and flung me over his shoulder; carrying me eagerly up the stairs as I squealed and kicked my legs out into the air.  

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