One Direction Imagines (Collection 4)

Just some One Direction Imagines


15. Tease (Harry)


He was watching me; I could feel it. Dropping my pen to the floor, I glanced in his direction; smirking as his dark eyes burned into me. I got up from my seat and walked round to the other side of the desk so my back was facing him, before bending over and reaching for my pen; keeping my pose for slightly longer than was necessary. I looked over my shoulder to where Harry was sitting, biting his bottom lip as he scowled at my brash behaviour. I loved teasing him; I loved watching his trousers tighten around him as I got him hot, and his jaw clench in an attempt to supress the overwhelming desire to fuck me there and then. I returned to my seat and suggestively sucked on the tip of my pen, lowering my eyes to the page. “Give up the charade.” His husky voice spoke softly through the drone of ominous chatter.  I shuddered as his warm breath toyed with the receptive skin of my neck; the dull scent of aftershave lingering on his collar as he leant his head in close. Before I had a chance to respond, Harry had made his way to the door of the classroom; his eyes locking with mine and commanding me to follow. My heart raced as I watched him leave the room and I smiled to myself as I planned my next move. Excusing myself from the classroom, I entered the silent hall; my pulse loud in my ears as I thought about Harry. I released the top few buttons of my shirt as I crept down the corridor, listening intently to anything that might give his whereabouts away.   Out of the door of an empty classroom immediately to my right, an unbearably tight grip took hold of my wrist. Pulling me violently inside and spinning me around, Harry slammed my chest into the door. His body pressed hard against mine as his hands pinned mine to the wall in front; my breathing shallow as the weight of his chest crushed my ribs into the solid wall. I winced as I tried to wriggle from his snare, but he was strong; my body was helpless against his. “This will serve you right for being such a little slut.” Harry’s voice hissed vehemently into my ear before bringing his mouth achingly close to my neck. My heart pounded incessantly against my chest; the adrenaline of the situation surging throughout my desperate body. Releasing one of my arms, he brought his hand down to the inside of my thigh; grazing his callous fingers along the crotch of my underwear. “Do you have no self control?” he spat as his fingers met the damp area; his mouth now only inches from mine. Tilting my head towards his, I lapped my wet tongue along his full lips as his fingers lingered between my legs. He jerked my underwear to the side, exposing the hot sensitive skin to the cool air of the room; driving my innate urges insane. I hissed as he brushed his finger gently over my clit; my knees losing all stability within seconds.  “Do you want me to fuck you?” His fingers ceased their motion and he pressed his crotch firmly into my hip; his erection growing uncontrollably against me. I nodded; speechless. I thought that I had a hold over him; never did I think that my body would so willingly succumb to Harry. “I asked you a question.” His voice was soft yet assertive as he pulled my face abruptly towards his; hot fans of air escaping his flared nostrils. He slowly slid his index finger inside of me, pressing heavily against my g-spot, making my stomach clench. “Yes” I whimpered powerlessly, my hips rocking instinctively along Harry’s long finger; his cutting jaw pressing into my cheek.   Harry fumbled with his buckle as he sucked viciously on the skin above my shoulder until the vessels burst. My head span as he frenziedly hoisted my skirt up and pulled the crotch of my underwear to one side; his large hands roaming over my newly exposed skin. I inhaled deeply as he positioned himself, anticipating his size, then without any further warning, he grabbed my hips and slammed himself into me. Hard. Despite my pleas, Harry drove himself into me relentlessly without any allowance for me to get used to him inside of me; thrusts jagged as I struggled to take him. My hips crashed violently into the wall in front; my nails clawing against the fragile paintwork as my body was subjected to a mixture of sharp discomfort and overwhelming pleasure. “Fuck, you’re tight.” He groaned as he struggled to pick up a steady rhythm, clasping his left hand behind my neck and holding my cheek flush against the wall.  He hovered his mouth frustratingly close to mine; continuing to deny my lips the contact that they so desperately craved.   Pulling himself from me, Harry took hold of my waist and spun me round to face him; throwing me unmercifully onto the desk behind. His eyes frantically shifted over my body as he dug his fingers into my thighs and pulled me to the edge of the desk. I lay there helpless as he ripped my shirt open, revealing the entirety of my lace bra that had been tormenting him in class. Taking hold of my tie, he hauled me towards his body and drove himself back into me; my hands reaching under his shirt and fervently exploring his lightly toned torso. I tried to wrap my legs around his waist to pull him in deeper, but he quickly pushed them away; holding my legs either side of him as he took complete control once again.  “Fuck Harry, I’m so close.” My voice was barely audible through the strangled moans that were escaping my throat. I desperately needed to straighten my legs but his hold was too strong, forcing me to absorb every ounce of pleasure that he was giving me. An intense heat began to build up inside of me as my muscles tensed and began to quiver; my nails digging in desperately to Harry’s ribs and breaking the skin as they did so.  “You’re going to come” he stated smugly as I squirmed. I was hot; blood coursing frantically through me as an all-consuming pleasure began to take hold. He was right. My orgasm was imminent, and it was going to take me down hard. I braced myself; knuckles turning white as I gripped on to the edge of the table tightly. Smirking down at me, he quickly withdrew himself before I my orgasm could reach its peak, leaving me whimpering and shaking as he pumped his shaft back and forth a few times before spilling his hot load over my stomach, completely covering me.   Without even looking at me, Harry swept his dishevelled curls from his forehead and zipped his flies back up, followed by brushing his shirt down. He turned from me and walked to the door as if nothing had happened.   Glancing back to the desk that I lay upon, his eyes bore intently into mine as he looked at me in dark amusement, before his coarse voice finally spoke. “That’ll teach you not to tease me again.” And with that, he left the classroom.  
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