One Direction Imagines (Collection 4)

Just some One Direction Imagines


16. Starstruck (Harry)


I make myself ready for the next meet and greet. The previous fans were all girls, I haven’t seen one boy yet. ‘(Y/N), are you ready for your next fan?’ one of my bodyguards asks. I nod. He opens the door and a curly boy comes in. He’s really tall and has a never ending torso. His curls are messy but perfect at the same time and I can’t ignore his pink, plump lips. He fidgets at the bottom of his shirt. I guess he’s really nervous. ‘Hello’ I say with a smile on my face. ‘Hi’ he says with a shaky voice. ‘How are you?’ ‘I’m a bit nervous.’ He says. I smile at him and pat the place next to me on the couch. ‘You don’t have to be nervous’ I say while he sits next to me. ‘I’ve always been a massive fan of you and now, I finally get to meet you. This is the best day of my life’ he says while he sighs happily. ‘What’s your name?’ I ask. ‘Harry’ ‘Do you want a picture or something, Harry?’ I ask. ‘Yes, I would love to’ he says. I smile at him and lay my arm around his shoulders. He lays his arm around my waist and places the camera in front of us. ‘Here you go’ I say when he took the picture. ‘Can I get a kiss on my cheek, please?’ he asks while he blushes. ‘Of course’ I smile and lean in to give him a kiss on the cheek, but he turns his head and my lips land on his lips. I don’t pull away but I press a little kiss on his lips. I pull back and he looks worried. ‘What’s wrong?’ I ask. ‘I’m sorry, I got caught up in the moment. You’re just so beautiful and sweet. I could only dream of a kiss from you and I wanted it to be real. I dreamed about it so many times and …-‘ I cut him off my pressing my lips against his again. He doesn’t hesitate a moment and places his hand in my neck, pulling me closer to him. I place my hand in his curls and one on his chest, feeling his rock hard abs against the palm of my hand. He pulls away, trying to catch his breath from the passionate kiss. ‘I can’t believe I just kissed you. OMG’ he says. ‘Maybe there’s coming more’ I smirk and stand up, walking to the door. I lock the door and he looks at me with wide eyes. I walk closer to him and sit on his lap, straddling him. He still looks up at me with wide eyes. ‘What’s wrong Harry?’ I ask while I brush his curls out of his face. ‘You’re so fucking hot’ he growls and takes my face in his massive hands, bringing my lips to his again. He kisses them hard. He sneaks one of his hand under my top. ‘Take it off’ I mumble against his lips. He smirks and takes off my top. ‘(Y/N)?’ I hear my bodyguard ask and he tries to get in. ‘What?’ I ask. ‘Time is over’ ‘Not yet!’ I yell and pull of his shirt. ‘May I?’ he asks and looks at my boobs. ‘Go ahead’ I say and kiss his neck, leaving a hickey. He let out a little moan and takes them in his large hands. ‘I’ve always wanted to do this’ he says and kneads them. ‘Did you fantasy about me?’ I whisper in his ear and take his earlobe in my mouth to suck on it. ‘So many times’ he breathes and reaches around my back to play with the clasp of my bra. ‘Can I?’ he asks. ‘Mhm, I’m all yours’ I moan into his ear and kiss my way down to his collarbones. He growls and unclasps my bra. ‘All mine’ he growls in my ear and takes my boobs into his hands. He starts massaging them and leans down to kiss them. I sit up and grind against his crotch. He groans and takes a nipple into his mouth. He looks up at me from under his eyelashes. He has a mischievous look in his eyes. He winks at me and sucks harder on them, making me moan. He gives it one last lick and moves on to my other breast, doing the same. ‘Enough of teasing’ I say and push him down on the couch and straddle him. He  looks at me with wide eyes, but soon, they are filled with lust. He grabs my back and flips us over so he’s on top. ‘I’m gonna show you what I fantasied about’ he says and unbuttons my shorts. He takes them off and kisses his way back up, placing random kisses on my legs. He kisses the inner of my thighs and then he kisses the material of my panties. He sucks on it, already making me feel a bit on his lips against my sensitive core. He hooks his thumbs under the waistband of my panties and pulls them down my legs. He lowers his head so his mouth is at the same level as my pussy. He blows cool air onto it, making me squirm. He wraps his arms around my hips, holding me down. With one finger, he follows my slit, from my clit, to then end of my slit. I moan when he puts his finger into his mouth and sucks on it. ‘You taste amazing’ he says. He puts his head between my legs again and licks my slit up and down, tasting me. ‘Mmmm’ he moans and starts sucking on my clit. ‘Oow Harry, it feels soo g-goood’ I moan. He hums against my pussy, making me moan harder. While he sucks on my clit, really hard, he inserts a finger into me. He closes his eyes and starts moaning against my wet core. ‘Harry, stop, I’m about to cum’ I moan. ‘I want you to cum in my mouth’ he mumbles and starts sucking again. I tangle my fingers into his curls and pull a bit on them. ‘Fuck, yes, I’m gonna cum!’ I moan and hit my climax. Harry sucks every single drop of my juices clean. He comes up, hovering over me and kisses me passionately. ‘You’re so beautiful’ he mumbles against my lips and kisses me again. While we’re making out, I unbutton his pants and slip them off. He kicks them off and throws them somewhere on the ground. I rub his hard chest, feeling his abs and travel down. I slip my hand into his boxers and wrap my hands around his rock hard dick. ‘Oooh’ he moans. I squeeze his dick in my hands, making him groan. I get my hand out of his boxers and flip us over. I grind down against his crotch, so he can feel my wet core. ‘No no, stop (Y/N)’ he moans. I stop and pull down his boxers. I take him in my hand and give it one pump and he comes all over my hand. ‘That’s why you needed to stop’ he mumbles embarrassed. I smirk and lick all of his cum off my hand. ‘Don’t worry about it Harry’ I say. I look at his limp dick, in my hand. I squeeze it and he’s already moaning again. ‘Guess you have to make me hard again’ he says cheekily. I smirk and take the tip into my mouth, licking the cum off. I bob my head up and down on his shaft, licking the tip with my tongue. I feel him getting harder in my mouth. I force him down my throat, gagging a bit. ‘Oooh yes (Y/N)!’ he moans. I smirk and get him out of my mouth. I pump him a couple of times and when he’s fully hard, I place him at my entrance. I tease myself by rubbing the tip against my clit. I shove him inside of me and wait a couple of seconds to adjust myself to his huge size. ‘You’re so tight’ he groans. I start moving my hips slow, back and forth. ‘Ooh Harry! You’re huge!’ I moan. He smirks and starts thrusting his hips up. I moan and meet his thrust by slamming my hips down onto him. The only sound you hear in the room are our moans and our skin slapping together. He flips us over and places his hands next to my head. He starts thrusting into me at a hard and fast pace. ‘Fuck H-Harryyy!’ I moan and grab his biceps. ‘Babe’ he moans into my ear. ‘Flex for me’ he says. I do as he says and clench my walls around his dick. ‘Oooh yes! This feels so good!’ he moans. ‘I’m almost there’ I moan. He brings his hand down and starts rubbing my clit in little circles. ‘I can’t hold it anymore!’ I moan. ‘Cum for me baby. Squirt your juices all over my dick’ he grunts in my ear and I do as he says. I finally climax and release all over his dick. He gives three more thrusts and releases his hot cum inside of me. He collapse on top of me and nuzzles his face into my neck. ‘I love you (Y/N). I know you only see me as a fan, but I really love you’ he whispers. I smile and brush his curls out of his face. ‘Who says I don’t love you? I like you Harry’ I say. ‘Really?’ he says and jumps up. ‘I mean, really?’ he asks again. I nod and pull him down again, so I can feel his skin against mine. ‘Please, go on a date with me’ he says. ‘I would love to’ I smile.  
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