One Direction Imagines (Collection 4)

Just some One Direction Imagines


8. Say It (Zayn)


“I know you’re watching me. Stop it.” Zayn’s voice whispered hoarsely through the cloud of smoke that smothered his usually smooth voice.  

I lay on our bed in just my underwear and a tank top, watching him as he stood there completely naked; watching each bead of water travel down his olive skin; from the defined contours of his tanned shoulders and along his skin, until they hit the curvature of his sculpted backside. The entirety of his body glistened in the light as he swept his fingers through his wet hair; darker than usual. “And now look what you’ve done” he hissed as he turned to face me, blowing a hot stream of smoke between his pink lips as he paraded the most magnificent hard-on between his toned thighs. He glared at me through dark pools of mahogany; brow furrowed and lips curled upwards wickedly.  

His body was in my eyes, perfect. His shoulders were broad; abs taut beneath his skin; v-lines lightly-defined as they invited my eyes to continue their course downwards. My eyes devoured his length; tracing its perfect shape and size in complete awe, as I always did. It twitched beneath my fixed stare, growing harder by the second as Zayn studied my body. He took another drag, cheekbones caving in as he sucked in the final remnants of the cigarette held between his slender fingers; fingers that often drove me to the most intense orgasms; fingers that could please me in ways that no other man had done before. I watched his hand intently as he lowered it to the night-stand, before stumping the cigarette out in the glass ashtray.    

“What’re you gonna do about it baby?” I whispered teasingly, smirking up at him from the bed below.  He kept my gaze as he began taking slow steps towards me; his eyes determined- almost threatening. “I’m not going to anything, baby” he spat; his smirk wicked as I watched him- as I watched his eyes darken and length harden as he plotted what he was going to do to me.  

I loved being the ragdoll to his needs; the one that he’d play with and torment when he needed to be satisfied. But I also loved teasing him- making him want me so much that he would lose complete control of himself.   He stood right before my body; his length daunting to my eyes.  

“You’re going to sort me out” he growled assertively, pulling my head towards his shaft as he brushed it against my lips. I smirked as I refused to part my lips for him; his grip on the back of my head tightening as he tried to force me on to him. I gave the head a teasing lick, looking up at him as I watched him grow impatient; working myself up just as much as him. This was always my favourite part; knowing that soon he’d be inside of me, rewarding me for how good I’d made him feel. “Lauren, don’t make this hard for yourself” he mumbled, pushing two fingers against my lips as he forced them open, before plunging the head of his cock in  my mouth; his familiar taste swarming my taste buds. I let out a muffled cry as he filled my mouth; a relieved groan coming from above me. I snaked my hands around the back of his thighs and pulled him in; his lips sharply sucking in air as he hit the back of my throat. I made no attempt to stifle my gags; I knew how much he loved that I struggled with his size, and this was the perfect way to show him. “Ugh, right there” he groaned encouragingly, pulling at my hair as I worked the whole of his length.   Pushing my hands against his thighs, I managed to free myself from him; his eyes shooting a frustrated look at me as I turned around on the mattress and got to my hands and knees, parting my legs slightly. Looking over my shoulder I smirked at him, aware that I was treading on dangerous territory.  

”You can have more if you fuck me baby…”  

His eyes immediately shifted over the exposure between my legs; fingers wrapped around his shaft as he worked himself slowly. I knew he was about to lose it. My heart pumped blood to my crotch, which was now aching for him; desperate to have him inside of me, making me scream his name until I was begging him to stop. Keeping my eyes in front of me, I was suddenly hauled to the edge of the bed as his fingers wrapped around my ankles.  

“You want me to fuck you, huh?” he growled, swiping his finger along the crotch of my underwear, making my hips back up against him. “You want me to make you scream, Lauren? ‘Cause I fucking will.” He words were laced with a dark lust that only ever came out rarely, and this excited me more than anything. “You heard me, Zayn” I stated matter-of-factly, grinding my crotch along the length of his fingers, letting him feel how wet he’d made me. “Make. Me. Scream.”  

I felt a sharp breeze as he yanked the crotch of my underwear to the side, resting the tip of his cock at my entrance. I closed my eyes, clutching at the duvet beneath me as I braced myself for what was about to come. I bit down on my lip as he began to enter me excruciatingly slowly; not wanting to give him the satisfaction of how good he made me feel. I knew that if I kept silent, he’d only try harder to make me come, which is exactly what I loved about these little games; the thrill of not knowing how far I’d push him, or what reaction I’d get from him. My back arched involuntarily as he brought himself back out, before grabbing my hips and slamming himself back in with such force that my elbows almost buckled beneath me. My body jolted back and forth as he fucked me without mercy, slapping the skin of my arse and thigh sharply as I whimpered beneath him.  

“Come on baby, say my name” he panted, slapping my arse once more. “No” I refused, mustering up every ounce of energy to stop myself from screaming out. “Say it” he spat, gripping on to my hair as he pulled my body upwards from my elbows until my back was flat against his sweaty chest. “I don’t want to say it” I hissed adamantly between strangled breaths; his cock rubbing relentlessly against my g-spot. “Say it” he whispered harshly into my ear; the new angle sending waves of uncontrollable pleasure throughout the entirety of my body. His fingers slid beneath my lace knickers and found my clit, rubbing it furiously until he got the reaction he was after; one that I couldn’t manage to suppress. “Z-Zayn” I moaned quietly; my words caught in my throat as my breath hitched on each deep penetration. “Louder” he ordered, snaking his hands up the front of my torso and massaging my breasts roughly. “I want everyone to know who’s making you feel this good.” I shut my eyes tightly, clutching on to his arms that were now wrapped tightly across my chest as he held my body close. “Fuck Zayn” I panted, feeling my orgasm fast approaching. “That’s it” he encouraged, smirking against the skin of my neck before he sunk his teeth in to my clammy flesh. I yelped as I felt him bring the blood to the surface; sharp bursts of pain shooting towards the damaged area. His forehead rolled against the crook of my neck; his stubble tickling my skin as he groaned against it, keeping his pace quick and deep. Then it hit me. My muscles tensed and nerve-endings tingled as I moaned his name repeatedly into the dense, warm air of the bedroom; squeezing my eyes shut and gasping for air as I reached my limits.  

My orgasm had barely ensued before he’d pulled out of me and had grabbed my shoulders, twisting me around to face him. His warm cock hit my lips as I continued to tremble; eyes fluttering open amidst my ecstasy to see him panting above me. “Do you taste good?” he smirked, pushing his length into my lips; my mind still hazy and body completely spent; powerless against his needs. I nodded as he slid his length between my lips; my hands instinctively grabbing his arse cheeks as he reached his final moments. The muscles tensed beneath my palms as he forced himself to the very back of my throat; head tilting back to the ceiling as he breathed erratically. “Fuck, gonna come so hard” he panted, word staggered and muffled between breaths. No sooner than he had spoken, he filled my mouth with everything he had to give, leaving me begging for air as I struggled to swallow it all.   He finally released his grip from the back of my head, allowing for me to pull away from him; his eyes lazy and brow dripping with sweat as his cock fell from my lips; now coated with what I couldn’t manage to swallow. It felt as if I were seeing stars. I collapsed back to the bed as I tried to inhale as much air as possible to calm my racing heart. His body quickly slumped to the side of mine, reaching over to the small tin on the side and grabbing a cigarette from it. He tilted his chin towards the ceiling as he took a deep drag, blowing the smoke straight back upwards into the air. I watched it carefully, mesmerised by the way it disappeared into complete nothingness above me.  “I’m sorry if I hurt you” he whispered, pushing a damp strand of hair from my flushed face. I turned to face him; his features now soft and warm- no longer tainted with the wicked lust that they had been before. “You didn’t” I smiled, still shaking as I came down from my incredible high. “Good” he leant forward and kissed my forehead. “’Cause you know I’d never hurt you on purpose, right?” I looked him straight in the eyes, lacing my fingers with his as he took another drag. “I know.”  

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