One Direction Imagines (Collection 4)

Just some One Direction Imagines


4. Prom Night (Niall)


“Pia!!” My mum shouted up the stairs for the tenth time in the past ten minutes.  

“I’m coming now Mum, just putting my earring in.”  

“Okay and there’s someone here for you to take your picture with.”  

“Right, Mum.”  

I’ll be honest, I didn’t really care which family member was here to take pictures with me in my prom dress. It was prom night and the guy I loved more than any of them wasn’t here to celebrate it with me. He was in America on tour and loving every second of it.  

I finally got downstairs when my Mum convinced me to get a picture with my brother hugging me. It was a rare event but he’s my brother, when do hugs come often to siblings, right?  

My brother came up behind me and wrapped his hands round my waist, and the flash from the camera went off. I went to where my mum was stood and took the camera from her hands, pressing the needed buttons so I could look at the picture of me and Ryan, my brother, that she’d just taken.  

I saw my brown hair. But next to it, there wasn’t a big mess of brown hair and hazel eyes, like mine, there was bright blue eyes and blonde hair. I looked up to make sure that I wasn’t just seeing things and there he was. My Niall was stood right in front of me with the biggest smile I’ve ever seen gracing his beautiful face.  

“So, still need a date for the prom?” He asked me. I ran the small distance between us and wrapped my arms around his neck and his arms quickly made their way around my waist. I hadn’t seen him in a month, the emotions I felt right now were anything from shocked, to happy, to crying because I was so happy.  

“You okay P?” He asked me in my ear.  

“What are you doing here Nialler?” I asked, still a bit teary eyed at the fact he was meant to be in America.  

“Your Mum arranged the whole thing. We have a week off so she booked the flights and everything. I told you I’d get here no matter what babe.” He said, smiling.  

“I love you Mum.” I mumbled into Niall’s shoulder, refusing to let go of him.  

I heard her laugh and leave the room, but not before Niall’s arms left my waist and instead took my hand, “Where are we going?” I asked my feet involuntarily following him.  

“Our ride’s here.” He said, placing a kiss on my cheek.  

I looked to the bottom of my drive from the open door of the house as Niall walked down and opened the door of a limousine. I had to blink to ensure I wasn’t imaging things.  

“You coming babe?” I heard the Irish accent ask, it was only then that I realised all I’d been doing for ten minutes was staring.

“Sorry, Niall. Yeah, I’m coming.” I said, his eyes lighting up.  

Half an hour later, me and Niall reached the venue for my school’s prom.  

He took my hand and I used the spare to hold up the midnight blue material of my simple prom dress, ensuring I didn’t fall over.  

When we walked into the room, I could tell that a few people were staring but I’ll be honest, it was expected. When you tell people your boyfriend’s Niall Horan from world-famous boy band One Direction, they don’t exactly believe you. Ignoring the looks being given, we walked straight to our table and being the gentlemen he always was, Niall held out my chair for me as I sat down before he proceeded to sit down next to me.  

Four hours, which consisted of eating our meal, dancing and talking to friends, passed and everyone was starting to get their rides home. It was then that Niall surprised me for the third time that night.  

“Niall,” I asked, “how are we getting home?”  

“We’re not, I booked us a room here.” He said, leaving slight kisses all over my neck before taking my hand and, again that evening, leading my feet in the direction he was heading.  

We got into the lift, got off at the fourth floor and after turning a few corners, he swiped our Room Key into the door of room 450, apparently our room for the evening.  

The second the door shut behind us, he spoke.  

“Pia, your hugs and kisses weren’t the only thing I missed.”  

I knew exactly what he meant and I knew that he knew the feeling was mutual.  

Our lips met and quicker than I was able to register a single thought, his tongue forced its way into mouth and mine fought with it. Whilst still doing this, we both walked towards the bed in the room and did so until my knees hit the mattress and we both fell on to the bed beneath, our lips not breaking touch, our tongues not doing so either.  

Not too long after, Niall’s hand left my waist and he reached behind me, pulling the zip down on my prom dress so that when the material was in a pool beneath us both, leaving me only in a pair of heels and my lacey underwear.  

“God I missed you.” Niall said, his eyes travelling the length of my body and again reaching behind my back, this time to undo the clasp on my strapless bra. After this had been done, he threw my bra to an unknown location and then he himself stripped down to just his boxers.  

“Niall,” I said, his face currently buried in my neck as he made sure there was marks to let everyone know I was his, “I want you in me. Now. Please.”  

He obliged almost immediately as his hands found the sides of my underwear and pulled them down my legs. I knew it was done quickly but I was already wet and it felt like an eternity to me. It didn’t take much longer for Niall to pull his own underwear down his own legs and to position himself at my entrance.  

“How much do you want me, Pia?” He asked, I could easily tell that he loved the fact he was prolonging giving me what I wanted, especially as he knew just how much I wanted it.   “So much, Niall. So, so much.”  

“Okay then,” he pushed his tip into me and I groaned quietly, knowing the hotel was currently fully booked and that they walls were thin so any loud noises, or groans, could easily be heard by the occupants in the rooms next door, “want it even more now baby?”  

“Yes. Niall, don’t . don’t make me wait. Please.”  

After I said that, he wasted no time in thrusting himself into me completely.  

“Move, Niall. Please.” I begged, not caring how I sounded. The feeling was too good for me to care about anything right now.  

He moved himself so he’d almost exited me fully. At this point, he once again thrusted himself fully in to me.  

“Does that feel good baby?” He asked me not too long after, still thrusting. The feeling getting better and better every time.  

“So, so good Niall. I’m . ugh, Niall I’m getting close.” I said, my head throwing itself back onto the pillow of the hotel room’s bed. Niall’s hands then moved from their position on my hips and moved to work on my clit. The combination of Niall’s thrusts and his hands working on my clit was too much and a warm feeling started to build up in my stomach.  

Only a minute or so after his hands started working on my clit, Niall’s name was being screamed out from my lips along with other words, letting Niall and everyone close by know who was making me feel so good but to be honest, I didn’t care who heard. All that mattered to me was that he was making me feel good.  

Just as I was coming down from my high, Niall’s head was thrown back and my name was being screamed from his lips. It made me feel good knowing that now, he was letting everyone know I was the one making him feel as good as I felt.  

After we’d both come down from our highs, Niall lay down next to me.  

“How long is it until you have to go back Niall?” I asked. It was a question we were both dreading, but also one that we both knew needed to be asked.  

“The bad news? A week. The good news? That’s how long this hotel room’s booked for and regardless of the fact we only have our prom clothes, I don’t intend on leaving this room..” He said, our lips meeting once again soon after.  

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