One Direction Imagines (Collection 4)

Just some One Direction Imagines


21. Movie Night (Harry,Niall,Liam,Louis & Zayn)


Seven o’clock could not come sooner. You bit your lip and checked your watch – just one more time – meandering around the kitchen. The shimmying lights of speeding cars swam past your window, from the road outside. The cool wind that the night demanded burrowed through the open window, making you shiver slightly. You circled your thoughts around one another as you waited impatiently. You’d spent the entire day trying to convince yourself that inviting One Direction over for a “movie night” had been a good idea. You were friendly with the band, sure. Your father was their manager. But something about being on a couch with them in a dark room and the mountains of ice cream you’d unloaded from the depths of your freezer made you question your decision. Did it seem right, considering how much of an undeniable crush you had on all of them? Would the dim lighting be too much? Would they notice or care how wet you got if a sex scene came on? Would the close space make everyone feel weird? Would thinking ruin you? You shook your head, pacing the hallway. You checked your hair in the mirror, your “light” makeup, and your teeth, before the doorbell rang. “Coming!” You sang out, skating down the wooden floorboards in your bed socks. You opened the door to greet them. They all piled in like a pack of cards, tripping over one another in their haste to give you a hug and kiss in greeting. “(Y/N)!” Louis cried out first. “How have you been?” Harry smirked. “Hey,” Liam spoke with a wave. “(Y/N), my main woman!” Niall grinned, pulling you into a hug. “How are you?” Zayn asked last. “Hey, good, hi, how’s it going? Great,” you beamed, addressing them all. You closed the front door softly, and ushered them all into the lounge. You ducked into the kitchen to fetch the ice cream and spoons, moving with it into the lounge to find the boys arranged on the couch, a free seat for you in the middle, Harry and Louis on either side. You handed Louis the huge tub of ice cream and sat, perching your body carefully. “Alright, what are we gonna watch?” You asked. Niall shrugged. Harry and Louis shifted on either side of you. Liam let out a low ‘hum’ behind you. Zayn shook his head by your feet. “I’ll pop a movie on!” Harry crowed, and leapt up from the couch. The tie of his shoes was undone and he tripped over his own foot, falling face-first on the carpet. You watched the heap of curls at your feet with wide-eyes. Niall broke out into an immeasurable laugh. “Ah! Damn!” Harry groaned out.  “Here,” you offered your hand, and a smile. You helped him up. Liam shifted from behind the couch, “I’m gonna duck off to the bathroom, guys.” Harry’s body stood warily before yours. You held him close to you in case he fell over again. You watched his face, his slanted eyes. He’d bitten his lip, and drawn blood. One hand cupping his face, you ran a thumb along his bottom lip, collecting the drop of bright red there. “You okay?” “Yeah,” he shrugged, “I’m fine. It’s nothing, really.” You narrowed your eyes, “I don’t believe you. Come on, let’s get you cleaned up in the bathroom.” “Liam’s in there,” Louis piped up. He gave you a look from his seat on the couch. You turned to Harry again. “Kitchen, then?” He shrugged, and followed you into the other room. “Ice cream!” Niall called out, as you were leaving the room. Arms outstretched, he pulled the tub from Louis’s grip. “Not until the movie starts, Niall!” Louis cried out dramatically. You chuckled as you pulled Harry across to the counter. He leant against it coolly as you tugged on a sheet of paper toweling to tear it from the rest. You brought it to his lip, and pressed delicately. “AH!!” Harry cried. “Really? I was pressing lightly!” You looked taken aback. “I’m only kidding,” Harry smirked, putting his hands to your waist. You forgot to swallow in that moment and stood still, Harry’s eyes on you. “It was really nice of you to invite us over, (Y/N),” he murmured softly, his voice causing you to tremble. “Thanks… I… um,” you stuttered. “Movies starting!” Zayn shouted from the lounge, “(Y/N), Harry, get your asses in here! We picked without you!” You abandoned the paper toweling in your hand – and Harry, for that matter – in the kitchen, as you made your way back into the lounge. You took the seat next to Louis again, watching Liam return as well. “Alright, here we go,” you grinned, taking a spoon full of ice cream from Niall and settling back into the couch. …   At the first loud noise, ten or so minutes in, Louis jumped, his hand finding your thigh. You shifted against him and knocked into Harry in the process. He smiled down at you, and winked slyly. You slumped a little on the couch, shrinking away from his expression. You heard Liam sniff behind you, and Zayn sigh from the floor. Louis gripped your thigh, and started to lace circling patterns into your flesh with the rim of his thumb. You bit your lip, as he worked his way upwards. Glancing downward, you could make out the outline of veins on the back of his hand as he kneaded it into your skin. His hand was warm and impossibly soft, alighting nerves in your skin that raised goosebumps and suspicion. The main character in the movie rounded a corner, running into the killer that was chasing her around the house. You and Louis both jumped again, Harry moving to rest his hand on your other thigh in the process. He started to rub your skin soothingly, and you looked down again. Louis was resting his hand just shy of the hem of your shorts, tickling the fabric with dimpled fingertips. “Mmm,” you barely murmured. Harry responded to the noise, creeping upward until his hand disappeared beneath the fabric. You gasped when he made contact with the material of your panties. With the tips of his fingers, he traced colourful patterns over the swollen nub of your clit. You saw Harry smirk out of the corner of your eye, and move himself forward to meet Louis’s gaze. A second later, you felt a second set of fingers grazing your pussy. Louis had moved his hand there as well, teasing your slit through the fabric, feeling how wet you were. He grinned when you shot your gaze over to him. Rolling your eyes back to the screen, you tried to focus on the action before you, rather than what was going on between your legs. Niall moved slyly from the arm of the couch, to where Liam was resting with a puffed cheek on the back of the couch behind you. He slunk forward, and pushed your hair aside, prompting you to stiffen. He kissed along your neck, the tips of his blonde hair grazing the coiled curve of your ear. Liam moved to the other side of your neck, delivering kisses along your jugular with plump lips that reminded you of soft jellied candy. A slender finger pushed your panties aside, your hands fisting around the edges of the couch with sweat thriving on your skin. Niall bundled your hair in his hands, rolling each loose tendril into a scruffy bun. You closed your eyes, listening to the snap of a hair tie and a mumbled exhale near your feet. Zayn lifted one of your legs, and kissed along your calf. He loosened his tongue from a pair of soft, dark lips and licked against your skin, from your knee to the rounded bone of your ankle. He sucked there, nimble hands caressing every part of you he could manage. Louis leant over you, two of his fingers running up and down each side of your slit. “You wouldn’t believe how wet you are, (Y/N),” he leant in and whispered, lips dancing over yours before he kissed you quickly, a wash of peppermint overwhelming you. Harry slipped a finger past your folds, pushing at your entrance until he was sliding inside your contracting walls. “So damn wet,” he breathed, kissing your left shoulder. Liam was rubbing the right one, deft hand rolling over the tight ball of skin, loosening your limb. You felt Niall’s lips pucker around a sweet spot on your neck, a hickey forming beneath a burst of warm breath that made you moan out loud. “Guuuuyyys,” you whined out, throwing yourself back into the couch. “Yes, (Y/N)?” Zayn murmured darkly, palming his hands over your knees to spread your legs apart. Harry shifted his body, plunging his finger into you. Louis pressed a thumb to your throbbing clit, enough to make you shiver. “Shhh,” Liam whispered against your skin, biting down on the lobe of your ear. Niall tugged playfully at the bun he’d made of your hair. “Just take a breath, babe,” he murmured in his thick Irish accent, making you shiver. You listened to his words, exhaling through the gapes of your nostrils. Louis leant into your lap, tugging down your shorts. Harry started moving in and out of you faster without the fabric to stall him. You gasped out, arching your back away from the couch cushions. “Shit, Harry,” you managed, before Liam curled around and kissed your lips, quieting you. His tongue crept inside your mouth, cold from the ice cream. You laced yours around his, and tried to moan discreetly. It didn’t quite work. Louis handed your shorts to Zayn over the balls of your knees. He scrunched the fabric in his hands and yanked them away from you, your panties along with them. He circled his tongue around the bone of your ankle again, caressing your foot as if it were made of glass. Louis moved before your entrance, Niall below your ear and Liam around your neck. Louis licked your clit and bit down softly, Harry pressing another finger into you and slamming deeply against your g-spot. “Shit!” You cried out, before Niall pressed his lips to yours, turning your head towards him, his lips lacing across yours. Zayn held your thighs to keep them from turning to jelly. Harry pumped two fingers in and out of you furiously, tugging up your shirt with his teeth before inserting a third digit. Louis licked around Harry’s hand, lapping up your juices, his tongue on a journey up and down your slit. Liam tugged at your ear lobe with hungry lips, before moving his hands to cup your breasts through your shirt. Niall started to unbutton it with his free hands, taking it away from your wriggling arms the moment he could. He grazed a hand along your bra, slipping a hand behind you to unhook it. Feeling your breasts come free, you wriggled again to throw the flimsy material across the room.   “Fuck,” you murmured, your lips free for a moment. Harry leant up and kissed you, pumping his digits in and out of you. “I’m about to fucking come,” you gasped against the line of his jawline, biting down on his skin in an effort to keep quiet. “SHHHIIIIIIIT!” You cried out a second later, your eyes popping. Louis bit down on your clit, and Zayn squeezed his the tips of his fingers into your thighs, applying insane pressure. You came into Louis’s mouth and onto Harry’s hand. Your orgasm toppled over you, chest heaving and breath in manic spurts that shot out randomly. Your throat was drying with the moans, and your eyes were wide and rolling. Louis raised his head, and kissed your lips once, his eyes alive when they reached yours. You saw your juices glistening on his jaw, and moved to swipe them away with one hand, but Niall gripped your wrist before you could reach his cheek. He kissed the bone there delicately, and placed your hand back down. “I’ll let Zayn clean you up, babe,” Louis spoke, kissing your cheek swiftly. Harry removed his fingers and swiped his hand along your thigh, smirking. Zayn knelt up and leant into the heat between your legs, kissing politely along the inside of your thigh. He flattened his tongue and licked up your entire pussy, collecting everything you had to offer. You could feel his taste buds against your nerves, making you tingle. “Fuck,” you gasped, chest still heaving.   “Delicious,” Zayn raised his head to survey you. “Guys,” you tried to say, looking around at all of them. “Don’t say a thing, babe,” Liam spoke, making you crane your neck and look up at him. He removed his shirt, torso working lean and fit as he pulled it over his head. He threw it away, and Niall did the same a moment later. “You guys are fit,” you murmured before you could curb your words and reel them in. Harry smirked again, and unbuttoned his shirt, bringing a hand to caress your cheek as he popped each button. Zayn ruffled his hair before you, and smiled to one side of his face. Louis leant in and drew one of your nipples between his lips, gyrating lightly with his teeth. “Oh, that feels good,” you sighed, leaning back. Niall moved around to the front of the couch, and took the other nipple in his mouth. “What should we do, take it in turn, boys?” Liam asked aloud, stretching his arms out behind him. “Come here, Liam,” Harry grinned, and shrugged out of his shirt. Liam moved towards him, and let Harry wrap his arms around his neck. He kissed him once, and Liam responded to the kiss hungrily. You watched the embrace, Niall and Louis occupying a nipple each. Niall dropped your nipple from his lips, and swirled his fingers around it tightly until it pebbled beneath his touch. “So perky,” he smirked, glancing up to meet your gaze. You pulled his head forward and kissed him in place of a verbal answer. Louis popped your hard nipple from his lips a second later, and stood up. He took a few steps back from you, making way for Liam to leave Harry and lean in towards you, taking one breast in his hand and squeezing roughly enough to make you whimper. Niall did the same at the sound of your response, applying pressure with his fingertips around the mound of your breast. You watched Louis remove his shirt, and bend over, tearing a section of it away at the bottom. He tore it in half and stepped around the couch, soon hovering over your from behind. Harry moved to stand next to him, and took the swab of fabric from his hands, kissing him quickly before he looked down at you. “Close your eyes, babe,” he murmured, and you obliged without question. He wrapped the fabric around your head, covering your eyes and stealing your sight. He tied it sternly at the back of your head. “How you feeling, (Y/N)?” You heard Niall’s unmistakable voice from in front of you. “Um… okay,” you managed out, still a little breathy. You listened to the sounds of zippers growling down and pants shooting along the shafts of long legs for a moment, no one else saying anything at all. “Guys?” You mumbled after a minute, anxious for the first time. A pair of lips pressed to yours lightly and a warm breath washed over you. “You better be ready to get fucked senseless, (Y/N),” you heard Zayn whisper, lips teasing yours tauntingly. Your heartbeat quickened at his words. You gulped down and stayed silent. A pair of large hands spread your legs again, rubbing up and down your thighs to create friction. You couldn’t place the touch to a face, so you shook your head from side to side on the couch as if it would make a difference. You felt a breath work from your inner thigh to your pussy, making you squirm and sink back into the couch cushions. “Don’t you dare tease me,” you gasped out, “pleeeaaaseeeee.” “Well, she did use the magic word, lads,” you heard what sounded like Liam behind you. A second later, a pair of lips attached themselves to your neck, sucking hard on every inch of skin you had there. “You ready, (Y/N)?” You heard who you thought was Louis. “Yes, yes, fuck, yes!” You cried out, throwing your head back. You felt the couch give way around you, and then something hard against your neck from the other side. “Will you be a good girl and suck?” You heard Liam again. He grazed the tip of his hard dick along the line of your jaw and then your cheek. He pressed it to your lips lightly, and you licked hungrily at the pre-cum there. “I’ll be a good girl, I promise,” you swallowed quickly, tasting him. He pressed the tip to you again and you opened wide, letting him insert himself into you. You could feel his hips against you, as he started bobbing in and out. You sucked hard, tightening with your lips to put pressure to his shaft. “Yes,” you heard him breathe out. You felt kisses start at your thigh again, the warm breath returning, so close to your pussy. A pair of lips took one of your nipples and started sucking hard whilst a rough palm encased the other, squeezing until you started gagging on Liam’s dick. You tried to place each touch, but it was impossible. You were deep-throating Liam when you felt another erection press against the inside of your thigh. Liam started thrusting himself harder into your mouth, the taste becoming saltier as you sucked and rolled your tongue around the undershaft. “Fuck, (Y/N),” Liam cried out, and came into your mouth. Your eyes widened beneath the blindfold, arms flailing around you. A pair of hands gripped your wrists again, and held you steadily. Liam pulled himself out of you as you swallowed every last drop of him. You gasped a little when he slunk away from you. You felt the tip of another hard dick near your entrance. “Oh, God, whoever that is, please, just get in me,” you moaned, heat rising in you. You licked your lips greedily and writhed on the couch, attention still being paid to your breasts. Whoever it was near your entrance, rubbed up and down your slit with their tip, moving between your folds when they pressed harder. They waited a moment before they pressed harder still and slipped into you. You screamed out at the depth they went to straight away. You felt hands encase your arms, holding you steady whilst the body they belonged to started fucking your senseless. You parted your lips and threw your head back. A moment later, you were being kissed again. “Enjoying yourself?” You heard Louis barely whisper against your lips. You nodded dully before moaning out again, bucking your hips into whoever was thrusting into you at a manic speed. “Fuuuuuuuuuuuck!” You cried, thrashing a little beneath some of the weight. A pair of hands held your shoulders and started massaging. You could feel another orgasm approaching, building inside of you quickly. Louis kissed you again before he was gone. “I’m gonna come,” you moaned, blinking furiously beneath the blindfold. In response to your words, whoever was in you pulled out. You made an odd sound at the lack of contact, your walls buckling and your orgasm crumbling. A second later, someone else pushed into you and started riding you hard and fast. Everything returned, you arched your back and scrunched your shoulders against the hands that were massaging them. Whoever was paying attention to your breasts pulled away, and a hot breath tickled your stomach before it was gone. “Shit, shit, this feels so fucking good,” you gasped, rolling yourself beneath a pair of stronger hips. Hands raked up and down your arms, and you lost track of every nerve in your body, too many to count. Suddenly, your limbs stiffened around you. You shut your eyes tightly and moaned as loudly as you could. Your orgasm reaching you, the tip of a dick pressing hard against your g-spot and burrowing through your walls with each thrust. “Fuck!” You shouted, tossing your head from side to side. You came around one of their dicks – you couldn’t tell whose. They shot their load into you a moment later, and pulled out the moment after that. “Fuck,” you said again, a little quieter this time. Every pair of hands and lips slunk away from you to leave you bare and empty on the couch. Chest heaving, you took a moment to realise and gulped hard before hesitantly calling out, “guys?” You heard zippers again, the shuffling of clothes and fabric. You pricked your ears to catch a whisper or a low murmur, but there was nothing. “Guys?” You called again, this time anxious. A moment later, a pair of hands lifted the blindfold from your eyes. You blinked rapidly, adjusting to the still darkness. Harry’s emerald eyes came into view, watching you closely. “How are you feeling now, (Y/N)?” He smirked, almost assessing you with his gaze. “Fine,” you half-smiled, a little groggily. You looked around at each boy, fully dressed and smiling down at you. In that instant, you remembered how unbelievably naked you were in the center of them. “Here, love,” Niall swooped down and wrapped a blanket around you, tucking it under your arms so you could move the limbs freely. You ran your palms down your face, tugging on your bottom lip at the moment. You exhaled a sigh, and looked again at Harry. In the silence, you managed to make out the credits of the movie playing quietly in the background. “Damn, we missed the movie,” you whispered under your breath. They all chuckled at your words and crowded around you on the couch again. “We should have a movie night more often,” Zayn smiled, nudging your shoulder playfully. You wrapped the blanket tighter around you and smiled back at him. “I second that motion,” Louis grinned, settling down at your feet. Liam sat down next to him, and turned his head once to smile warmly at you. “You’re amazing at blowjobs by the way, (Y/N),” he spoke, trying to contain a wide smile. You rolled your eyes at him, trying not to smile as well. “Thanks, man,” you giggled at him, before moving your eyes to the screen. The movie was over but you all sat in silence and watched until the screen went blue, and then for stretched out moments after that, too content to move, too satisfied to ruin the mood.   
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