One Direction Imagines (Collection 4)

Just some One Direction Imagines


3. Kitchen Antics (Liam)


“Liam?” Preeti called from upstairs whilst I was in the kitchen, making dinner in my suit that I’d worn for most of the day to some fancy ‘Black Tie’ event at lunch time.  

“Yeah?” I shouted from the door of the kitchen, making sure my hearing wasn’t obscured by the sound of the boiling water that was in the pan, also containing pasta.  

“What you doing?” She asked, her brown eyes shining down from the top of the stairs, her smile standing out almost as much as her eyes.  

“Making pasta, you want some babe?” I asked, letting out a small chuckle.   She shook her head as she spoke, “You know what I prefer.”  

“In that case,” I said, walking round so I was now stood at the bottom of the stairs, “come downstairs if you want some.” I said.  

She made her way downstairs so lightly, you’d only know she was coming downstairs if you were watching her. “So?” She asked, “Where are they?” Letting out a small laugh, biting her lip slightly at the same time.  

“Oh,” I said, “your pop tarts?” She let out a nod, telling me to answer my own question, “They’re on the shelf. You’ll have to get them if you want them.” I said.  

“But I don’t want toooooooo.” She moaned, giving me the puppy dog eye look with her brown eyes.   “Why? You too lazy titch?” I joked, the puppy dog eyes turning to an if-looks-could-kill glare from the nickname I’d just given her.  

Her mouth dropped into a small ‘O’ shape as she spoke, “I’m not lazy Payner.”  

“Really?” I asked, poking her in her ribs causing her to giggle again, her giggle also causing her eyes to light up again.  

“Yup. You’re the lazy one.” She said.  

“I am not Preeti.” I let my right eyelid drop into a wink as I spoke my next sentence, “I think I proved that last night.”  

“Last night?” She asked, looking innocent whilst, at the same time, knowing exactly what I was referring to.  

“You know what I mean, Preets.” I said.  

“Nope.” She said, removing her hands from where they’d been and placing them crossed in front of her chest.  

“Do I have to remind you Preets?” I asked, removing her arms and standing where they’d been, leaning closer to her ear as I awaited her reply.  

“Yes.” Was all that left her mouth.  

I moved my lips from where they were breathing on her neck to hers, forcing my tongue into her mouth, both mine and hers battling for dominance. I hitched her legs around my waist as I walked us towards the table and sat her on top of it. Her hands found the buttons of my dress shirt as mine found the bottom of her pyjama top. As mine was pushed off my shoulders, I broke the kiss for less than a second as I lifted her top off over her head.  

Her small hands found the buckle on my belt and undid it as quickly as they would let her. Before I could do anything else to her, to give her what we both knew the other wanted, she’d undone the zip on my trousers and pushed them down, causing them to fall in a pool of material around my feet.  

I pushed her, now bare, back onto the table and straddled her, taking off her pyjama shorts as I did so. The only form of material separating us from the other now was my boxers, which had no trouble showing how much I wanted to take Preeti right here, right now.  

Without any warning, I moved my hand from up by her head and inserted one finger into her, a loud scream escaping her lips as her head threw itself back from, what I hoped to be, pleasure. The screams continued as I kept the rhythm of my fingers steady and her screams got louder as I inserted a second.  

“Li … OH FUCK … LIAM! F … fuck m … me … fuck me now Liam.” She managed to say, deep breaths causing her speaking to be unsteady. I decided nor could I wait any longer to give her what we both wanted.   I pushed my boxers down my legs and entered her with a thrust, causing her back to arch in order for her hips to meet my thrusts. My hands found her hips, making it easier for me to thrust into her and cause the moans spilling from her lips to be those of pleasure.  

I was close, that I knew for certain, but I wasn’t giving in to the pleasure before she did. I moved my hands from her hips to her clit and rubbed, causing them to build up a steady rhythm with my thrusts, moans from her lips getting louder, “I … I … Liam, I’m …. FUCK!” She screamed, unable to finish her sentence before she gave in. Her screams and my name spilling from her lips causing me to give all I had into her, her name spilling out from my own lips, again in pleasure.   As we both came down from our highs, I moved my hand to a strand of hair in her face and moved it behind her ear, my lips crashing down onto hers once more.  

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