One Direction Imagines (Collection 4)

Just some One Direction Imagines


18. Jealousy (Niall)


You sit concentrating on your bottom bed studying for next weeks semi-finals in your room, only lite by the lamp on the side of the bed, you share with your roommate Niall. The rooms still quiet, except for the the slight laughs from Niall on the top bed. “Niall? What are you doing? You ask curiously. “Just talking to Amy.” He responds happily. You roll your eyes at the name not very fond of the girl that is taken by Niall. “Well can you keep shut?” you said annoyed due to jealously. You’ve always liked Niall but he would never feel the same way, for as you think. Betraying your demand, he starts up carrying on about the new girl in his life that you greatly dislike. “She always knows how to make me laugh, she looks flawless with no makeup, the way her hair naturally falls around her face, the color of her eyes, her love for food…” Rolling your eyes through the tears that rim your bottom lids,your filled with frustrating anger. Slamming your book shut you quickly get up and silently walk towards the door leading out of your shared apartment with rage built up that is unknown to Niall. You feel heartbroken knowing you can never make Niall that happy. You bang your hands on the edges of the arch way of the door before exiting, turning around. “You truly don’t know how much I love you and it leaves me heartbroken and angry how some skank can come into your life so suddenly and make you theirs, when Ive been with you almost most of your life! How do you not see that I love you?” You shout trying your hardest to make out the words through the sobs of pain in the back of your throat. Turning around, you leave quickly walking down the hallway whipping your tears with the edge of your sleeve. “Y/N! Wait! Please!” Niall shouts. “What!” You stop in the middle of the hallway motionless not wanting to turn around waiting for Niall to respond. You hear him walk out the door walking towards you but you still refuse to turn. His mouth is close to your ear and can feel his hot breath on your skin, his hands on both side of your arms. “I never knew you’ve felt that way. I’ve always liked you but never knew you felt the same way. I’m only dating Amy to make you jealous and would’ve made you feel the same way about me but it seems like we both have the same feelings toward each other.” He spoke quietly turning you around, your foreheads against one other. Looking you in your eyes, “You’re so hot when your angry.” he growled under his breath. Without warning, his lips were pushed onto yours aggressively. Pulling back, you looked at him confused. “You’ve wanted me and I’ve always wanted you in the first place.” Niall smirked, growling in a low tone. No questions asked you returned the aggressive kiss tugging his bottom lip with your teeth. Pinning you against the wall, his hands lay on your bum as he grinds against you slowly, your tongues fighting. Grasping your bum tightly, he moves his hands under you signing for you to jump. With him between your legs he carries you back into the shared apartment you stormed out of. One of your hands tangled in his blond brown roots hair and other on his chest, he slips a hand between your’s and his body and undos your shorts. Laying across the coffee table, he rips your shorts off throwing them behind him. Left in your panties and low cut shirt he sucks on your hip as you throw your shirt off undoing your bra. Wasting no time his teeth gritted the edge of your panties pulling the last article of clothing off quickly throwing them to where your shorts were. “You’ve wanted me and now you can have me.” he smirked tearing your legs apart automatically forcing three of his fingers into you. “Niall!” You screamed in pure pleasure from the sudden contact of all three of his cold fingers. Shaking from the fast movement hitting your walls and Niall biting down on your nipple giving the other one attention with his free hand, your moans echo throughout the apartment. Not able to contain the pleasurable feeling, you violently tighten around his fingers drenching them in your juices breathing heavily in a fast pace grasping onto the edges of the table. Smirking at what he accomplished, he pulls out placing them in your mouth making you taste your sweet cum as he hovers over you, you pulling his shirt over his head reveling his bare warm chest. “Now show me how much you love me and suck my hard cock baby girl.” He commanded taking you in his control turning you one even more leaving your pussy dripping down your thigh. Undoing his belt and pulling down his pants along with his Calvin Klein his member slams against his lower abdomen the tip already wet with pre-cum. Taking his hard on in your hand, you swipe your thumb over the tip using the precum to easily move your hand up and down along the vein of his throbbing erection. Bending over on top of the coffee table you run your hands along the shaft using your other free hand to gently run down his top half of his bare body. Connecting his tip to your lips his head automatically falls back in ecstasy with his hands tangled in your hair wanting you to go deeper but you oblige. You swirl your tongue around his head grazing over it with your teeth, your tongue stopping to sneak it along the slit. His hips move forward shoving himself farther into your mouth your tongue running along the underside. “Fuuuck… keep. doing. that.” Niall’s breathing becoming rapid feeling him twitching. Knowing he will come to an end you pull out, him groaning in displeasure. Getting up, you push him harshly down on the couch you on your knees and him in between you. Lowering yourself down onto him his tip just barely touching your dripping core, you slam down on him, him tightly grasping your hips containing the built up of pleasure. Slowing pulling him completely out and slamming down on him again repeating this several times, you moved your hips in a painfully slow figure eight every time he filled you completely. “Does Amy make you feel like this?” you seductively growled angrily your hips rocking back and forth. You only hear him groan your name in a deep, rough voice, now violently twitching. “Now who do you belong to know?” You smirked pleased you can make him feel this way. Not taking any of this anymore, he pounds his hips into you taking over control again, you matching his fast in and out rhythm bouncing you up and down. Turning you over, he violently thrusted into you hitting your g-spot. “Mine all mine.” He growled using his entire strength making your second orgasm come quickly as you dig your nails into his back. Continuing to violently hit your walls he releases all hes been trying to contain your legs feeling weak and shaking you contracted around him clenching your walls as you squirted covering his still throbbing dick as he came down from his high. Pulling out, he layed down next to you, putting his arms around you moving you closer to him. “Mine, all mine.” he whispered saying it for the second time. “Just tell me that you love me.” you said shoving your face into his chest your voice shaky and your chest heaving recovering from want recently happened. As you close your eyes being lulled to sleep to the up and down motion of his heaving chest, “Y/N?” Niall call your name. “Uhm?” you hummed eyes barely opened. “I love you.”  
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