One Direction Imagines (Collection 4)

Just some One Direction Imagines


5. I'm Yours (Liam)


The only noise I heard before I finally chose to speak to him was him slamming the front door to his apartment, walking past me and turned to me, looking at me with his arms crossed.  

“I’m fed up, Liam.”  

“So that’s why you’ve blanked me, because you’re fed up. Fed up of what, Maddisen?”  

“You. You constantly flirting with fan-girl after fan-girl after fan-girl after fan-girl when you know I, YOUR FUCKING GIRLFRIEND, am standing right next to you. Does the fact we’ve been together for the past eighteen monts mean NOTHING to you!?” I yelled in his  face, almost spitting at him on numerous occasions.  

“I was not flirting with ANY of these so-called fan-girls. I can’t fucking help it if you’re a jealous, pathetic, little bitch now, can I?”  

“What did you just call me!?”  

“I called you a jealous,” he said, taking a step towards me, “pathetic,” another step, “little,” another, “bitch.” He spoke, actually spitting in my face as he took his final step towards me.  

What he said, I thought to myself, was the last straw. I brought my hand up and slapped Liam on his left cheek before turning my back on him, setting off to leave the apartment and go back home.  

I felt Liam grab my jacket from behind as he used his arm muscles to spin me round and throw me onto the sofa to the right of us, he sat on me after I’d been thrown down to ensure I was unable to move, removing my jacket as he did so.  

“Do not act like a pathetic little bitch and then slap me, thinking you can then just walk out, you little slut.” He said, lust overtaking the look in his eyes.  

Seeing him like this made me forget the day’s events and how mad I was at Liam and all my brain had in was the thoughts of how sexy he looked in his tight jeans and tight t-shirt. Fuck. My next words left my mouth before I could even think about them, “I’m your little slut am I?”  

I could tell he wasn’t expecting what I said either as he looked shocked, but not for too long, “You are, Maddisen. Do I need to prove it to you?”  

I bit my lip and gently nodded.  

The next thing I knew, his lips were attached to my neck and his fingers began to slowly make their way from my neck, to my breasts, both his hands palming each of my breasts, causing me to throw my head back with pleasure.  

“You like that,” Liam said, looking me in the eyes, “don’t you, you little slut.” It was saidd more a statement than it was a question, but all my body could manage, along with the pleasure it was receiving from Liam, was a nod and a small yet loud groan.  

The next thing I knew, he dragged my dress off my body, quickly followed by both my bra, and my knickers. He then re-posistioned himself so that his head was near my enterance, his eyes searching my face for signs I was giving him to be allowed to go ahead. When I gave him a small nod, he dove his head down and kissed the inside of my thighs, dragging it out as slowly as he was able to in order to get me back for shouting at him earlier.  

After what seemed like hours of slow torture from him, Liam fianlly placed his tognue on the place where I wanted him the most, slowly putting his tongue as deeply as he could inside of me.  

“Liam, please.” I said, wanting nothing more than him to be burried inside me, somehow pleasuring me even more by the wonders his tongue was doing to my clit.  

“You want me inside you baby?” He asked, his voice causing vibrations against my clit.   “Y … Yes!”  

“Hmm … Let’s just see how wet you are, Maddisen.” When he’d finished talking, he moved his fingers from my hips to my clit, massaging it as his tongue still worked it’s magic inside me.  

It didn’t take too long for a warm feeling to arise in my stomach, and for me to start thrusting my hips upwards in order to meet the motions of his tongue.  

“Come on baby, let go. Let go for me.” He said, once again the vibrations of his voice caused the pleasure to intense even more, sending me over the edge as I screamed out his name from my lips.  

“That’s it baby. Now, like I said, let us just see how wet you are.” Liam said, his head coming up from where he’d been, along with his fingers which he shoved into my mouth so that I could taste myslef. “You see, Maddisen. That’s what I can do to you. Not stupid little fan-girls. Not people who aren’t you. Now, where do you want me next?” He asked, power obvious in his voice.  

I thrusted my hips up towards him, letting him know exactly whatI wanted.  

The next thing I knew, Liam used his arms to wipe the coffee table of the few items on it and carried me the short distance from the sofa to the coffee table, placing me down on it.  

He quickly pulled his jeans and underpants down, thrusting himself into me without any warning, my head throwing itself back more than it had done previously.  

“H … Harder,” I moanded, my hips continuously meeting his, his thrusts gettting harder, as I’d requested, with each thrust.  

His hands came down and, once again, began to massage my clit. With each thrust, the feeling inside my stomach getting warmer, signalling I was getting closer to my high, and judging my the sounds of things, so was Liam.  

“Come, on, baby,” he said, groaning heavily between each word.  

“Ugh … Liam, I … I’m so close.”  

“That’s it baby, let it all go for me baby.” Again, his words set me over the edge.  

“LIAM!” I screamed out, riding my orgasm out as he thrusted himself into me before spilling himself into me, screaming out my name from his mouth as he rode it out.  

He pulled himself out of me and laid his body on top of mine, but not before putting his lips to my ear and whispering two simple words in my ear,  

“I’m Yours.”  

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