One Direction Imagines (Collection 4)

Just some One Direction Imagines


11. I Need You Tonight (Harry)


“Baby, I need you now”, Harry whispered into my ear, snaking his fingertips up my bare thigh. I slapped him away; we were at his mum’s birthday meal, after all. “Later”, I hissed, doing everything in my power to compose myself.    “I don’t think you quite understand…” Harry enunciated each word, hot breath washing over my ear as he firmly squeezed the warm skin at the top of my thigh. Oh but I did. Harry wasn’t used to not getting his own way and he knew exactly how to work me. He knew which words to use and when to use them. He knew how to touch me… how to make my heart pound and stomach clench. But I was adamant that I would not succumb to him today. Not here. Not in public. I took a large gulp of my drink, trying to ignore the building arousal in the pit of my stomach and between my legs. Damn him and his fucking magical hands.   A few minutes later, his fingers deftly crept their way back up beneath my silk dress, leaving a trail of goosebumps on their ascension, like burning flames lapping at my skin. This time I let them travel further. I squeezed my legs together tightly, desperate for some sort of friction; some sort of mercy. His hand clasped the very inner of my thigh, slowly prising it apart until there was a space wide enough between my thighs for his hand to toy with. “Good girl” he muttered, grazing his nose over the shell of my ear.  His fingers were warm and gentle as they stroked the crease at the top of my thigh, sending waves of electricity throughout my body. I could see him grinning in the corner of my eye as he pretended to gage with the conversation that was ensuing across the table, as his fingertip skimmed the dampening material of my underwear. I shuddered, grasping on to the top of his hand as I stilled him for a moment. My heart was pounding and I could feel myself flushing as his hand rested right between my legs.   Anne shot a worried glance across the table as she studied my almost pained expression. “Are you alright, Effy?”   No. No I am not bloody alright. “I’m fi-“ Holy shit. My sentence was cut off by the sudden pressure from Harry’s index finger, rubbing firmly over the top of my underwear. “So wet. So ready” he whispered as he began rubbing my clit through the material in soft circular movements.  “She’s fine, Mum. Just a bit hot, aren’t you?”  God he was good. I could do nothing but nod as Harry let his fingers roam between my legs. I was aching for him to fuck me right there and then, and he knew he was about to get his own way. I felt my whole body begin to tense and quiver as a new lease of arousal pumped through me; legs parting underneath the table as I slowly ground my hips against his touch. Harry laughed in my ear as I gasped at the sudden acceleration of his skilled assault, but this couldn’t happen here; not now of all times.  “How far are you going to let it go, Ef?” Ugh. “Are you going to let me make you come in front of all these people, huh?” I swallowed harshly as I forced his hand from me and hastily excused myself from the table. I could feel his eyes on me, watching me, undressing me, as I rushed off to the bathroom, refusing to look back.   I splashed myself with water and took a few deep breaths, straightening my dress out whilst doing so. I was a hot mess- literally hot and on the verge of sweating, with an unforgiving throbbing coming from down below. Whilst reapplying my faded lipstick, I caught the slow moving of the bathroom door in my periphery. He wouldn’t…   Oh. He would. I met Harry’s reflection in the mirror. His eyes were burning into mine as he bit his bottom lip and studied me for a few silent moments, before making his way towards me. I kept his gaze, watching his every move until he was eventually behind me, drinking me in. His hot breath met my exposed neck as his body scarcely touched mine. Now, if I was going to take an educated guess, I’d say that he was fucking horny. The look in his eyes was one that I knew well… as was the hardness pressing into my lower back.  “You have no idea what I’m about to do to you right now” He murmured into my ear. My entire body tensed in response to his words, and I knew that they were both a promise and a threat. Craning his neck to the nook of mine, he flicked his tongue at the skin, tracing circles as he did so. I exhaled deeply and closed my eyes, leaning my head back as he continued to work his tongue around my neck, bringing the skin between his teeth and lips. He groaned into my skin as I pushed myself back into him, desperate to feel him. I smiled to myself as he lost his cool composure for a moment and shuddered behind me. Now it was my turn to tease him. I reached my hands behind my back and began to unzip the back of my dress; our eye contact remaining constant in the mirror. My dress slipped down to my waist, exposing my full, bare breasts to Harry’s hungry eyes. He leaned his body heavily against mine in response to the new exposure, pushing my hips hard into the basin in front. I gasped as he dragged his fingers lightly up my back, then around to my breasts, kneading them roughly. I hummed in appreciation, whimpering as he took my nipples between his thumbs and forefingers and rolling them tightly between the pads. I gripped on to the sink in front as I tried to steady my weakening knees, still maintaining eye contact with his incredible green orbs.  “I love how you respond to me. Look at yourself” Harry encouraged with soft words. “Look at your body, Ef.” I studied myself in the mirror as his hands continued their work; nipples hard and chest flushing a deep shade of pink.  “So beautiful.” Releasing the tight grip of my hands from the sink and relieving my knuckles of the harsh white that they’d turned, I slowly reached my hands behind me until they came into contact with the top button of Harry’s jeans. I fiddled with it blindly, until it slipped free of its button hole and gave him some sort of relief. Harry sighed as his dick rose beneath his tight boxers, leaning heavily against my palm. I swung myself round and lightly ran my tongue along his lower lip, making sure as little contact as possible was being made. He groaned as I danced my fingertips along his length, grabbing my hand and pushing it harder against him. I darted my hand away. “Uh uh”, I tutted; lapping my tongue at his open mouth. “Slowly.”   I was so hot for him right now and it was taking every ounce of my willpower not to wrap my leg around his hip and beg him to fuck me. Instead, I slowly dropped to my knees, my head now very much face to face with his rock hard length. I let his boxers soak up my warm breath, before releasing him completely from the thin material. So ready. I glanced up to him and smiled; his cheeks flushed and eyes dark. I leant forward and flicked the tip of my tongue over the head of his cock, collecting the warm pre-come that had formed at the tip. I pouted my lips as I wrapped them around the head, sucking slowly for a few seconds, listening to his breathing shallow and stagger. But before I had a chance to further my tease, Harry grabbed my arms and hauled me up, crashing his body into mine. My head span as he mercilessly grabbed the back of my thighs and lifted them around his waist, forcefully positioning me on the basin behind. His fingers pulled the crotch panel of my underwear to the side and swept along the length of my centre, spreading my arousal, before taking his shaft in his hand and lining himself up. “Fuck Harry”, I yelped as he drove himself into me without any further warning.  I flung my head back, my moans responding to every thrust. He brought his lips close to my cheek, curls brushing lightly against my skin. “You and that mouth of yours will be the death of me one day.”  I couldn’t think straight as he thrust deep inside of me, making sure that the entirety of his length filled me each time. I was close. Hell, I’d been close since our little rendezvous at the dinner table. Right on cue, Harry brought his middle finger down to my clit and began rubbing vigorously. The combination of him filling me and teasing the sensitive bundle of nerves was lethal. I was on the brink of something explosive and something mind-blowing. He tangled his fingers in my hair, pulling my head back, forcing me to look at him. I sucked the soft skin of his neck, tasting the faint aftermath of aftershave mixed with warmth and sweat. I dragged his skin up between my teeth until he was hissing profanities into the dense air, making sure that I left a mark. Pulling his neck towards me, I kissed him hungrily; battling our tongues with one another. I panted against his lips, gripping on to the fiercely bulging muscles at the top of his arm as the pressure within me began to build at an alarmingly rapid rate. Building higher and higher, coursing through me, I finally came with one hard, thrust of Harry inside of me, convulsing around him and moaning his name repeatedly.   He dug his fingers into my hips as he held me still, racing towards his own finish until he couldn’t hold on any longer. Hot, heavy pants fell from his lips as his whole body tensed and he stilled inside of me momentarily, before relaxing back into himself and letting his eyes fall shut. Our bodies trembled against one another as my arms lay heavily around his clammy neck, circling my fingers over the warm skin and through the limp ringlets at the back of his neck. He smirked at me, breathless, rubbing his nose against mine as our chests rose and fell into each other.     We resumed our places back at the table. Nobody appeared to have taken note of our absence- not that I was after an inquisition. Far from it, in fact. I glanced to my side at Harry, grinning as he dropped his left eye into a wink, knowing full well that we’d be hot for each other again later on tonight.  
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