One Direction Imagines (Collection 4)

Just some One Direction Imagines


2. I Get What I want (Zayn)


From: Zayn I get what I want, when I want. And right now, I. Want. You.  

I had to look twice at the sender of the message to make sure that I’d read it right. Zayn. What did he mean, what did he want with me? He’s the complete opposite to what I am, to who I am.  

Let me introduce myself, I’m Lori Floders and possibly, make that definitely, the most geeky girl you will ever meet. And I don’t mean in the ‘fashionable’ way either. I wear glasses all the time and am predicted an A* in all four of my A Levels; Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Further Maths. And the furthest thing from ‘popular’ any human being could be.  

And then, there’s Zayn. He hangs around with every single slut in this hell hole we call college and every girl wants to be seen with him or wants to be in his bed. And if they don’t? Then they already have. But, not me. I was the only person in the whole college who had no interest in Zayn Malik, not even in the slightest. It still didn’t cross me as to how, or why, I had his number. Or how he had mine.  

After finally finishing college, all thoughts of the text had left my mind and I was lead to believe that I was home alone. After watching the previous night’s episode of Big Brother, I headed up to my room and no sooner had I opened the door when I was pushed against it and felt another pair of lips on mine.  

It wasn’t until a minute or so later that I realised he also had his eyes open. Those deep brown eyes were easily recognisable.  

“Zayn! What the fuck are you doing?!” I asked, startled at the fact he’d somehow got into my room.  

Next thing I knew, he’d slammed me down onto my bed and his lips had reconnected themselves to mine, his tongue trying to force its way into my closed lips.  

“I told you Lori, I get what I want,” he began, his lips making their way down my neck, completing their journey at my shoulders, “right now Lori, I want you.” He said, biting down on my soft spot, making it obvious a mark would be left.  

Next thing I knew, Zayn was ripping my top off my body and, after his eyes lingering on my chest, dragging my jeans down my body, leaving me in nothing but my underwear. It was only at this moment that I realised he himself was only in underwear. Black Calvin Klein boxers to be exact. They had no challenge in showing me how excited he was.  

The next thing I knew, Zayn’s hand reached up to my face and took my glasses off me, throwing them in an unknown direction. “Lori, you really, really don’t need to wear glasses,” he said, a small laugh escaping him, “those beautiful eyes of yours shouldn’t be hidden by glasses.” I felt my cheeks go red, and not due to the lack of clothing.  

Shortly after, Zayn’s hands reached behind my back and unclasped my bra. After he’d thrown the red material in same direction as my glasses were earlier, his lips made their way to my breasts and began kissing them, his hand massaging the breast not being kissed. Before moving his lips over to the other breast, he bit my nipple, allowing a small scream to leave my mouth. I could see him looking up at me with those deep brown eyes of his, maybe I see the attraction now.  

I don’t know what came over me as the next sentence left my mouth; “Quit the messing about Malik and just fuck me. Now.”  

The smirk in his face was obvious “Told you I get what I want. Gladly.” He said, winking at me, his hands moving down my body, reaching my red underwear and taking them off me, shortly followed by his boxers, both of us unsure as to where exactly they’d landed.  

He did as I requested, wasting no time and getting straight to the point and giving us both what we wanted. He grabbed his shaft in his hands and directed it towards my clit. Without even giving me a chance, he thrusted into me, a large screaming escaping me as he immediately took his shaft out of me and thrusted into me yet again. Each time, my screams got louder and louder.  

“Ugh! Lori, you’re so fucking good!” Zayn said, turning me on even more than I thought was originally possible. A few thrusts later and I got a warm feeling in the pit of my stomach, both I and Zayn knowing what this meant.  

“Come for me babe!” He said, that phrase making me give him all I had, and him doing the same.   After we’d both finished emptying ourselves into the other, he exited me for the final time that night and lay his sweaty body upon my own, our deep breaths being the only sounds throughout the entire house.  

“That, Lori, was amazing.” He said, wrapping his arms around my still naked body and us both falling asleep on top of the covers.  

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