One Direction Imagines (Collection 4)

Just some One Direction Imagines


13. First Time (Harry)


“Harry, I’m ready” I announced nervously, his fingers stopping mid-way down my spine as the zip came to a halt. The room fell silent, an unintentional gulp echoing in Harry’s throat as I chewed on the insides of my cheeks, my heart drumming in my chest.   “As in-” he cleared his throat, dragging my zip the rest of the way down just past my hips. “As in ready?” I turned to face him, our nervous eyes shifting over one another’s youthful faces; eyes sparkling and skin soft.   Were each other’s firsts; first kiss, first love. Childhood sweethearts. We’d been inseparable ever since we met when we were 10, and it was inevitable that things would end up this way.    I locked my eyes with his as my dress dropped to the floor; the last remnants of our year 11 prom; the end of an era. The zip and small Swarovski crystals that were scattered across the deep red bodice clattered as they hit the wooden floor of Harry’s dimly lit room, breaking the heavy silence.   He pursed his lips as I began unbuttoning his formal white shirt, his black bow tie draping limply either side of his neck, one side of his collar upturned. I took my time slipping each button from its place, letting my eyes trace his sharp jawline and perfect features; wanting to savour every little detail about him. His hands worked his belt, unzipping his charcoal black suit trousers before letting them slip to the floor; now both stood before one another in nothing but our underwear, with a pile of clothes around our feet.   “You looked beautiful tonight” he whispered, pushing a loose wave from my face. His frosty green orbs lingered comfortably, before he pressed his lips softly to mine. His hands found my hips; thumbs grazing over my hip bones as mine ran up his lightly-toned front. Pulling away for a moment, I sat on the double bed below, Harry’s tall frame standing over me. Bursts of adrenaline rushed through me, accompanied by an irrepressible anxiousness. I’d never been so certain of something in my entire life, but I couldn’t stop the churning in my stomach and the heavy beating of my heart. He ran his fingers through his curls, before lowering his torso to mine, lips connecting fervently as his thighs rested either side of my own; his skin warm against me. Our lips worked perfectly with one another, his hands shifting over every part of my body as I linked mine behind the nape of his neck, tangling my fingers in his loose curls. He let his body tumble to the side as I pushed upwards against him, his hands bringing me on top of him as I giggled playfully into his full lips. “I love you” he mumbled into the kiss, hands gripping my hips as he pulled me down onto him harder. “You too” I smiled, bringing my lips from his and travelling along his jaw and to his neck. His clothed erection pressed firmly between my thighs as I left a trail of wet kisses upon his warm skin; the combination of his natural scent and aftershave lingering upon my senses. Shifting my body down his, I looked up to him, our eyes meeting as I pulled his black boxers down his thighs; the light hairs tickling my palms. His erection snapped back to his stomach, pressed firmly upon the tanned skin of his abdomen, inviting my eyes to enjoy his slight snail trail and v-lines.  I placed a series of small kisses on the innards of his thighs, small breathless groans escaping his lips as I neared his erection. Once satisfied I’d teased him enough, I began kissing up his length; his cock twitching as my lips worked their way to the tip; his breathing quickly shallowing. I flicked my eyes to his; his full lips parted as I carressed the head with my tongue, letting his taste fill my mouth. He stretched his torso as he placed his hands behind his head; his pits deep and defined as he sunk back into the pillow, his jaw tilting upwards to the ceiling as I slid my lips down his cock. He exhaled deeply as I brought my lips from him, kissing my way up his body until my lips were upon his once more. His large hands slid round my waist and up my back, fumbling with my bra before bringing it from my arms. Raising his hips slightly, he rolled me to the bed below; my back arching as his mouth worked the newly exposed skin of my breasts.   We weren’t strangers to each other’s bodies, and he knew how to get my heart racing. He continued his journey down my body, making sure his lips worked all my sweet spots; my crotch throbbing incessantly as his head levelled with it. His palms ran up the outsides of my thighs, his thumbs hooking my black lace knickers as he pulled them down my legs, wetting his lips as he looked up at me. Running his palms up the insides of my thighs, he parted my legs, pushing them towards my chest and bringing my calves over his shoulders as his kissed my tingling skin. Flicking his hot tongue out, he caught my clit; my back snapping from the mattress as I inhaled sharply. I shut my eyes and let my head fall to the pillow beneath as his tongue worked its magic between my legs; his hand linking with mine to the side of my body. I moaned his name repeatedly as his fingers teased my entrance; his index and middle finger soon slipping inside of me. His fingers and tongue quickly drove me to my first and only orgasm of the night; my heels digging into his shoulders and toes curling as I tightened around him and moaned breathlessly into the quiet room.   I lay back in nervous anticipation as he knelt above me, fumbling with the metallic purple wrapper. I watched his long fingers intently as he rolled the condom down his hard length slowly, watching his own hands at work. His eyes met my own and his teeth caught his bottom lip as he placed an arm either side of my head and leant his body down towards mine. The cold metal pendant of his necklace met my chest, a present i’d gotten him for his birthday, and I couldn’t help but focus on the racing beat of my heart. I traced my eyes along its chain, admiring his jutting collarbones and defined shoulders as I did so.   “Are you sure?” he asked nervously, almost inaudibly; his cock resting firmly over my pubic bone as I looked deep into his eyes, nodding slowly. Lowering his hand between us, he guided himself to my entrance, resting his cock there for a moment before rolling his hips forwards and pushing the very tip inside of me. I bit down on my lip hard; my fingers digging into his arms as I furrowed my brow at the discomfort. He pulled out, before trying once more; this time managing to slide more of his length in. “Are you okay?” he asked worriedly; his eyes brimming with caution as they flickered back and forth over mine. “Hold on a moment.” I whispered breathlessly; my body shuddering and heart racing as he momentarily stilled with half of him inside of me. He gauged my reaction as he waited until I was ready, and as I nodded, he carefully slid himself in deeper. It was like no other feeling I’d ever experienced; our bodies were as close as could be, and this set my heart on fire.  It wasn’t entirely pleasurable, but it was one that I welcomed wholly, despite my body’s struggle. The fullness of Harry inside of me was uncomfortable, yet completely mind-blowing. My entire body trembled beneath him as our bodies explored one another in new and exciting ways. I ran my fingers through his hair as his elbows rested either side of my head; our eyes not breaking contact as he picked up a gentle yet disjointed rhythm. His thrusts were jagged and irregular as my body took its time to adjust; his face contorting slightly as he struggled to move within me. Sinking into his forearms, he shifted his weight onto me, my hands dropping to the side of my head before his fingers found mine. Our lips met; moans muffled by the colliding of careful tongues.   “Oh God, Harry” I moaned in complete awe as his hips rubbed against my own; his thrusts quickening as my body gradually eased and accustomed to him. I whimpered as his cock momentarily slipped from me; his shaft gliding along my clit as his hips rolled forwards. His cheeks blushed as he looked up at me from beneath heavy lashes, then reaching between us, he repositioned himself and entered me once more.   “I’m gonna come in a minute” he panted; our bodies clammy as they moved against one another. I pushed his damp ringlets from his forehead, bringing my legs tighter around his waist as he breathed raggedly above me. With a few more deep thrusts, his lips fell open and face contorted as he hit his peak; spilling himself into the condom. I shook beneath him as his thrusts gradually came to a halt; his lips teasing mine as we both lay there. My entire body tingled atop the damp sheets, both of us struggling to catch our breaths.    I couldn’t help but reciprocate as he grinned into my lips, slipping his body from mine and rolling to the side of me; his cock slowly softening between his thighs. “Was that okay?” he mumbled apprehensively. I sighed in a daze as my lips curled into a contented smile. “Perfect.” I nestled my body towards his; his arm reaching around my head as I rested my head on his chest and inhaled his boyish scent. We both lay there in a comfortable silence; nothing but the sound of our hearts pounding and deep breaths filling the room.   This was it. This was forever.  
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