One Direction Imagines (Collection 4)

Just some One Direction Imagines


20. First (Harry)


I watched her as she cleans her parent’s house, her dark hair thrown into a bun atop her head, her face free of all makeup but mascara. Her gray sweatpants hang low on her hips, a red sports bra showing on the side of the loose black tank stop she’s wearing.   She smiles as she dances around me, the vacuum in her hand, singing lightly to the song she couldn’t hear. I prop my feet up onto the cherry coffee table, grinning as she steps over my legs. “Harry,” she yells over the roar of the vacuum, “I’m cleaning so that I can go on holiday with you and you’re just sitting there with that stupid smirk on your face.”   “(Y/N), no one said you had to come with me.” She rolls her eyes at my smart ass reply, and I only chuckle.   “Alright, I won’t then.” she clicks off the vacuum, bending over to roll the cord back up.   I stare at (Y/N) as she bends over, her long and thin arms flexing as she works, her backbone visible through the shirt, and finally down to her ass that looked incredible, even though the gray cotton. We’ve yet to have sex so when images of her under me flash across my mind, her calling out my name as I work my lips over her body, across the warm skin of her chest before I tease her breasts with my mouth and hands cause me to harden almost instantly. I involuntarily squirm on the couch as the picture of my head between her legs plays out in my mind; how sweet she probably tastes, how the soft skin of her thighs will feel against my cheeks; how powerful I’ll feel when I make her fall apart. I can only imagine how tight she’ll feel around me and how quickly I’ll take her to places she’s never been. I want to be the only one to make her feel like that. She gets wet so easily but I’ve yet to really feel her. I almost ache to; it’s getting ridiculous how much I want her. But I’m willing to wait until she’s completely ready. I’m awakened from my daydream by her (Y/N)’s humming and I quickly remember we’re in a quiet banter. “Oh, you won’t? Then I guess I’ll spend two weeks in the south of Spain all by my lonesome.”   “Good for you,” she says, standing up, reaching to grab another cleaning supply. “It’ll be more fun that way. I can party and meet a new girlfriend.” “You better not!” She shrieks, dropping her dust cloth and running to me. (Y/N) straddles me on the couch and I laugh. “Then I guess I’ll have to bring my current girlfriend.” I lay my hands on her back, my fingertips touching. “You’re rude,” (Y/N) says flatly, running her nose across my cheek and down my jawline. She nuzzles into my neck before she bites down onto the smooth skin, causing me to flinch. “(Y/N),” I groan, squeezing her hips. “Why do you always bite?” She giggles, kissing the side of my mouth. “You love it.” “Maybe a little,” I agree, slowing sliding my hands under the material of her tank top, letting my hands lie flat against the cool and clammy skin. It’s warm in the house and I find myself sweating a bit as well. I hold onto her tightly as I reach to kiss her, our lips molding together with a fiery passion. Her lips are soft and perfect against mine, tasting like her minty chapstick that she always wears. My hands move downward, over the elastic of her joggers, lying lightly on her bum. (Y/N) grinds herself down onto my thigh, and a groan leaves my lips. Her thighs wrap tighter around me and I squeeze the supple skin of her ass between my fingers. “(Y/N), baby, you’ve got to stop now.” “Why?” She asks, her hands cupping my cheeks as she drops her hips again. “You’re going to start something I don’t think you want to finish.”  ”I do, though,” she says, grinding down again, moving her so her knees are on either side of my hips and her warm center is pressing into my erection. I pull her closer, guiding her with my hands as she begins to rock at a steady pace. I can tell she feels comfortable like this, fully clothed and grinding down hard. There’s always been something so sexy about this, the waay we can both get ourselves off just from feeling each other. (Y/N) whimpers as she leans forward, her breath hot as it washes over the shell of my ear. “Really, Harry. I’m ready.” My breath catches in my throat and it comes out as a strangled sigh. I pivot my hips up against her center and we both moan. (Y/N) locks her hands behind my neck, leaning forward to kiss me again, harder and more frantic this time.  “Let’s go upstairs.” “Okay,” I agree, lifting her.   ************ I sit up on my knees, kneeling in the space between her thighs. (Y/N) looks amazing like this; her dark hair tumbling behind her, fanned around the pillow. Her cheeks are red from our activities and there are light hickeys forming all over her body from my mouth. I’ve marked her as mine, and now everyone will know. I think I should probably quit being so possessive, but I can’t help it. I feel like every guy that sees her wants to take her from me. She’s still dressed in her loose tank-top and sweatpants, but the strap is falling off her shoulder, exposing half of her black lace bra. I carefully trace my index finger along the delicate outline, watching closely as I see her heartbeat pound through her sternum. Of course it’s not the first time I’ve seen her naked, but it’s the first time we’re ever going to go this far. My hands run trails up and down her body, over her smooth arms, her collarbones, her sides. I kiss every inch of uncovered skin before I run of out of places to pleasure. I’m in need of more and I can tell (Y/N) is too by the way her hands are beginning to tangle into my hair as I suck and nibble on her neck. Slowly I pull her tank-top up, lifting her as I pull it over her hair. (Y/N) falls back onto the soft bed and I reach behind her, unclipping her bra and tugging it away from her body. I’ve lost my patience as I drink the sight of her in, my arousal taking over every movement that I make. It’s hard to think as I lean down, running my tongue along the edge of her breasts. (Y/N) mewls and whimpers beneath me, arching her back to get closer to my tongue. I give into what she wants and encase a pink nipple between my lips, sucking harshly until I feel the girl’s fingernails pressed into my scalp. She holds me to her as I suck harder, using the edge of my teeth to tease and tough, knowing she has a strange affinity for just a bit of roughness. I hear her moan my name as I switch breasts, using my fingers to pay attention to the opposite nipple. (Y/N)’s so responsive and I love every single second of it. I run my hands down her sides, taking my time to feel the soft, warm skin of her hips, the smooth and delicate skin of her belly. My fingers trace over her thighs, watching her chest hitch the closer I get to the spot where she’s probably aching for me. I take her knees and bend them toward the ceiling so she’s spread before me. I lean down until I’m parallel with her stomach. I snake my tongue along the line of her underwear, swirling it around her sharp hipbones before I nip the skin with my teeth. I want her as worked up as she can be, so I tease her slit through the black lace of her knickers. (Y/N)’s radiating heat and my mind is racing with images of how wet and bare I know she is. When my girl rocks her hips up, I dip my head, licking through the rough material. I can taste her through the underwear, and I’m almost salivating to have her on my tongue. My fingers move to pull the lace from her body; taking them slowly down her endless legs. When they’re off, she moves to close her legs, but I stop her. “You’re fucking beautiful,” I tell her, knowing my cursing won’t affect her. “Besides, it’s nothing I haven’t seen before.” My left eye falls into  a wink and (Y/N) laughs lightly. She shrugs her shoulders, letting her legs fall back on either side of me yet again. Taking her thighs, I lift them over my shoulders until I’m face to face with her dripping center. She’s glistening and my ego swells that I’m the one who did this to her. She whimpers as I run a single finger over the length of her slit, going slowly, collecting the wetness. A deep growl emanates from the back of my throat as I encase the digit between my lips, running my tongue over the taste. “Delicious,” I say, taking my fingers back out and grinning from ear to ear. My mouth moves over her, my lips applying pressure to her clit, my breath washing over her. She arches her hips upward, seeking more and I give it to her, delving into her folds. I lick her from her clit and then down, trying to taste all of her at once. She invades every part of my senses and I wish I could taste and feel all of her all over my tongue. (Y/N) tastes amazing against my tongue and she wraps her thighs around my head, her small feet digging into the skin of my back. My tongue enters her, working in and out rapidly while my fingers press down on her clit. Her hands tangle into my hair, tugging on the curls and I can’t get enough of her. My ego swells at the fact I’m the one making my girl feel like this, making her writhe and groan because of my skills. “Fuck,” she curses, rocking her hips upward into my face. My nose bumps her clit as I slide my tongue into her as far as I can. She rockets off the bed as I find a particularly sensitive spot with my fingers. I continue to drive her insane with my tongue before I pull back just a centimeter or two, using the tip of my tongue to trail up until I can swirl it around her hypersensitive bud. I let her calm down for a minute before I slide a single finger into her, beginning to thrust it in and out at a steady pace until I feel her beginning to tighten quickly. I stop moving and she sits up, looking annoyed. “Calm down, baby, I’m trying to get you ready.” “I feel like I’m going to burst,” She whines and I catch her off guard by sliding a second finger into her wet heat. (Y/N) moans loudly and pushes her hips upward, allowing me to slide deeper within her. She’s absolutely soaking and I work my fingers in and out of her rapidly with no problem. I lean down, sucking her swollen clit between my lips just as I add the third finger into her heat. She clenches up for a moment but then relaxes, letting the feelings wash over her. I keep her distracted as I pump my fingers in and out, sliding them all the way in and curling forward, pressing down hard and unexpectedly on her g-spot. She whimpers out my name and it goes straight to my groin, my erection pulsing uncomfortably beneath my jeans. But I’m determined to make her come before I even think about going any further. I move my fingers faster pumping them in and out until my bicep clenches and wrist hurts from how quickly I’m moving.  (Y/N)’s walls begin to contract and I hum against her, sucking her clit harder, letting the vibrations finally push her over the edge. I continue to please her through her orgasm, only stopping when I feel her breathing return to normal. I move slowly up her body, my lips creating a random trail of kisses over her heated skin. Sucking on her neck, I intertwine our hands, grinning as she sighs. “You’re amazing,” she tells me, pulling my face up so we can kiss again, rougher and harsher than before. (Y/N) runs her hands over my back, across my sides, and down my chest to my bellybutton. Her eyes twinkle in delight as she teases the waistband of my boxers, her delicate fingers tracing along the very edge of the white elastic. Half-grinning down at her, I watch as she carefully unbuckles my belt and does the button of my jeans in quick succession. She looks so absolutely innocent as she tugs the denim down my legs, her hands cheekily squeezing my backside as she pushes the thick material down my thighs. I help her out and kick them onto the floor. (Y/N)’s eyes darken as she looks down, taking in my growing bulge. A strangled sigh leaves my lips as her fingertips ghost down my skin, her lips against my neck. I’m straining hard against my boxers and I feel as if I’m going to burst if she doesn’t touch me soon. I know this is about her, but I’m dying to feel her soft palm against me, working me up and down. “Baby,” I groan, “Touch me. Please.” A blush spreads across her cheeks as she looks down, my fingers wrapping around her hand to press her palm flat against my erection. “Feel what you do?” She groans and nods her head, her fingers slipping to pull the white elastic away from my lower stomach. (Y/N) uses both of her tiny hands to pull the black cotton down, letting my erection spring up against my stomach. “Fuck, baby,” I hiss, watching as she gingerly presses the pad of her thumb to the damp head. (Y/N) becomes brave and lifts her right hand to lick her palm before bringing it back down, wrapping it around me. I hold her hand in mine as I wrap our fists around my erection, rubbing slowly, letting us both get used to the sensations .Eventually she gains even more confidence and I let my hand fall away. (Y/N) finds her own rhythm, running her fingers over the veins and the swollen head. My hips buck forward and she strokes harder, squeezing slightly. Her free hand moves to fondle my balls and I groan loudly into her neck. “You’ve always been really great at that.” She laughs, blushing again as I sloppily kiss her cheek. She catches me off guard as she presses down onto the spot where the head meets the shaft and I drop my head to her collarbone. “(Y/N), you’ve got to stop.”   I gently pull her away from me, lifting my head to smile down at her. “Too good,” I assure. “Are you ready?” She nods her head, her hands coming to rest against my cheekbones. I reach for my wallet, grabbing the silver packet, quickly ripping it open with my teeth before I roll it down upon my length. (Y/N) looks a bit nervous as I align our hips. I use my hand to gently rub up and down her slit, spreading her wetness all around, just to prove to her that she’s ready and going to be fine. “You’re so wet, baby. You’re going to feel so good.” I press myself at her opening, cringing as she locks up a little bit. I’m barely inside of her but I’m already straining to keep my hips still. “Relax, baby. You know I’d never hurt you, don’t you?” She nods, her nose against mine. “Just stay relaxed and tell me if you need me to stop.” My free hand caresses her face while my other one helps guide me into her. Her eyes close as I push the first few inches into her. I stop a moment, letting both of us adjust. She’s so tight, so constricting around me that I’m left breathless. . After a minute, I feel her relax again and I’m able to slide the rest of the way into her. A groan leaves my lips as I fill her, her walls so incredibly tight I feel as if my head is spinning. My hips rock forward on their own accord and (Y/N) whimpers. She’s doing great, though, considering my size. “It’s okay, beautiful,” I tell her, my lips warm against her ear. I close my eyes and sigh, it’s so hard to stay still. It’s like music to my ears as she tells me I can move forward and I take it slow, only pulling out a few inches before I push into her again. (Y/N) consumes me; her walls flexing tightly around me. I can hardly move and we’re both whimpering. “Relax, baby,” I croon again, my lips brushing over her sweaty cheek. “If you relax, I promise I’ll make you feel out of this world.” I gently pull her thighs apart a few more inches, helping her loosen up. “That’s it,” I whisper, kissing the side of her mouth. I keep her legs separated as I begin to collide our hips together, moving slowly; the slowest I think I’ve ever gone. (Y/N)’s cheeks begin to tinge pink and she begins to moan after a few short minutes, her comfort level growing. Before I know it, (Y/N) pushes her hips upward, her hips hitting mine over and over. Her teeth cut into her bright red bottom lip, her voice coming out raspy. “Harry, move faster.” (Y/N) becomes more confident in her movements and I love every second of it. I nod my head, letting my hands leave her thighs before I hold her right hip with my hand, moving my hips quicker now. The sound of our skin hitting together echoes around us and I use my free hand to reach down and stroke her hardened nub, pressing down on it roughly, a movement that leaves her breathless. “Oh,” she says, and I angle my hips so I can hit her g-spot. “That’s it, Harry.” I move my hips in the exact same way I had just a moment before and my name leaves her lips over and over. I suck the skin of her neck between my lips, gently biting down to leave a hickey. I can feel her beginning to contract around me for the second time and I pull her head toward me so I can look into her eyes. “Come on, baby,” I urge, thrusting as hard as I can. I use my thumb and forefinger to tease her clit, rubbing it in time with my how my hips are slamming into her. (Y/N)’s orgasm hits her hard and quickly, her walls squeezing me so tightly that I can’t hold on anymore and have to let go myself. I keep my eyes locked on (Y/N)’s as we fall apart, everything stopping in the world but us. It’s heaven as I feel her contract over and over, her nails scraping down my back in the heat of the moment. My hips continue to knock against hers at random, the pleasure of orgasm blinding the two of us until we can’t possibly move anymore. I stop pumping my hips only when I feel my muscles go completely numb and I fear I’ll collapse on top of her. Our movements only cease when we’re completely spent; when there is no strength left in our bodies. I roll off of her to avoid crushing her small form, but my hand finds hers under the crisp white duvet. After a few minutes, (Y/N) begins to laugh her twinkling laugh and I look at her with one eye, the other half of my face shoved into the comforter. “What?” I ask. “We are so doing that in Spain.” I laugh along with her, grinning. “Deal.”  
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