One Direction Imagines (Collection 4)

Just some One Direction Imagines


14. Fantasy (Harry)


Walking to my desk, I dropped my damp towel to the floor and grabbed some lotion. The cool liquid soothed my heated skin from the shower as I massaged it into my body; thinking of his warm lips tending softly to the sensitive skin of my neck suddenly made me very aroused. I closed my eyes as I ran my hands gently over my breasts; his hot tongue flicking across my nipple in the forefront of my mind. My whole body heated up as thoughts of Harry fucking me built up, and I soon found myself on the soft duvet of my bed with my hands between my legs. Harry always knew what he was doing; he always knew how to get me going. I continued to imagine his mouth working its way down my body, leaving a trail of wet kisses. I was so turned on right now; the thought of him and his skilled touch was driving me wild.   “Fuck!” I jumped as the door flew open, swinging my hand from below and contorting my body in an attempt to cover myself. Heart racing; I breathed a sigh of relief at the tall figure standing at the door. My tense muscles eased and I slumped my shoulders back into my pillow; my eyes intently watching the smirk that was slowly spreading across his pink lips. His curls were more dishevelled than usual and his t-shirt hung loosely from one shoulder; the exposed skin fuelling my needs. “Hey.” His voice sounded hotter than usual; deeper. I kept his gaze as he made his way over to my bed, sitting down next to me as his eyes grazed along my naked body. He ran his rough hand ran up the inside of my thigh; brushing gently between my legs. “Who made you this wet, baby?” his voice was quiet as he pressed his lips to mine; his curls tickling my forehead. I groaned as he lingered his finger on my clit; waiting for a response. “You did.” I spoke, nipping playfully at his lip. His mouth smirked into mine before he pulled away, resuming the soft movement of his finger. He buried his lips into my shoulder; letting his wet tongue soothe the sensitive skin. “And what exactly was I doing to get you this wet?” his voice was hushed, now against my neck. “You were… yes exactly that! Fuck.” I inhaled sharply as Harry’s touch between my legs became firm and direct upon my clit. He lowered his mouth to my nipple as he began flicking his wet tongue across them. “One or two?” He positioned his fingers at my entrance; padding the tips of his fingers around. “Two.” I smiled and bit my lip, tangling my fingers in his spare hand as he pushed two fingers in slowly; bringing them out teasingly as he toyed with my aching needs. I was impatient; I needed him. “This wasn’t part of the fantasy” I smirked as I playfully whined, twitching my hips towards him. He began running his tongue down my stomach until he hovered achingly near to the inside of my thigh; his hot breath sending shivers throughout me. “Oh?” he spoke softly; his breath now coarse. “Was this?” Harry skimmed his tongue across my clit, curving his fingers upwards to my g-spot simultaneously. God he was good. “Ugh yes” I moaned, wrapping my legs around his shoulders and tilting my head back to the pillow. His tongue and fingers worked in perfect unison as I clawed at the bed sheets either side of me; my back arching and pulse racing. “And did I make you come now?” The vibrations of Harry’s husky voice between my legs sent my body into a frenzy as his fingers moved more vigorously. “Or did I make you wait?” He enunciated the word ‘wait’ as he ceased all movement; my chest rising and falling uncontrollably. I could feel Harry smirking into my thigh as his fingers remained motionless, knowing how much he was tormenting me. “Not until you fuck me.” I managed to speak through jagged breaths as he removed his fingers from me and kissed his way back up to my mouth.   Harry’s tongue fought against mine as his hands pushed my breasts together roughly; his thumbs pressing against my nipples.  “Oh my God I need you now.” I murmured into his lips; tugging violently at the lower hem of his t-shirt. Hauling it over his head, his shoulder muscles moved prominently beneath the taut skin; my eyes wandering frantically across his collar bones. I lay completely still beneath him as he craned over me; my fingers running along the waistband of his boxers that was barely visible above his trousers. I bit my lip as he undid his buckle; my fingers working his buttons. He swept his fingers through his curls as I released him from his first set of confines; his tight boxers now visibly uncomfortable. Harry groaned as I pulled his boxers down, quickly running his hand up and down his hard shaft. Eyes burning into one another, Harry slammed his lips down on to mine as he pinned my hands above my head; our skin writhing impulsively. “How did I fuck you?” he hissed into my ear; biting my lobe as he positioned himself. “Deep.” My voice was almost a whisper as my head span; drunk on lust. Harry began to push himself inside of me excruciatingly slowly; my open mouth pressing desperately against his. I gasped as he forced his whole length in – an uncomfortable yet fucking incredible feeling spreading within the pit of my stomach. “Deep enough?” he teased as he pulled himself completely out before re-entering with the same motion. His hips crashed against mine as he thrust into me sharply; my breath cut short each time. Wrapping my legs around his waist, I spurred my heels into him; urging him to increase his pace. Moving from his elbows to his hands, he obeyed; the head of the bed thudding incessantly against the wall behind as he drove himself into me fervently. I was certain that my parents could hear from downstairs, but Harry felt so unbelievably good inside of me right now; I couldn’t repress the innate reactions that my body was having. Snaking his large hands around my back, he brought my body upright and shifted his hands beneath my thighs; repeatedly lifting my body and letting it fall down onto him. “Fuck, Harry” I moaned into his neck as my hands tugged viciously at his hair; his breathing stilted and brow sweaty. “God you feel so good, baby.” Harry groaned into my ear as I kept my mouth to his neck; sucking mercilessly at the clammy skin. I could feel myself getting close, and pulled Harry’s body hard down on to mine as I leant back to the mattress.  “Close?” he whispered, his lips working roughly against mine. “Mmmm” I moaned into his mouth; my nails digging into each of his arms. Without instruction, Harry slid his hand between us and began rolling form circles over my clit; maintaining a steady rhythm. Arching my back from the sheets, I crashed my chest into his as my orgasm hit; my entire body in complete ecstasy as Harry continued to fuck me. “Come for me” I purred into Harry’s ear as my orgasm ensued; his body becoming increasingly exhausted. Pulling Harry’s neck towards me, I sucked on his bottom lip; lapping my tongue lazily along his. His body soon collapsed into mine amidst a string of breathless groans and profanities as he spilled himself inside of me; both hot and breathless.   Pushing my hair from my face, Harry smirked at me; neither of us needing to speak. He shifted his weight from me to the vacant mattress beside and pulled the duvet over us as he turned to face me. “That’ll give you something to think about after your next shower” he grinned, pulling my waist close towards him. I laughed. “Or i’ll just call you next time.” I rested my head into the nook between Harry’s neck and shoulder; my hands tracing patterns along the skin over his ribcage. My body shifted restlessly against Harry’s as my pulse raced and beathing shallowed once again, and I dragged Harry’s hand from my waist to my thigh; shifting my hips towards him. “Again?” he smirked, slowly sliding his fingers between my legs. I ran my fingers up his torso as he gently caressed my tongue with his; soon driven to my second climax of the evening.  
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