One Direction Imagines (Collection 4)

Just some One Direction Imagines


9. Country Lanes (Liam)


“And that is exactly why you should join the band, babe…” Liam laughed in retaliation to my wailing over the radio. “Summer of ’69, OH YEAHHHH!” I screeched into his ear; his eyes remaining on the dusk-lit road in front.   I smirked to myself as I rested my head onto my hand and gazed out of the window, knowing full-well how tone-deaf I really was. The outside world rushed by in a stream of lights and shapes; my eyes lazily refusing to take in the scene. We’d been on the road for hours, and I was bored. London was still over an hour away.   I sighed to myself loudly, trying to provoke Liam into conversation, but it was clear from his silence that his concentration was on the road ahead. I was restless; my exhaustion fast converting into an irrepressible energy. I bit my lip as an idea suddenly filled my mind; a sudden uncontrollable urge to run my hand up his thigh. I trailed my fingers along his jeans, until they were dangerously close to his crotch. “Lisa…” Liam warned me as I began tracing his bulge through his jeans, still keeping my head turned away from him. “But baby…” I grinned, increasing my pressure upon him. “I’m bored.” His cock twitched beneath his jeans; my heart pounding as a burst of adrenaline shot through me and I imagined it in all its glory beneath his boxers. The thought of what this was doing to him was spurring me on; forcing my palm upon him more roughly by the second.   “Lisa, not now” Liam growled slightly more forcefully, placing his hand over mine and pushing it coldly from his now semi-hard crotch. I giggled as I ignored his command, quickly working my hand over him once more. I could feel my nipples hardening beneath my bra; the firm contact upon them driving my needs wild. I was pretty sure that I was even more turned on than he was right now. I could see his chest moving deeply in the corner of my eye; his hips raising involuntarily every now and then towards my eager hand.   Suddenly, the car screeched and came to an abrupt halt. “Out!” he bellowed, pointing his finger towards the passenger door without even looking at me. “But.. Liam… it was only a joke…” I said sheepishly; overwhelmed by his brash and out of character behaviour. “I. Said. Get. Out” he repeated harshly, snapping his head towards me and shooting me an almost frightening glare. “But we’re in the middle of no-“ “OUT.”   Without a second thought, I flung the passenger door open and stepped out into the night; my vulnerable body shrouded by the eerie countryside. My heart raced and I could feel tears pricking my eyes; my entire body trembling as I stood there in shock, not quite sure what to do with myself. After a moment, everything fell silent as the rumbling engine ceased, and Liam stepped out of the door, marching round to the bonnet of his navy Lamborghini.  “Come here” he ordered, my body quickly obliging. I walked gingerly round to the front of his car. The engine was radiating a soft heat upon my chilled skin; almost comforting my fear. But not quite.   “Now…” he began, creeping behind me and snaking his cold fingers up the back of my thigh. His body crashed against mine, forcing my hips into the metal of his bonnet; my torso pressed firmly over it. His hot breath washed over the sensitive skin behind my ear as his hips gave a little thrust behind me; pressing his rock hard erection into my back. I smirked to myself; overcome by a combination of relief and anticipation. I was now aware that this was one of many of his games; games that I had come to know oh so well. I whimpered as his weight restricted my chest, knowing that this was the reaction he was after. “Why do you tease me so, Lisa?” he hissed into my ear, taking my lobe between his teeth as he snaked his fingers around my body and to my mouth.  He stroked my lips softly, before pushing his fingers into my mouth. I sucked on them obligingly; swirling my tongue around them as I mimicked what he loved me doing to him when I was between his thighs. He groaned softly, using his other hand to massage my breasts. He slid his wet fingers from my mouth, bringing them down past my ribs and to the lower hem of my floral skirt; teasing the bare skin beneath it. I shuddered as the rough pads of his finger tips grazed the skin of my bum; slowly edging towards my aching crotch. He ran his middle finger over the cotton material of my underwear; my hips instinctively backing upwards against his. “And why do you get yourself worked up like this?” he lulled into my neck, nipping at my skin as he slid his finger beneath the material. I exhaled sharply at the cool, autumn air hitting my newly exposed skin, desperate for him to please me. He teased me softly; rubbing his finger back and forth against my centre, barely making any contact at all. He knew how much I hated it when he didn’t give in to my needs, but this is what made times like this so much more intense. I gasped as he finally pushed a finger inside of me; his cool skin sending waves of shivers throughout my body. “Liam…” I said exasperatedly, sliding my hands out over the bonnet in front, pressing my fingers against the now cooling metal-work. He retaliated by working his finger faster; my knees buckling against the grill of his car. His finger curled upwards against my g-spot; his other hand tangling itself in my hair and pulling it back towards him. “I don’t think you’re quite ready for me yet.” I moaned as he pushed another finger inside of me; twisting them as he did so. “Fuck Liam…” I yelped; arching my back against him. He pulled harder on my hair, pulling my shoulders against his chest as his fingers worked skilfully inside of me. He sucked fiercely on my neck, making sure he broke the skin. Turning my head towards him, I crashed my lips on to his, kissing him desperately as my body shook beneath him. I savoured his taste and sweet scent, knowing that intimacy wasn’t going to play a part in this. He took my lower lip between his teeth as he pulled away, and I couldn’t help but whimper at the sudden loss of contact from him as he worked his belt buckle hastily. The clashing metal was soon followed by a whip into the air as he slid it from his jean loops. “How do you want me to fuck you, baby?”  He slid his length along me excruciatingly slowly; my body barely able to move. “Do you want me to fuck you over this bonnet?” he hissed, continuing to rock his hips against me. “Mmm” I mumbled, parting my legs slightly as he positioned himself. “Do you want me to fuck you hard?” I nodded in response to his demanding words, unable to muster up any sort of coherency. “’Cause I’m going to” he continued with an almost threatening tone, pushing the very tip of his length into me.   I cried out at the incredible sensation; the needs of my body beginning to be satisfied. He filled me slowly; making sure I enjoyed every moment of his size. I knew he enjoyed it as much as me though; the sensation of me around him, struggling to take him completely. He withdrew completely before slamming himself back in with so much force that my hips smacked mercilessly against the bonnet. His hands found my hips, holding them firmly as he drove himself into me relentlessly, making me scream with each thrust.   “I thought you said hard” I teased between jagged breaths, determined to anger him. He paused with his length still inside of me; breathing shallow amidst the silent country air. He withdrew from me, twisting my hips around forcefully and pushing my back against the bonnet. My head span as my eyes became accustomed to the clear starlit sky, struggling to catch my breath. He lifted my legs from the ground and held them effortlessly either side of him, before driving himself in once more. I watched the muscles beneath the tanned skin of his thighs flex deeply; veins throbbing across his sweat-glistening neck. “Fuck Liam” I screamed, not knowing what to do with my hands as he fucked me harder than before. I slammed them against the shimmering paint-work, desperate to grab on to anything I could. His eyes were dark; unforgiving. I threw my head backwards as my entire body began to shake with euphoria; thighs and abdomen tingling uncontrollably. He hit my sweet spot over and over again as I tightened around him, moaning his name repeatedly. I’d barely ridden out my orgasm before I found myself on my knees; the gravel harsh against my still-electric skin. I lifted my eyes up to him; his lips parted and brow furrowed as he stood before me, pumping his cock furiously. I leant forward, giving the head a teasing lick; enjoying listening to him pant and groan above me.  “All over my face” I smirked up at him, biting on my lip knowing that this would send him over the edge. And it did. I watched the veins in his hand pulse and his entire body tense, before releasing himself over me; claiming me as his own.   I got to my feet; greeted by an amused grin plastered over his flushed face. Pulling up his boxers and jeans, he handed me a crinkled up tissue from his pocket. I wiped my face and discarded the tissue into the night, before pressing my trembling lips to his. “Love you” he whispered, massaging his fingertips against my lower back.   And as quickly as that, we returned to being the standard, loving and romantic couple that everyone knew us as.   This was our game, and our game only.   
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