One Direction Imagines (Collection 4)

Just some One Direction Imagines


19. 5 Minute Study Break (Harry)


I was studying for a big test tomorrow. The whole time I was concentrated, but I felt Harry’s eyes on my back. He was laying on my bed, waiting for me to be done with my study work. ‘When are you going to take a study break?’ Harry asked. ‘Not now’ I said and kept learning. ‘But baby’ he whined like a little boy. ‘No’ I said. I won’t give in this time, but I know, it will be hard. ‘Please baby’ he suddenly whispers into my ear. I jump into my chair but try to stay focused. ‘I know you want it’ he whispers, ‘My throbbing dick inside of you, hitting your sweet spot. Mmmm just imagine it. It would feel so good’ he moans into my ear. ‘Harry, no’ I say and push him away from me. I close my legs tight against each other. He must have seen, because he chuckles and throws himself back on my bed with his arms behind his head. ‘C’mon babe’ he still whines. ‘I know you want it. Just take a little study break.’ I sigh and turn around in my chair. He smirks at me and calls me with his finger. ‘5 minutes, Styles!’ I say sternly. He smirks and sits up. He takes my hips into his hands and pulls me down on his body. ‘5 minutes’ I say again. He smiles cheeky at me and kisses my lips, stroking my back with his hand. He slips his hand under my shirt and eventually, he takes it off. He flips us over, so he’s hovering over me. He kisses his way down my jaw and neck to my collarbones. He sucks behind my ear, on my sweet spot, making me moan. I feel his hard one against my thigh. ‘Maybe you should take a study break for 5 hours instead of 5 minutes’ he growls into my ear and tugs on my earlobe. I grab his erection through his jeans, making him growl. He looks at me with dark eyes. He lowers his head and presses his lips to mine. His hand slips in my pants and panties, rubbing my clit. ‘Already wet for me’ he mumbles against my lips. I moan because of his skilled fingers. He takes this as advantage and slips his tongue into my mouth, exploring it, being dominant. ‘Aaah fuck’ I moan. ‘Moan my name, baby’ he whispers in my ear. He kisses my neck, breaking the skin and leaving marks. ‘I said, moan my name’ he says again. I shake my head. He gets his hand out of my pants and sucks on his finger. ‘If you don’t wanna scream, I will make you scream.’ He growls and unclasps my bra. He nuzzles his face between my boobs and kisses the place. ‘Mmm, love it’ he teases and takes a nipple in my mouth while he’s massaging the other breast with his large hand. ‘Harry, don’t tease me, just get in me already’ I beg. ‘Patience baby girl’ he smirks and takes the other nipple in his mouth, sucking and nibbling, making it hard. He kisses his way down my stomach and unbuttons my pants, sliding it down my legs. He comes back up and licks a line right above the waistband of my panties, making me squirm. He was so close to the place where I wanted him. He spread my legs and kissed my inner thighs, placing wet open mouth kisses. He licks right besides my panties. ‘Harry! Please!’ I beg. He smirks and pushes my panties aside. He blows cold air on my clit, making me moan and squirm on the bed. He pulls off my panties and licks along my slit. ‘Oooh yes’ I moan and let my head fall back in the pillows. ‘Are you going to scream my name, baby?’ he asks. ‘Maybe’ I tease him and cock an eyebrow. He shakes his head while chuckling and pushes a finger inside of me. ‘FUCK Harry!’ I moan. ‘That’s right baby, good girl’ he says and pumps in and out of me. He bites on his bottom lip while he looks how his finger is going in and out of me. ‘You’re so tight around my finger’ he moans and pushes a second one in. He lowers his head and sucks on my clit. ‘Ooh yes, d-don’t stop H-Harry’ I moan and tangle my fingers into his curls. He curls one of his fingers and hits my g-spot. ‘Holy crap! R-right thereee’ I scream. He curls his fingers again and rubs my g-spot with the tip of his finger. I arch my back and feel the knot in my stomach. ‘I’m close’ I moan. He starts making out with my pussy and moans while he does that, sending vibrations onto my pussy. ‘Mmmm’ he hums and pushes his tongue into me. He licks every inch of it, tasting me. I lock my legs around Harry’s head and arch my back from the bed. ‘HARRYYYY!’ I moan and cum into his mouth. He licks every drop of my juices, till I’m clean. ‘You taste so good’ he says. ‘Open your mouth baby’ he says and holds his fingers in front of my lips. I suck them clean, while he watches my movements intently. I turn us around so I’m on top and take off his shirt. I run my hands along his never ending torso, down to the button of his pants. ‘Take it off baby. It’s getting to tight’ he says desperate to be free. I pull down his pants and watches his dick through his boxers. I lower my head and kiss him through his boxers. He bucks his hips up. ‘Patience’ I smirk at him. He growls frustrated. I pull down his boxers, letting his hard one slap up against his stomach. He moans when he feels the cold air hitting him. ‘Suck me off baby’ he growls. I take his dick in my hands and start pumping him, squeezing now and then. I lick the pre cum off the tip and slowly slide him down in my mouth. ‘Oooh yes, (Y/N)!’ he moans and bucks his hips up, fucking my mouth. ‘So gooood’ he growls and takes my hair into his hands, propping himself up on his elbows to watch me. I bob my head up and down and then deepthroat him. ‘Oooh yes, take it all baby’ he moans and holds my head down. He held my head in his hands and bucks his hips up and down. I feel his dick throbbing inside my mouth. ‘I’m gonna cum baby’ he moaned. ‘Mmmm yes!’ and he released all his hot cum inside of my mouth, shooting it down my throat. I swallow all of it and hover back over him, kissing his lips, letting him taste himself. He takes his dick in his hand and shoves it inside of me. ‘Mmmm so tight. I’m not gonna last long’ he moaned. ‘You’re so big’ I moan and let me adjust to him. ‘Ride me baby’ he grunts. I place my hands on his chest for support and grind my hips back and forth. He takes my hips into his hands and watches the place where we are connected. He flips us over and starts thrusting in me at a fast and hard pace. ‘Almost’ he groans and rubs my clit. ‘Aaaah yes, I’m so close!’ I moan. ‘Scream my name when you cum. I wanna know who makes you feel so good’ he growls and nuzzles his face into the crook of my neck. He places little kisses while his thrusts get sloppy. ‘Fuck! Harryyy!’  I scream when I reach my climax. ‘Good girl’ he moans and finally releases inside of me while he growls into my ear, turning me on. He pulls out of me and lays next to me. ‘You can go back to your study work now’ he smirks but wraps his arms around me, kissing me tenderly.  
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