One Direction Imagines (Collection 3)

Just some One Direction Imagines


3. You All Did This To Me (Liam)


Liam’s P.O.V I couldn’t believe it. The hate and not seeing eachother had finally gotten to us and had finally pushed us apart. I didn’t think I’d be able to live properly, but I’ve managed, just. I moved houses, just to get away from the memories, yeah, we were friends, yeah, I still loved her, I’ll always love her, but she was happy with some other guy, who didn’t have crazy fans sending her hate every minute of the day. I shouldn’t blame it on the fans, but I couldn’t help it. Danielle was my first actual love that meant something and the main reason we broke up was the hate some of my fans gave her. It’s been eight months. Eight months of pain. Eight months of not getting any action at all. Eight months of acting like everything was fine. Acting like I was actually happy. I looked at the clock on my phone that was set on the table infront of me, 8pm, sweet, still had time to get ready and go drink my sorrows. I quickly got ready and tried to look happy as I called a taxi and told him to take me to the hottest club in town when he’d picked me up from my house. It’s been way too long since you’ve done this, Liam. I could hear Niall’s voice in my head, I knew if he found out he’ll be proud of me. I shook the thoughts of the boys and Danielle out of my head as I walked up to the security guard that was letting a massive line through the door. He nodded at me and showed me into the VIP part of the club. I walked straight up to the bar, asking for five shots of the strongest alcohol they’ve got. The waiter looked at me like I was crazy, but he got me the shots. I downed the shots as quickly as possible, the burning liquid settling in my stomach, leaving my throat tingling. I could feel the effect already, I began to think the five shots were too much, but I went against my common sense and ordered five more. I had finished downing three and then a body stood next to mine. Her hips brushed mine as she stood dangerously close to me. Her multi shaded brown hair flowed down her back, ending in soft curls at the start of the back of her dress. She turned to me, her piercing (y/e/c) eyes met mine, the look in them made me want more of her. My eyes travelled down her body, the dress clung perfectly to her body, her breasts propped up perfectly by it, the dress stopped dangerously high on her thighs, her legs stretched into a pair of black heels. I grinned, knowing this is a girl Daniel would definitely hate. The alcohol had made it’s through my whole body, I could feel it. I grinned at her, sliding her the last two shots. She downed them, throwing her head back with each shot, exposing her neck to me, there was this one spot I just wanted to pounce on and lick, but I controlled what was left of me. ‘I’m Liam.’ I stated, trying to sound like my normal self, but I couldn’t because I knew I was drunk. ‘I know who you are. I’m (y/n).’ She grinned at me. ‘Well, (y/n), you’ve got an invite to come to my new house, help me make it feel like home.’ I smirked. ‘What are we waiting for?’ She said, before pushing her lips onto mine, I could taste the alcohol on her tongue. I got up off the stool and pulled her behind me to a taxi. The cameras went off insanely as I exited the club with (y/n). I couldn’t care less. I hailed a taxi down and gave the driver my address, before pulling (y/n) onto me, kissing her lips hungrily. I needed this, I wanted this. I threw money in the front seat of the taxi as it pulled up out front of my house, I hoisted (y/n) onto my hips and carried her like that into my house, stumbling constantly. I pushed her against the door as I grabbed my keys and opened the door. I slammed the door shut with a kick and took (y/n) to the nearest surface. I ended up sitting her on the kitchen counter, groaning as our crotches made contact, the same time as our lips touched again. My tongue surged into her mouth in a motion of want and need. She raked her fingernails up my back as she pulled my shirt over my head. I pushed her dress down, revealing she wasn’t wearing a bra and her boobs looked exactly like they did when the dress was on. Wow. My hands massaged her breasts quickly, she moaned into my lips, her hips bucking into my crotch. Her hand undid my belt and zipper before pushing my jeans down my legs, making me kick them off with my shoes. I grabbed the bottom of her dress and pealed it off her body quickly. My eyes travelled her body, naked, except for the small black underwear hiding what I wanted from me. We were both only in our underwear. Her hands pulled down my Klein underwear as my lips and rogue met the spot I’ve been wanting to lick since she downed the shots. She groaned as her hands circled my shaft. ‘No.’ I gasped, pushing her underwear to the side clumsily. I looked to her eyes, they had darkened immensely. She gave a small nod as I pulled her hips off the counter edge and slammed myself into her, making her scream and me to moan loudly. I stayed fully in her for a few minutes, the tip of my dick was pressed up to her g-spot, I loved this feeling. She kept clenching around me as I didn’t move. I pulled out and slammed back into her, this time harder, almost loosing my footing. She moaned as I repeated the movement. She kept clenching around my cock and I knew I wouldn’t last long, due to her tightness and the alcohol. The walls of her vagina clung tightly to the shaft of my cock as I made one last thrust, using all of my energy. I moaned profanities as she screamed them, I stayed in her, enjoying the feeling of our juices around my cock. My body collapsed on me as I put her fully back on the counter, my torso crushing into hers, making he take in a sharp breath. ‘Don’t fall asleep inside of me.’ She said out of breath. I chuckled and pulled out of her, stumbling or my bedroom, throwing myself on my bed. I grabbed my phone from the top drawer of my bedside table and clicked on the twitter app. Everything went black before I could do anything. I woke up, my head buzzing like crazy, any small noises from outside echoed in my head. I groaned as I opened my eyes, the sun was beaming in through the open blinds, straight onto my face. I noticed I was naked and people could easily see in if they wanted. I didn’t care. I didn’t want to care. I spent a few minutes like this, not wanting to open my eyes. I rolled over after what felt like an hour. I unlocked my phone that was lying on my floor next to my bed, Twitter was open. I was in the trending topics. Something about being drunk and fucking a fan. That must have been what I did last night. Might explain why I’m naked. I read articles about my night out in the town, paps did their job well, I had to give them that. They had a clear shot of me fucking this chick, oh god, I didn’t even remember her name. Wait, no, I remember it. (Y/n). I couldn’t believe I actually did last night. This is what they’ve done to me. I clicked to make a tweet and thought carefully about how much trouble I was going to get in off the management. I quickly changed the password on my profile so they wouldn’t be able to delete this tweet. ‘You all did this to me. Hate affects everyone. Not just the person you send the hate to.’ I used my propped grammar and everything, I wasn’t thinking about consequences, just the fact that I was never this person, until hate from fans tore me from the one I loved. ‘Tweet sent.’ Popped up on my screen so I turned the phone off and went back to sleep, to get rid of the pounding in my head.  
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