One Direction Imagines (Collection 3)

Just some One Direction Imagines


7. Who's The Boss? (Harry)


I walked in to the horrible sight of my girlfriend crying. “[Y/N] what’s wrong” I said, sitting beside her on the couch slowly rubbing circles on her back, desperately trying to calm her. She looked up at me with tear filled eyes and a smile, “I got into Oxford Harry!” She said, excitedly. I was relieved to find out her tears were happy tears, I stood her up and we hugged. “That’s brilliant! I’m so proud of you baby, I knew you would do it” I say. Breaking the hug to look into her eyes, I take my tongue and lick the single tear that rolled down her face. She giggled as I leant into her once more planting my lips on hers. We just stood there kissing for a few minutes until I finally brushed my tongue past her lower lip, asking for entrance, which she happily granted. Our tongues danced, fighting for dominance, she won which annoyed me and I pulled away. “You’re gonna pay for that” I growled in her ear, biting her ear lobe. She let out a quiet moan, filled with pain and pleasure. She grabbed my ass and pulled me closer as our tongues fought for dominance once again, she won again. “You bad bad girl, I’ll show you who’s in charge here” I grabbed her ass and hoisted her up onto my hips, with her legs wrapped around me I sandwiched her between me and the wall and grind my hips into her making her moan, throwing her head back. I kissed her neck and jawline and sucked on her collarbones making her moan even more “Harry…” She moaned, giving me more motivation and turning me on, the tightness in my pants grew as she moaned my name. Fuck, I loved it when I made her say my name. Now completely rock hard, she felt that and traced her fingers on the outline of my cock, “Oh god [Y/N] ” I moaned, I grabbed her arms and held them above her head, “Uh uh uh, I’m in charge, when I’m done with you, you won’t be able to walk for a week” I growled in her ear, biting her earlobe again. I brought my fingers down to her panties and rubbed her gently, teasingly, lucky she was wearing a skirt. “Who made you this wet [Y/N]? God you’re fucking soaking. Did I do this to you?” I growled. “Ugh fuck Harry, you made me this wet, just fuck me until the only word I know is your name” she moaned breathlessly as I continued teasing her sex. “That’s right, I made you this wet, but you’re gonna have to wait, first I want a snack, I’m so hungry, but what to eat?.. Hmmm” I growled still rubbing her and sucking we sweet spot on her neck. Still carrying her I walked upstairs and into our bedroom, I threw her on the bed and threw my jeans off, tossing them halfway across the room, I left the door open, simply because our house was big and it echoed when you screamed. I want the whole neighborhood to hear her beautiful screams. I leaned down to her and kissed her, not letting her win this time, my tongue best hers and I licked my lips, kissing down her body as I ripped off her shirt and bra. I massaged her breasts with one hand and hooked my finger in her panties and pulled them off with my teeth. This drove her wild, now moaning uncontrollably. I blew a hot breath on her clit and gently kissed it. “Harry” she moaned loudly, “louder babe” I growled. I started sucking her and licking her, “HARRY” she moaned louder, filling the house with my name coming from her glorious mouth. I hummed against her clit and her hips bucked and her fingers intertwined with my curls. I threw her legs over my shoulders and dove my tongue into her. Darting in and out of her, “HARRY OHHHH” she screamed my name turning me on so fucking much. I put my fingers on her clit and circled in an 8 motion leant against we ear “Cum for me babe” I sucked her neck as she kept moaning, I rubbed harder and sucked along her jawline, “Now?” I asked her in her ear. “Hmmm almost” she moaned, I slid two fingers into her and pumped, curling my fingers hitting her G-spot, I rubbed her clit with my thumb. “HARRY UGH OH OH FUCK” she screamed my name as she climaxed around my fingers, I licked her clean and kissed her again. Letting her come down I massaged her breasts and sucked her collarbone. “See who makes you scream like that, I do, babe you’re mine, after this you won’t be able to walk, enjoy” she let out a slight giggle. I put my hands around her neck and brought her up to my lips, we made out, things got heated quickly. I lined myself up at her entrance, rubbing up and down her, teasing her. I pushed the tip of my cock in her, teasing her, prodding gently. “Ugh, give it to me Harry” she moaned, frustratedly. “I didn’t hear you, what was that?” I asked. “I want you to drive your sweet cock into me so deep I can’t think straight, so tomorrow I won’t be able to walk, so the only word I know is Harry”, with that I drove my cock up into her as deep as I could, staying there for a few minutes. This drove her wild, she was moaning and I wasn’t even moving. I pulled almost all the way out and drove up into her again with powerful force. “HAR…HARRY” she screamed, I trust faster, but still painfully slow. She put her hands on my ass and pushed myself into her as she grinded her hips up to mine, “I think I need to remind you who’s in charge”, she moaned as I thrust myself into, harder than ever. Her body quivered and she but her lip trying to contain her moans. “Let it out baby, scream my name” I whispered in her ear. Resting my head in the crook of her neck she moaned my name, “louder, let the whole neighborhood know who’s making you feel this good” “HARRY” she screamed as I dipped and grinded against her g-spot. I was thrusting in and out now faster than ever, I was close, I could tell she was too but she wasn’t quite there. I put my thumb against her clit and rubbed furiously she threw her head back and arched her back in pleasure screaming my name, she dragged her fingernails along my back causing pain and pleasure. I took a breast in my mouth and swirled my tongue around her nipple, still rubbing her clit and pumping in and out of her, with the speed of lightning. “Cum for me” I whispered in her ear. She threw her had back and her whole body shook as her orgasm took over “HARRY UGHH OH FUCK OH MY GOD HARRYYYY” she screamed, her screams echoed through the house setting off my own orgasm as I emptied into her. We rode out our orgasms as we kissed sweetly. I pulled out and rolled over beside her. I took her hand and kissed it. Covered in sweat still catching out breath. “See who’s in charge now?” I asked, chuckling breathlessly. “Fuck yes” was all she said giggling. “I love you” I said kissing her lips, “I love you too” she said getting up to go to the bathroom. She stood up but soon fell down, “you actually fucked me until I can’t walk, Jesus Harry” she said, I was laughing clearly proud with myself, I showed her who was boss. “Here babe let me help you”, still naked I carried her to the bathroom bridal style where we had a bath together, just relaxing.  
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