One Direction Imagines (Collection 3)

Just some One Direction Imagines


16. What About The Assignment? (Liam)


Liam’s POV

There’s no way I’ll find a partner now for this experiment. I’m too nerdy, and I don’t have any friends in this class. “It’s getting too noisy in here, guys. I’ll have to choose your partners for you. I’ve got no choice.” Mr. Anderson said. The class groaned. Oh, great, I wonder who I’ll be partnered with. “Harry and Maria.” “Louis and Zayn.” “Niall and Tarah.” “Liam and Y/N.” My head shot up at Y/N’s name.  


Your POV

“Liam and Y/N.” I looked up, and looked around for my partner, and smiled when I found him. I walked over to Liam. “Hey.” “H-Hi.” Liam said nervously. “So, what do you think our experiment should be on?” Liam shrugged. “Maybe the reactions of both partners during sex?” “Yeah, we can possibly do that.” I walked up to Mr. Anderson’s desk. “Can Liam and I do this kind of experiment?” “Yeah, it’s ok with me. We won’t be presenting in class, only turn it in for a grade.” Mr. Anderson said sweetly. I walked back to where Liam sat. “So, we can probably get together and start after school at your place today?” “S-sure. My place, right?” The bell rang. I nodded, walking out to my next class.  

Afterschool I got on the bus, and sat down to a blushing Liam. When we arrived at our stop, we got off, and walked side by side to his house. “L-let’s go to my r-room.” Liam said once we got inside. We walked upstairs to his room, and I was shocked at his nude Playboy pictures plastered all over his walls. I blushed at the fact that not only was Liam a nerd, he was a naughty, possibly horny at the moment, nerd. I took a seat on his bed as he sat next to me. “S-sorry about the p-posters.” Liam looked down his lap, fiddling with his hands. “It’s ok.” I placed my hand on his lap, accidentally on his crotch. I quickly pulled away, and blushed a rosy red as I watched his pants form a tent. “C-can I see?” I looked down at him, and looked into his chocolate eyes. Liam nodded.  

I traced the outline of his suspenders. “These need to come off, babe.” He took off his suspenders, and was left in his shirt, and boxers. I licked my lips, and looked down at his crotch as he took off his shirt. Liam took off his glasses, and placed them on me, and growled seductively. “You look beautiful without glasses, but even sexier with mine on.” “Am I a cute nerd?” I felt his bulge grow. “I’ll take that as a yes.” Liam whispered in my ear. “These are just play glasses. I like to experiment being a nerd every now and then.”I grew wet at his voice.  

I pulled his boxers down, and I was 100% horny when I saw his massive erection. I looked around his room, and soon everything clicked. “Do you ever think of someone sexually?” Liam nodded. “This girl in one of my classes.” “Not trying to be nosy, but who is it?” “You.” His cheeks were red by now. “Really? You masturbate to the thought of me?” I stroked his throbbing length lightly. He groaned. “Yyyyeahhhh…” I sat back on his bed, stripping down to the nude, massaging my breasts. “You want this, don’t you?” Liam was nodding his head, his mouth gaping a bit, one hand resting on his chest as the other strokes himself. One of my hands traveled down to my burning core, two fingers rubbing my clit lightly, moaning. “Ohhh…. You want this to be your fingers, huh, Liam?” Liam continued stroking. “Side table, top drawer, just for you babe.” I opened it, and pulled a vibrator out. “Thanks, Li.” I turned it on, and gasped at all the pleasure I received on my clit.  

I thrusted two fingers into me, hitting my own spot. “This feels so good…” I moaned. “I know what you’re thinking. You wish that those were my fingers, hmm?” Liam smirked. “I’m close!” I gasped.  

I felt a strong hand replace mine, and a skillful tongue attacked my clit. I arched my back in pleasure, locking my legs around him. “LIAM!” He hit my spot perfectly every time, with the rough pads of his fingers. “Li-HOLY CRAP!” I screamed, as my walls tightened around him, spilling out all over his fingers. Liam licked his fingers clean, and cleaned me up, sucking up every last drop, and swallowing.   I stood up, my legs shaking, feeling like they were going to buckle at any given moment. Liam carried me down to the back porch, and opened the door to a 2-person sauna that belonged to his family. Liam shut the door behind us, and we had left our towels out on the ground near the sauna. Through the sauna heat, I could feel myself getting wet again at the sight of Liam.  

He looked at my soaking wet center, and was hard again. He stood positioned at my entrance, and looked at me to clarify. I nodded, and he slowly slid into me. Once he was fully in, he let me adjust, and I nodded, letting him go on. I gasped. “Holy… you’re HUGE, Liam! “God, Y/N, you’re so fucking damn tight.” Liam growled seductively. I cried out in pleasure as Liam lifted my legs over his shoulders, thrusting deeper than I’ve ever known into me and sucking on my breasts at the same time. “Fuck, Liam, I’m so close….” I ran my fingers through his hair, and moved y hips with him, thrusting at the same time he was. “Jesus Christ, Y/N, where’d you learn to do that?!” Liam chuckled. I flipped positions with him out of nowhere, smirking. “Let’s just say it’s common knowledge.” I began to grind into him, in a cowboy position.  

Liam groaned out in pleasure as I placed my hands on his chest, and picked up my pace. I felt his monster cock twitch a few minutes later. I slowed my pace teasingly slow, and watched as his expression changed. He grabbed my breasts and began massaging them. I got down on my knees, still straddling him, and held onto his hands, letting him do all the work. He began thrusting upwards into me, hard and fast, and we both screamed out profanities mixed in with each other’s names, when we climaxed hard. I pulled out, and placed with his balls, his length over my mouth. The last few streams came out all over my face, and breasts. I licked myself clean, and swallowed. “Tasty.” I smiled. Liam looked at me. “What about the experiment?” I pulled him in for another kiss, tracing his crotch. “That can wait. It’s not due for another two weeks.”   

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