One Direction Imagines (Collection 3)

Just some One Direction Imagines


9. The Boy Next Door (Zayn)


“Wake up, love. We’re here!” My mum sang. She gently shook my wrist, which woke me up. I lifted my head off of my arm, which rested on the armrest. “Isn’t it just beautiful?” I my eyes turned the view in front of me, and my jaw dropped. My mum told me we were moving, but I wasn’t expecting this. The house was big, and had lots of windows. There were double doors, and made the house look grand. There was a wrap around porch and a four-car garage. “Wow.” I gawked. “Oh, sweetie, there My mum slowly pulled up in front of the house, and started to unload the car.  I stared out the house in disbelief. A knock on my window soon startled me.  

I looked at the boy, and I instantly melted. His brown eyes were dragging me in and his olive skin was utter perfect. He had a sense on mysteriousness, and I loved it. He stood there with his hands stuffed in his pockets. His eyes glistened as the sun shot right into them.  

He chuckled and I was bought back to reality. I felt my cheeks burn up because he knew I was staring at him. I fidgeted for the window switch and pressed his down.  

“Hey there,” His think British accent lingered through my ears. “I’m Zayn.” I gulped loudly, nervous to talk to him.  

“I-I’m (y/n).” I stuttered. I felt my cheeks burn up, which only made them burn up more. “You’re as red as an apple!” he giggled, running a hand through his quiff.   My whole body started to heat up, and I smiled nervously, looking down at my hands.  

“Right. Would you like some help unpacking?” he asked, while pointing to the trunk.  

“Uh… yeah, thanks.”  

I got out of the passenger seat, and walked towards the back of the car. “Damn, you have a lot of stuff.” He laughed, and yet again I started to blush. I really needed to work on that. Zayn started taking out some of the suitcases and the tubs. I a suitcase to the front door and opened it.  

The house was truly grand. I honestly don’t know how my mum is paying for it, but it’s so perfect. Right in front of me was huge staircase that lead to the second floor of the house.  

“I’m pretty sure my mum said it was the second door on the right.” I said, while following Zayn up the stairs. He turned right and went two doors down, and opened the door to my new room.  

“Wow… this is huge!” I dropped my bags and ran to jump onto the bed. “I love this place already!” I said, as I face-planted into the pillow. Zayn let out a chuckle and sat next to me on the bed.  

Zayn cleared his throat, which bought my attention back to him. “So… I know you’ve only been here for a day, but do you want to hangout tonight? You can come over to my place and we can do whatever. I mean if you don’t wa-”  

“Zayn!” I giggled, as I stopped him from rambling. “I’d love to hangout tonight.” A smile appeared on his face, and he let out a deep breath. “Great! So you can come over whenever. I’ll got to run though, see you tonight!” he got up and I gave him a light wave before he left my room.  

I instantly became extremely excited for tonight to come. Zayn seemed like a really nice, charming guy, and if was sexy as hell. I was definitely going to have to look good tonight.  




ding dong  

I stood in front of Zayn’s house, as I heard the doorbell ringing throughout the house. I was greeted by those same brown eyes that made me want to drool.  

“Long time no see.” He joked, as he closed the front door behind me. I laughed as I followed his up the stairs. His house had the same layout as mine, so I knew where I was going. Zayn opened the door to his room, and everything was pretty much the same expect his room was backwards compared to mine.  

“You’re room’s pretty neat for a boy your age.” I nodded, seeming impressed. “I only clean it when I have company over, I’m not that good (y/).” I giggled flirtatiously. “Do you play guitar?” I spotted a guitar towards the back of the room. I walked towards it and picked it up. “I guess you could say…” he shrugged, while sitting on her bed. “I can sing, you know.” I ran my hands over the strings and it brought back memories to when my father used to play for me.  

“I’d love to here you sing.” Zayn said, while taking the guitar from my hands, and placing it in his own. “How about you play, and I sing?”  

“Do you know ‘Drunk, By Ed Sheeran?” He asked, while digging through his draw for his guitar pick. “Yep, go ahead.” Zayn began the first few strokes on the guitar and began to sing. Zayn smiled at me when he heard my voice, and I felt my ears burn up. I sang, and tapped my foot against the carpet to the beat.  

The time flew by and before I knew it, the song was over and I was starring into Zayn’s eyes. He gently inched closer to my body and our faces were soon close. I felt his hot breathe land on my skin and he exhaled a shaky breath.  

His lips inched closer to mine, and before I knew it, we were kissing. His tongue begged for entrance and my hands roamed his back. His mouth moved from my lips to my neck. He sucked on my sweet spot and I moaned. Things began to get heated, and he started to take off my shirt.  

“Zayn, wait, what about your family?” I asked nervously. “There not home.” He whispered.  

I let him continue to undress me. Next, his hands fidgeted around my back, and unhooked the clasp. My breasts were in full view and Zayn gulped loudly.  

He slid me back on the bed, so that my head rested against the headboard. I watched as he unbuttoned my jeans, and slowly slid them off of my legs. I saw his erection grow and he stared and my knickers which were soaked. “You’re so beautiful.” He said, as he ran his hand up my thigh. My body shuttered in thirst for his hands to enter in the area I needed him most. His hands slowly skimmed my clit and I moaned. He grabbed onto my knickers and quickly pulled them down, seeing that I couldn’t handle the teasing anymore.    

I whimpered as he slid two fingers into me the friction built as his lithe hands moved in and out of my already wet pussy. I bucked into his lap, trying to grind myself further onto his hands. Zayn kissed me forcefully, muttering into my lips “calm down, love.” I locked my legs around his torso as he pulls out, groaning from the loss of his fingers. His hands are instantly replaced with his hard throbbing dick. He slides in and out of me very slowly, teasing me all he can. “Please, just fuck me Zayn.” I whine, begging for him to start thrusting. “Because you asked nicely.” He gripped onto the headboard and began thrusting into me. I grabbed onto my breasts, playing around with my nipples, doing anything to stop me from coming so quick. I thrusted my hips upwards, meeting with his thrusts. I bucked my hips eager for him to hit that spot. I thrusted my hips forward and the tip of his dick just barley skimmed it. I groaned in annoyance, I just wanted him to get it. I wrapped my arms around his back and sat up. I was in complete control. I bounced up and down, and a burning sensation began to form and his dick slammed against my g-spot. “Shit… Zayn, right there.” I panted between each hard thrust. Beads of sweat trickled down his forehead, and his thrusts began to get sloppier. “yeah, come on baby. Come on.” He encouraged, reaching his hand down to where our bodies met, and skillfully circled my cit. “Z-Zayn, that feels so g-good.” I threw my head back in pleasure and a loud moan escaped my mouth. His lips crashed onto mine, and his tounge begged for entrance. My hands wrapped around his neck and I continued to bounce up and down, his dick hitting my g-spot everytime. He threw me back down and my head landed on the pillow. He was in control of my body, and thrusted into me harder than before. “Almost, babe?” he panted. I nodded my head and he threw my left leg over his shoulder, which created a new angle for him to get deeper inside of me. “I’m so c-close, Zayn.” I whined. His mouth moved to my breast and began to suck on my hardened nipple. I began to kiss where his jaw ad neck met, and he moaned is pleasure. “Come on, baby.” His palm rubbed my clit a bit rougher this time, and soothing sensations came over me. I felt Zayn’s dick twitch inside of me, and I new it was only a matter o second before he was going to release. I clenched my pussy and pleasure shot through my body. “Ugh, babe. That feels so fucking good.” He moaned. I repeated it, and soon Zayn’s eyes snapped shut and his mouth formed an “o” shape and his body shook. “F-fuck.” He grunted, as he shot his hot load into me. He body tensed up and he thrusted into me, riding out every ounce of pleasure. He knew I wasn’t finished, so he lifted my other leg and placed it over his shoulder. He was thrusting into me so fast I felt like I was going to explode from pleasure. His hand rubbed figure eights on my clit and it threw my over the edge. My body shook vigorously beneath him and I shut my eyes. White was all that I could see, as I rolled my hips and rode out every ounce of pleasure. We stayed like that until out breath became regular again. “That was so fucking amazing.” Zayn said, while cupping my cheeks and placing a kiss on my lips. “I could definitely get used to this.”  

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