One Direction Imagines (Collection 3)

Just some One Direction Imagines


12. The Beauty (Niall)


I stepped into the hot stuffy night club, my best mates following beside me with Paul trailing behind us. I raised my hands into the tight space, pumping them into the air ready to have a great time for my birthday. Everyone cheered as all eyes went on us, shouting ‘Happy birthday Niall!’ I smiled and thanked everyone as I made my way to the bar. Pictures were taken and I tried to smile in all of them. Louis ordered all of us shots and beers afterwards. I chugged down the shot harshly, chasing it down with a gulp of cold beer. The bass of the music was low and heavy, vibrating the floor and my body while I moved out to the dance floor. People crowded me as I tried to dance in the confined space around me. I smiled and chatted with a few girls that invaded my personal space. They were all hot as they tried to rub their eager bodies against mine but I wasn’t into any of them. Yes, they were nice to look at but I needed someone who would capture my full attention and hold it, even if it was just for tonight. All the girls were over me, Zayn, Harry, Louis and Liam even though Perrie, Danielle and Eleanor were right by their sides. Some girls came right up to me, fearless and whispered dirty things in my ear. While others made it more subtle and pretended to not take interest in me but failed miserably as they shot me a wink or sly smile. As much as I loved the attention from all the girls that were surrounded me, they were just faces in the huge crowd. And if I didn’t find a girl by the time I was about to leave, I would have to settle for one of them. I felt the sweet trickle down my back causing my loose tank top to stick to my slick body. I fixed my blonde hair under the blue snapback and readjusted it quickly. I made my way out of the dance floor needing a breather and another drink. A few girls lingered where I went and I found it amusing yet annoying. I ordered my beer as I got to the bar, tapping my fingers on the wooden ledge as I waited. My drink was slid down to me and I took a long swig from it. I heard a scream of excitement beside me, startling me as I turned to my side. I thought it was going to be a crazy girl, excited to see me and try to dry hump me. But oh, how I was wrong. “Two more shots for me and my friend please!” The girl demanded politely to the bartender who gave her a smirk. I watched her as she stood there with her friend patiently waiting. Her hair cascaded down her slender back that was mostly exposed. Her eyes sparkled with amusement while a big toothy grin displayed on her flawless face. Unlike most girls, she didn’t wear a black dress but instead wore a blood red dress that hugged her body tightly but still covering up her bum. She had tan long legs that went on for forever and then finally ended to a pair of black high heels. She looked to amazing to not be with anyone but I had a feeling she dressed for herself, not trying to impress anyone.  Her shots got handed to her and her friend, the bartender saying it was on the house. She laughed fully instead of giggling like her friend and what most other girls do. Her friend’s eyes landed on me while I stared at the beauty that was standing before me. I felt like I frozen, watching the beautiful girl move in almost slow motion. Drinks where handed to the both of them again by the flirty bartender and told them it was brought for them by a guy that was on the opposite side of the bar. He was in his mid-late twenties while the beauty was at least around my age. She smiled again but pushed the drink out of her way, making sure the man saw her. I laughed quietly to myself as his face fell and turned the other way and I took another swung of my cool beer. Her friend was still staring at me and after I guess when her startstuck wore off, she nudged the beauty in the curve of her waist. The beauty turned her head towards me and looked me up and down once and in a flash turned back away. I only got a glance at her but its one sight I won’t forget. If I thought the side of her face was beautiful, I should have braced myself for her full face. It was like she saw right through me and not in the good romantic way. The saw-right-through-me-way-where-she-acted -like-she-didn’t-see-me-there-kind of way. And all awhile I sat there gazing at her like a complete idiot. The beauty’s friend smacked her arm, earning a slight yelp from the beauty that was soon drowned in the music. The friend whispered harshly in her ear while looking at me the whole time- really subtle. She looked at me again, her beautiful round eyes gazing at me like I wasn’t 1/5 of One Direction but just another teenage horny boy. It surprised the hell out of me but I don’t know if I liked it or not. She turned back to her friend shrugging her shoulders slightly and grabbing the drink she once denied, the other guy clearly gone now. She smiled out of nowhere, to no one and bobbed her head to the beat. She suddenly dragged her friend out to the dance floor and went right into the middle of the crowd. Guys almost instantly came up to her rubbing their sweaty bodies that she didn’t want and then pushed them away. As I watched her, she lost her friend in the mist of the crowd and she swung her hips to the beat, lolling her head on her shoulders and a smile on her face that almost seemed permanent. She was lost in her own perfect little world. And I could only wish that I was in it. I felt like I was invading her own world without her knowing and I didn’t realize how long I’ve been staring at her until a very drunk Louis came up to me. “AYYY!” He shouted loud enough for me to hear. “Hi, Lou.” My very sober mouth said. “Come on birthday boy! Take a shot with me!” He yelled slurring his words. I nodded happily, almost forgetting about my birthday and getting lost in the beauty that has now disappeared from the dance floor. He ordered three rounds of shots back to back. We threw them back quickly, that familiar burning in my throat from the bitter liquid. After the three shots, the alcohol pumped through my veins quickly and I suddenly wanted to go dance. I jumped off the stool bar seat and stumbled with Louis on my arm. We laughed to ourselves, jumping to the beat of the low bass of the music. Eleanor found him a little while later, taking him away from me as I continued to dance by myself. Girls started to crowd around me again and with my slightly clouded mind, I welcomed them. Someone tapped my shoulder and I expected it to be one of the faces in the crowd. But it wasn’t. It was the only face that I even bothered to remember. It was the beauty, the one I still hadn’t learn the name of. She pulled a tight smile on her plump lips and narrowed her eyes. She quickly looked back at her friend from before giving her a thumbs up and gesturing to push her to go on. She faced me again and I watched as her lips silently blew a puff of air out of her lungs. I stared at her intently waiting for her next move but she just stood there. Her hair was a wild sexy mess from her flipping it and running her fingers through it. She had light make-up, bringing out her natural beauty and my desire for her boosted even more. That blood stain skin tight dress brought out her amazing curves of her body but still being a tease. She brought me back to reality as she gripped my neck and brought her lips to my ear. I expected her to whisper-shout naughty things to me but she surprised me, again. “My friend told me it was your birthday tonight!” Her voice was smooth and light as she spoke loud enough for me to her. She released me and we were brought back to face to face again. “So…Happy birthday.” She loudly said over the music. She seemed forced to do it from her friend and I couldn’t help but smile. Even though her words were probably not genuine, I was still happy that she made an effort to come over here. She was shorter than me even in her high heels and I took a daring step forward, now towering over her. “Thank you, love.” I said cheekily, adding a wink to her. And once again, her actions surprised me.  She scuffed slightly, smirking to herself like she knew I was going to do it. The beauty suddenly walked away from me, making a bee line to her friend that was basically jumping out of her skin. When the beauty reached her friend, the friend jumped up grabbing a hold of the small petite beauty’s arms and her mouth didn’t stop forming words. I couldn’t make out what they were saying about I knew she was asking about me. The beauty looked over at my direction, not meeting my eyes and faced her friend again. She shrugged her small shoulders once more and I perfectly saw her mouth the words, “Whatever.” Whatever? Whatever?! Fuck this, fuck my birthday. Fuck her. I pushed through the dancing drunk limps out of my way, my eyes locked on her back. I strolled closer to her and the beauty’s friend’s eyes got bigger than I’ve seen them yet. The beauty twisted her neck, her eyes locked on mine instantly as I continued to walk towards her. Once again, she turned away from me, facing her friend. I stretched out my arm, capturing her soft skin of her forearm into my palm. She seemed startled at first and then angry as we walked away from her very happy friend. I made our way to the back door of the entrance of the club. I gave Paul a head nod, telling him that I was leaving with the beauty still attached to me. Paul nodded and spoke into a walky-talky and held the door open for us. The beauty didn’t say a word but just tried but failed to get out of my vice grip. Once we got out of the club, I didn’t realize how much sweat had collected by my hat and the chill air relieved me. “Niall.” The beauty’s silk voice said and I noticed a british accent in her tone. “Where are you taking me?” “So…” I trailed off amused. “You know who I am.” I looked back at her still walking, getting a glimpse of her eyes rolling at me. “Whatever, Horan.” A car rolled up then, stopping and turning off the car. The driver came out and gave me the keys and went off. I opened the beauty’s door and she reluctantly got in. I walked swiftly to my side, hopping in and turning the car back on to life. “So you gonna tell me where we going or what? Am I being kidnapped?” She spoke up again as I moved out into the streets and headed to my place. Completely ignoring her questions I asked, “What’s your name?” “Hmmm,” she hummed amused. “You’re gonna have to work for that one.” I turned to give her a serious expression. She laughed, her cheekbones going high making her eyes go squint. “I like to be a little mysterious.” “Well that’s not going to work cause I want to know everything about you.” I wasn’t lying when I said it but I also knew it was very cheesy. “We’ll see.” She told me in a deadpan voice. She still was showing no to very little interest in me and it was a bit frustrating. I drove fast on the highway, trying to make it in home in time and so I didn’t have the temptation of touching her soft flesh. She was being the biggest tease I’ve ever been with and I never did this often. She kept her hands to herself, her hands folded together that sat in her lap. She didn’t touch me, unlike how the other girls I brought home would tease me through the fabric. Other girls would touch themselves which turned me on also. But her? Nope, nothing. She sat there quietly as she looked out the window, those damn soft hands still idle in her lap. I never knew I could be teased to the extreme and she wasn’t even touching me. I blew out a breath of air as we finally got to my flat. I parked the car quickly and hopped out not giving her the chance to open her own door. “I can open my own door, thank you.” She told me as she shut the car door. “Whatever you say, come one.” I chuckled and grabbed her small hand, leading her to my complex building.  The main lobby of the building was quiet, considering it was almost 3 in the morning. I pushed the button for the lift and waited for the doors to open. The bulge in my pants was beginning to be feeling uncomfortable as it grew in my tight jeans. My body began to feel hot even under the air conditioning and my hand moistened that was still intertwined with her hands. The beauty looked down at my pants and smirked, “Looks painful.” She grinned with fake pity. The lift dinged and the metal doors opened. “You’ll be able to take care of that.” I half stated and half questioned her. Without her letting answer I rushed us into the small lift and pushed her up against one of the walls as the doors closed. She breathed heavily from my sudden action and lifted her arms and wrapped them around my neck. I gripped onto her hips tightly and sandwiched her between me and the wall. I pressed the number of my floor quickly and returned it back to her hip, rubbing them through the thin fabric. Instead of kissing her, I went straight for her neck, latching my hungry lips to the baby soft skin and sucked harshly. My teeth nipped the flesh until I tasted the faint flavor of blood. Whimpers left the pink lips of her mouth and I smirked deviously. I lapped my rough tongue around it trying to smooth it and moved on to my next spot. My teeth skimmed her collarbones when an almost inaudible moan came from the beauty’s throat. Her dainty fingers tugged on the ends of my hair as I groaned into her creamy skin. The lift dinged once again and the doors slide open. I reluctantly detached myself from her, gripping her hand and fast walked to my flat. Once we reached my door, I stabbed my key into the door knob and turned it, a click followed by it. I opened roughly and pulled the beauty into the dark flat. I once again pushed her up against the door and this time kissed her. Her full lips were soft and sweet against mine and I pulled her closer, wanting to just devour her. She kissed me just as needy and hungry as I was and I moaned into the kiss my lips parting so my tongue slipped out and came in contact with her bottom lip. She didn’t open her mouth and I continued to softly swipe my tongue against her lip until I couldn’t take it anymore. I grabbed onto the back of her neck roughly and pulled her away just so I could look into her eyes. “Stop being a fucking tease.” I spat. I pushed her neck back to me and kissed her again but this time poking out my tongue in-between the seam of her mouth. She pushed back from me and laughed, “But teasing is only half the fun.” “I hate teases.” I angrily told her. “That’s not even teasing babe.” She smirked. “This,” she lifted one leg up onto my hip and said, “is teasing.” And grinded her hips into mine.  I moaned from the contact from her warm thigh on my length. I clutched the back of her thighs and hoisted her up, letting her wrap her long legs around my waist. I messaged the skin of thighs, my fingers dangerously close to her sex. “So like this?” I asked innocently as I collided my hips painfully against hers. She bit her lip and looked up, trying not to moan. “You might as well let it out now, you’re going to bescreaming later.” I growled in her ear, pulling and sucking on it. She still made no sound but instead dug her nails in the nape of my neck, holding it all in and I groaned in frustration. I moved one hand up her back and fumbled with the zipper of her dress. I set her down quickly only to rip the dress of her body and my god I thought I had a heart attack. The dress didn’t do her justice as I now saw all of her curves of her body, she had the most perfect body I’ve ever seen. She was only in a black strapless bra and a blue lace thong. I grabbed the back of her thighs again and lifted her back up on my hips. She yelped and laughed from my eagerness. I walked to my bedroom as she sucked on the crook of my neck, my fucking sweet spot. I palmed her bum softly and a whimper vibrated off my skin. I kicked the door open and went quickly over to the bed. I laid her on the bed and hovered over her flawless body. I let my eyes wander hungrily down her body and licked my lips. I looked back to her eyes, her once big eyes now half lidded with lust. Her body radiated off heat and her warm palms slide down to the hem of my shirt. She pulled it off and stared at my torso as her nimble fingers run across it. She reached the waist band of my jeans and let her fingers linger there. “Babe.” I grumbled, sick of her teasing but secretly love how she was doing it. She obeyed and undid my belt slowly, my breath hitching up in my throat as two of her fingers slid down the zipper. She slid the jeans half way and I kicked it off the rest of the way. She stared at my painful tight confinement and smirked once more. She hooked her fingers into the black boxers but didn’t pull them down but just pulled on them. I couldn’t take it anymore, all the teasing and games I had enough. I grabbed her wrist in one hand tightly and brought them above her head. I grinned at her shocked face, finally I had taken the control back. “Now,” I said playfully. “Are you going to tell me your name?” I asked her as one of my hands trailed her body down to the elastic band of her thong. I played with it teasing as she threw her head back on the pillows and groaned. She closed her eyes and shook her head swiftly. I slipped my hands in the underwear and ghosted my hand over hot core. She gulped for a breath of air, “Gonna have to work for it.” she said breathless.     I smiled as I knew that I was getting to her. I cocked an eyebrow and smirked, “Oh?” she nodded her head unable to speak as I barely touched her. “You’re going to regret saying that babe.” I chuckled darkly. I pressed my middle digit to her slit and her hands came together in tight fist in my large hand. She let out a breathy moan as I lightly skimmed down and up. But it wasn’t enough for me, I wanted her to scream my name until her voice became hoarse and her legs would wobble afterwards. All the other girls would yell out my name but mostly it sounded like nails on a chalkboard. But her screams, I needed to hear them. I circled my finger on her clit and chuckled as she began to squirm beneath me. “Tell me who made you this wet.” I demanded. She shook her head and gasped for air as I pressed down harder and made 8’s on the bundle of nerves. “God, you did Niall. You.” She caved in and let out a loud moan. My length throbbed in my black boxers as she said my name but I was determined to get her back from all the teasing. “Good girl,” I breathed out. I glided two fingers into her entrance and another sweet moan escaped her lips. She was warm and slick around my fingers as I pumped them slowly into her. The beauty moaned my name over and over again and with each moan I quickened my pace. I let go of her wrists and removed her underwear fully, she gripped onto my shoulders and arched her back slightly up. I quickly removed my fingers from her and she whined from loss of contact. “Niall, what the f-“ “Tell me your name.” I commanded. She moaned in frustration, “[Y/N]” she said quickly and put her hand on top of mine. She guided me back to her aching core and shut her eyes. “Finish what you started, Horan.” “Not until I’m inside of you.” I unclipped her bra and stared at her beautiful beast. Everything about this girl was beautiful and I was ready to make her body mine. I twisted and played with her nipples until they became hard nubs. The beauty’s moans filled the room and her hands found my boxers again, this time getting straight to it and pulled them down swiftly. I sighed in relief as I got freed and my erection slapped against my stomach. The beauty’s hand wrapped around my length at the base and slowly slid up to the tip. A throaty moan vibrated in me as I buried my face in the crook of her neck. I licked the clammy skin that was still sweet and nipped lightly as her hand rubbed the precum all over my length. “Oh God [Y/N].” I moaned into her skin. She quickened her pace but I needed to be inside of her, now. I took her hand off of me and she gave me a confused look. “You ready to scream babe?” I grinned cheekily. Instead of answering me she moaned, giving me the good to go. I pushed my length into her and we moaned loudly together. She was by far the tightest girl I’ve been with and she felt better than all the rest. I grabbed onto the hips, digging my fingers into her silky skin probably leaving bruises in the morning. Her nails dug harshly in the muscles of my back and I could feel as she broke some skin already. I pulled almost completely out of her and then slammed back into her, our hips banging together and moans arose from both of us. I repeated the action a few times, loving the way she whimpered and then shouted my name in the same sentence. Sweat started to form from the both of us as I pumped inside of her. I leaned down and flicked my tongue on one of her hard nipples, then enveloping it in my mouth completely.    “Niall!” she shouted in pure pleasure. I thrusted into harder into her at the same time roughly biting down on the pink nub. She screamed this time, her nails ranking on my back while her back arched for more. I stilled momentarily as I moved my hands down to her thighs and hitched them up my hips. The new angle gave me a position to drive back into her more deeply. We shouted each other’s name as I pumped long and hard back into her. I panted and tighten my hands on her thighs, probably leaving bruises there too. The way she felt wrapped around me I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer. I reached down and swiped my thumb across her clit. She screamed again at my soft touch that grew rougher as her screams got louder. I chanted [Y/N]’s name as I stared at her while working my fingers on her clit. She opened her eyes only to close them again to see my intense stare and moaned again. “Open your eyes.” I told her. She obeyed as I thrusted hard into her and her screams filled the room along with mine and the slapping of skin. “I can’t hold it anymore, Niall.” I dipped my head down and rested my forehead on top of hers. “Let it go.” I moaned loudly and kissed her as I felt my stomach burn with my upcoming orgasm. She pulsed around me, tightening and then untightening around me, giving even more pleasure than before. “Niall!” she screamed louder than before and that set me off the edge. I released my liquids in her and thrusted one more time before stilling and tried to catch my breath. Our breathing was uneven and came out in rushed pants. I pulled out of her and rolled onto my side. I laid there amazed that I had probably the best sex of my life with the most beautiful girl in the world. I turned to my side and stared as her bare chest heaved up and down. A laugh came from her mouth and she said quietly in a hoarse voice, “I don’t think I can move…” I broke out into a smug laugh and pulled her close to me. “Told you so.” I smiled and closed my eyes, bringing the covers between over us as she snuggled further into me. “But that wasn’t shit, just wait till next time babe…”     
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