One Direction Imagines (Collection 3)

Just some One Direction Imagines


19. Take Me For A Ride (Liam)


Me and Liam just came back from the restaurant. We went out for dinner together with the other boys. The whole night, Liam was staring at me. He looked at my lips, my cleavage, sometimes my legs. Now we were in the car, driving back home. He gripped the steer wheel so tight, his knuckles became white. I smirked when I saw the bulge in his pants. You couldn’t look next to it. I decided it was time for a little fun. ‘It’s so hot in here’ I said and got my hand though my hair. Liam looked at me, biting his bottom lip, but focused his eyes back on the road. I took of my heels and slipped my dress up a little bit. ‘You’re such a tease’ he growled and placed his hand on my bare thigh. I smirked and placed my hand on his crotch. ‘Babe don’t. I’m driving’ he said. ‘And I’m horny and wet for you’ I answered. I saw him swallow. ‘Why don’t you pull over, honey?’ I purr in his ear. ‘(Y/N), don’t do this to me’ he begs. I slip my hand in his pants and rub his erection. ‘So, what are you going to do?’ I whisper in his ear and take his earlobe in my mouth. I suck on it and let it go with a ‘pop’ sound. He growls and pulls over in a little street. He stops somewhere between trees and shrubs. ‘Good boy’ I say and sit on his lap. I grind my hips against his crotch and pull him by his neck to me to kiss him roughly. He places his hands on my bum, squeezing it. I open my mouth and slide my tongue inside his, taking control. He growls and starts battling with my tongue. Eventually, he lets me explore his mouth. I stroke his tongue with mine, take his bottom lip between mine and suck on it. I let his bottom lip go and bite on mine, looking him in the eyes with a seductive look. ‘You’re a naughty girl’ he says and pulls up my dress. I take it off and throw it in the passenger seat. He pulls the cups down from my bra, releasing my boobs. He takes my nipple in his mouth and looks at me through his eye laces. Liam sucks on it, let it go and blows cold air on it, making my nipple erect. He does the same with the other one. He pushes me with my back on the passenger seat and with my legs on his lap. He shifts a bit so he sits between my legs. He lowers his head and kisses my thighs. I rub his crotch with my foot, feeling him harden. ‘Baby, stop’ he growls and takes my legs into his  hands. I giggle but I stop when I feel 3 of his fingers slam into me. My panties were pushed aside. He thrust them in and out of me at a strong and fast pace. I bite my lip, not giving in how good he’s making me feel. ‘Don’t hold back baby’ he says. I shake my head. ‘Oh, are we going to play it like that?’ he asks and slams into my g-spot. I moan loudly. ‘That’s right’ he groans and pulls his fingers out of me, sucking them clean. He takes off his pants and boxers. He spreads my legs. One foot against the front window, the other one almost in the backseat. ‘So wet’ he growls and strokes my slit. ‘Get in me Liam!’ I moan. He smirks and grips his cock. He starts to jerk himself off in front of me, while he’s watching my naked body. ‘Liam’ I whine. I try to sit up but he pushes me down again. ‘Where is that bitchy little slut? She’s gone, isn’t she. Now there’s only a slut, desperate to be touched’ he growls. I’ve never seen this side of him, but I love it. I bite my bottom lip and look at his cock. It looks like it’s about to explode. He lowers his head and kisses my clit. I moan and throw my head back against the window. He smirks and pushes his tongue into my wet core. I open my eyes and see he’s still jerking himself off while he’s eating me out. ‘Liam please! Get in me’ I moan. ‘Beg for it’ he says and sucks on my clit. ‘Please, give me your throbbing cock. I want it in my tight pussy! Fuck me till I can’t walk anymore, please Liam!’ I beg. ‘We will see’ he smirks and starts licking my clit. I close my eyes, too pleasured to keep them open. He suddenly slams into me with such a force the car is rocking back and forth. ‘So tight’ he grunts and starts thrusting into me. Almost pulling out all the way before slamming into me again. ‘Yes LIAM!’ I moan. ‘You like it rough, don’t you, dirty girl’ he asks. I nod while I try to hold something. Eventually, I hold his biceps, feeling them flex under my touch. ‘Sooo good’ I moan, unable to keep my eyes open. ‘You’re a naughty little girl. Wait till we get home’ he groans and hides his face into the crook of my neck. The car is rocking with every thrust. ‘Are you going to cum for me?’ he grunts in my ear, turning me on. ‘Yes, fuck, keep g-going’ I moan. He brings his hand between our bodies and starts rubbing my clit with his thumb. He rubs slowly in big circles, making me go insane. ‘I can’t hold it much longer’ I moan. ‘Let it go baby. Cum all over my dick. I wanna feel you flex around me’ he whispers in my ear and sucks on my sweet spot on my neck. I let everything go and see white before my eyes. I scream out loud Liam’s name. This is the best orgasm I’ve ever had. He keeps thrusting in me while he’s growling and groaning in my ear. ‘Fuck, I’m cumming!’ he groans. ‘Oooh (Y/N)!’ he moans and releases inside of me. He pulls out of me and sits in his chair. ‘Wow, that was amazing’ he says while he tries to catch his breath. I try to sit up and cover my body a bit with my dress. He slips his hand under the dress and touches my clit, making me jump up. He smirks at me and kisses my temple. ‘Love you baby’ he whispers in my ear and starts the car. He starts the car, not caring that were both naked.  
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