One Direction Imagines (Collection 3)

Just some One Direction Imagines


11. Sneaky Pleasure (Harry)


Tonight me and Harry had dinner with mine and his parents. I stood in front of the mirror giving a last touch to my hair. I was wearing a black dress, fitting tight around my body, which made my boobs look a bit bigger. I smiled at my reflection. I couldn’t deny it, but tonight, I looked hot. ‘Babe, are you almost ready?’ I heard Harry yell from downstairs. ‘Yes, just a second!’ I yelled back and putted on my high heels. I went downstairs and heard him gasp. ‘Beautiful’ he whispered and lay his arm around my waist. He pulled me close against him, placing his hands on my bum. ‘You look so sexy’ he growled in my ear and kissed my neck. ‘Not now, Harold’ I said teasing and pushed him away. I walked in front of him to the front door, when I felt him give me a smack on my ass. I turned around and saw his cheeky smile. He licked his lips and winked at me. I walked to his car and got in. He got in next to me and started the car to drive to the restaurant. He placed his hand on my bare tight and stroked with his thumb my skin. ‘I won’t be able to get my hands off you tonight’ he said. I knew he was going to torture and tease me under the table, but he will get payback. ‘Our parents will be there’ I said. He shrugged his shoulders. ‘Then they will see what you are doing to me’ he said while letting his hand slip into my panties. ‘So wet’ he said and stroked my slit. He slipped one finger inside of me but pulled it out again. He brought it to his mouth and sucked on it. ‘Can’t wait till desert’ he said winking. He brought his hand back into my panties and drew slow circles around my clit. I gripped my seat and squirmed under his touch. I took his hand and pushed it away. ‘My turn, tease’ I said and let my fingers walk over his crotch. He gripped the steering wheel harder and swallowed. ‘Already hard? I barely touched you’ I teased. I slipped my hand under his  waistband and gripped his cock in my hand. ‘Fuck, babe, I’m driving’ he says, half moaning. ‘So, just keep your eyes on the road’ I say and get his cock out of his pants. I draw little circles on the head of his cock while I squeeze his balls. ‘Stop (Y/N), please. The night just started. I don’t wanna sit in front of our parents with a hard one.’ he begged. ‘Then you shouldn’t have teased me’ I said and started to move my hand up and down, squeezing now and then. I followed the vein on the side of his dick with my fingertip. He moaned and struggled to keep his eyes open. ‘I don’t wanna die’ I say to him. ‘Then you should stop’ he moaned. I smirked and lowered myself. I licked the vein and sucked on the tip. ‘Done’ I said and putted it back in his pants. ‘WHAT?’ he yelled. ‘What?’ I asked innocent. I licked my lips and my fingertips. He followed every move. ‘Eyes on the road’ I said. He turned his attention back to the road but was still hopeless to be touched. I looked at his crotch. You couldn’t look next to it. You saw the scape of his hard dick clearly through his trousers. Harry pulled over to the car park and we both got out. When we entered the restaurant, our parents were already there, chatting and laughing. We walked towards them and sat down. We greeted our parents and started talking. ‘What do you want to eat?’ his mother asked while we looked at the menu. ‘You’ Harry whispered in my ear. I shivered when I felt his hot breath against my skin. I started to get wetter than I already was. He placed his hand on my tight again and rubbed my tight while he talked to my parents. He slipped his hand under my dress and rubbed me through my panties. I let out a little sigh. He slipped his finger under my panties and slipped his long finger inside of me. With the tip of his finger, he rubbed my g-spot. I gripped the chair, biting my lip and trying not to moan. I placed my hand under his trousers on his boxers and rubbed him as well. ‘Are you going to play it like that, dirty girl? Wait till we get home. You’ll be screaming my name’ he whispered in my ear and kissed my sweet spot right behind my ear. I moaned when he pushed a second finger in me. ‘Honey, are you okay?’ my mom asked concerned. ‘Cramps’ I said and smiled weakly at her. ‘You’ll get much more cramps when you feel my dick in that tight pussy of yours’ He whispered in my ear. I took a deep breath and tried to control myself. I took his dick in my hand and moved up and down. He bit his lip and bucked his hips up in my hand. I felt the precum on my hand. I squeezed the place where his dick met his head. He slammed his fingers into me when I did that. I moaned again and got my hand out of his pants. They all looked worried at me. ‘Excuse me’ I said and went to the toilet. Harry ‘Maybe I should go and check on her’ I said to our parents. ‘Yeah you should. She must feel really bad’ my mum said. ‘Yeah’ I said awkwardly and scratched the back of  my neck. I went to the toilets and saw (Y/N) sitting on the counter. I smirked at her and stood between her legs. ‘let me make you feel better and let the cramps go away’ I said and kissed her roughly. I pulled of her panties and putted them in my pocket. I let myself fall on my knees in front of her and spread her legs wider, giving myself a view of her glistening pussy. I tapped her clit with my finger. She moaned and threw her head in her neck. ‘Don’t tease Harry, please’ she said. ‘Beg for it’ I said. She looked at me and raised her eyebrows. ‘Forget it’ she said. ‘Well then I’m gonna keep teasing you’ I said. She shrugged her shoulders. Damn, I couldn’t wait anymore but she wouldn’t beg for me so I had wait. I let my finger glide over her slid, stroking her. ‘Still not begging?’ I asked and looked up at her. She shook her head. I licked her clit with the tip of my tongue. She moaned again and placed her legs on my shoulders. I pushed one finger inside of her and sucked on her clit. I didn’t move my finger but she still didn’t beg, so I started to move very slowly. ‘Mmm keep going Harry’ she moaned. I got my finger out again and gave her slit one long lick, tasting everything of her. ‘Still not going to beg?’ I asked. She shook her head again and smirked at me. I stood up and went to the other side of the room. I leaned against the wall and pulled my pants and boxers down. She looked down at my hard, erect cock. Now she will beg, I thought, but she didn’t I gripped him in my hand and pumped up and down, but it didn’t satisfy me. I needed to be in her. I squeezed my balls and moaned. She opened  her legs and started to touch herself as well. My eyes widened and I felt the blood stream down southwards, making me more hard than I already was, which was almost impossible. She moaned and closed her eyes. I followed the movements her fingers made on her clit. I couldn’t take it anymore. I rushed to her, stood between her legs and pushed myself into her. ‘I didn’t even beg’ she moaned. ‘I don’t care. I need you’ I grunted and moved my hips. I slammed into her hard and fast. She felt so tight around me, squeezing my dick. I focused on the sight of my dick disappearing inside of her.  She gripped the back of my neck and pulled me towards her. We kissed messily with a lot of tongue. I bit down on her bottom lip and tugged on it. ‘I’m not going to last long’ I moaned and buried my face in the crook of her neck. I grunted, growled and moaned against the skin of her neck, still thrusting at a fast pace. I felt her hand against my leg and then on my balls. She squeezed them and massaged them. ‘Oooh babe, mmmm’ I moaned and rested my head on her shoulder, focusing on the thrusts. I brought my hand between us and rubbed her clit. ‘Oh, fuck Harry’ she moaned and threw her head back. I sucked on the skin of her neck. ‘Are you cumming for me baby? Screaming for the whole restaurant?’ I asked in her ear. (Y/N) loved it when I talked dirty to her. ‘Ah yes, yes oooh Harry’ she moaned and came hard. She squeezed my dick with her walls and I couldn’t hold it much longer. My balls constricted and I spilled myself inside of her. ‘Mmmmm’ I moaned in her ear while I shot strings of cum inside of her. When I felt myself go limp, I pulled out. She pushed my curls out of my face and gave me a kiss on my forehead. ‘I wanna go home’ I said. ‘Then let’s go’ she said and jumped off the counter. ‘Ow, can I have my panties back?’ she asked when I putted my boxers and trousers on. ‘No’ ‘Why not?’ ‘Only the thought of pulling up that dress and fucking you, mmm’ I said. She smirked at me and went outside. ‘(Y/N) is not feeling well. I thought it would be the best if we go home’ I said to our parents. ‘Sure honey. I hope you feel better soon’ her mum said. We went to the car and rushed home, ready for round 2.  
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