One Direction Imagines (Collection 3)

Just some One Direction Imagines


8. Slow Talking (Harry)


Harry had taken you out on a date tonight. It was different though, much different. There was just something in those green eyes of his, something very different. He was a lot more romantic than he had ever been, brought you roses, was very gentlemen like. It was adorable and it turned you on. You knew you guys would end up having sex tonight, it was obvious since he was driving you to his flat. Softly, Harry was singing to the fray as he pulled up to his parking spot. You admired his flawless face. You admired how his dimples showed up when he set his jaw a certain way when he sung. You admired how his green eyes would light up when he looked at things that he enjoyed or found funny. Harry Styles was just a beautiful flawless human being. As he turned his car off, he turned his head towards you and gave you a sweet look, “You ready to go up?” He asked softly. You nodded shyly and blushed, “Yeah.” Harry opened his door, and as you were about to open your door, he gestured for you to keep it closed. You gave him a confused look but nodded anyway. He clumsily walked over to your side and opened your door, giving you a smile. “Thank you.” You uttered, completely confused as to what he was doing, but finding it adorable. Harry shut the door as we jumped out, he grabbed your hand and lend you inside. You walked up the stairs and you guys were soon at his flats door. He opened it and you guys made your way inside. Shutting it behind him, he turned towards you; his green eyes gleaming, “Want anything to drink?” You shook your head, “No thank you.” He nodded and made his way into his kitchen. You watched his bum as he walked away. You heard his shuffling in the kitchen as he gulped down some water. Not wanting to wait any longer, you made your way to his bedroom. You opened his bedroom door and started to strip till you were in your bra and panties. Walking slowly, but surely towards his bed, you laid down and made your self look as sexy as possible. After about two minutes, you heard his heavy feet trudging upstairs. Excitement went through you, it felt as if you guys were playing cat and mouse. Harry slowly opened the door and looked right at you. His tounge licked his bottom lip seductively. Barely holding in your moan you said, “Come here Harry.” He nodded and made his way to your side, quickly taking his shirt off. You tugged on his hand, lowering him on top of you. He started to kiss you slowly but it than turned into hunger. You could tell he was already very excited by the poking on your inner thigh. You moaned into his kiss as you arched your body, wanting so much more of him. He trailed kisses down your jawline until his was at your neck. Harry started to give you love bites, you moaned and felt your panties get even wetter. You could tell he was very satisfied with himself. Harry always loved it when he could get her to moan even before the sex. You were absolutely fed up with his teasing. As you tried not to moan again, you growled, “Get inside me now.” His lust filled eyes looked up at you and he tried not to hold back his grin. He quickly took off his jeans and underpants, and than unhooked your bra. You sighed happily at the freedom your boobs felt. Harry brought his mouth down to your left nipple and started to suck, while he played with the right. After Harry was done with your nipples his lips trailed down your stomach and he made his way towards your underwear. Harry not wanting to waste any more time, hooked his long fingers on the elastic of your panties and pulled them down till they were off. “Harry please.” you moaned softly. He smirked and nodded, positioning himself on top of you. He slowly made his way inside of you, and you felt a bit of pain but it quickly went away and was replaced by pleasure. One thing anybody should know about Harry is that he fucked as slow as he talked. Which was just absolutely perfect. It also made the sex longer and made the orgasm just amazing. Harry slowly pumped as you moaned his name over and over again. Harry loved giving you love bites during sex; It made everything so much more fantastic. You felt your end coming near, “Harry,” you moaned, “I’m gonna cum soon.” Harry nodded, “Me too.” He said breathlessly. Harry brought his lips down onto yours and you moaned into it. Your legs started to shake and you felt your stomach tighten.  “Harry.” you arched your back and curled your toes as you felt it coming. The orgasm ripped through you and you yelled out Harrys name. Falling down on your back, you breathed fast as you tried to catch your breath. harry did a few more pumps and he released him self inside you. He moaned out your name and rolled next to you, panting very heavily. Harry put his arm around you, and you scooted your body next to his and nuzzled your head into the crook of his neck. You breathed in his sweaty skin and exhaled in satisfaction. “That was amazing Harry.” You quietly said to him. Harry smirked, quite proud of himself obviously. Harry was always tired after sex, but it didn’t stop him for round two in a few hours. You felt your eyelids droop low and you yawned quietly. Harry chuckled lowly, “Tired you out, didn’t I?” You nodded and yawned. Closing your eyes, you heard the quiet singing Harry was doing as you fell of into a peaceful slumber.  
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