One Direction Imagines (Collection 3)

Just some One Direction Imagines


6. Secret Release (Liam)


“Liam! Liam! Y/n! Over here!! Look over here! Can I have a picture?”  The fans were everywhere. Liam and I were outside the hotel. One Direction was having a party to celebrate the new album. The air was electrified as security led Liam and I into the hotel. I wore a short and tight red dress with sky high louboutins and gold earrings. I have to say, I did look amazing, and Liam had noticed. He couldn’t take his eyes off me as I exited the car and walked towards the door of the hotel.  “You look beautiful Y/N! That dress is so beautiful and I bet Liam’s gonna rip it off later!” I was used to lewd comments from fans and teenage boys, but I wasn’t expecting Liam to lean close to me and sexily whisper, “She doesn’t even know, babe.” he then composed himself and smiled and continued walking into the hotel. I was so astonished that I just walked straight ahead, blocking every other thought but what Liam was going to do to me out of my head. Once we entered the party, I resolved to thinking that Liam was just joking, he was just a sweet little angel that I misheard. The party was amazing. The hotel was gorgeous and the party was filled with friends, executives, and other important people that Liam had to impress. While Liam made small talk and networked with people from the record label, I found Harry’s girlfriend Blair and we spent half night dancing and having fun. After a while, Harry stole Blair away, so it was just me all alone on the dance floor. I didn’t want to be alone, so I went over to Liam, who was talking to Simon. “I’ll get you that contract on Monday, Simon.” Liam said.  “Ok. Enjoy the rest of the party. It was nice to see you Y/N.” Simon replied. As Simon walked away, Liam put his arm around me and said, “I loved watching you dance. You look so sexy tonight. I want to fuck to right now,” as he let his hand drop to my ass. Again, I was stunned, but I couldn’t react because Josh came over and started talking to Liam. Josh and Liam were having a long conversation about tour or something else that I didn’t really care about, but suddenly Liam started rubbing my thighs and squeezing my ass. I was getting a really turned on. If only Josh would just walk away, but I couldn’t be rude and tell him to leave. Suddenly, Blair, my savior, walked over and saw my expression and said, “Umm Josh. Can you come with me? Harry wants to talk to you for a second.” Finally Josh left! I’m going to have to thank Blair for that one later.  “Liam! You can’t just make me want you like that! I have to wait until we get home now!” I whisper yelled. “Or… We could just fuck now. I know there’s a closet around here somewhere,” he said as he tried to pull me away from the party. I was uncertain. It wasn’t very professional and if Liam was caught, he could get in a lot of trouble. I looked at Liam expecting to turn him down, but his eyes were filled with lust. I decided to be spontaneous. “I want you so bad right now. Let’s go!” Liam led me out of the party and down the hallway. When we found a closet, Liam pulled me inside and slammed the doorway with a bang.  Liam pushed me against the wall and crashed his lips onto mine as he tore off our clothes. He left love bites all over my body. When we were finally naked, he roughly shoved himself into me. I bit his shoulder to keep from screaming. He lifted my leg so he could go deeper into me and I began to moan his name in ecstasy.  “Shhhh Y/N. You can’t let anyone hear you,” Liam moaned out as he covered my mouth. I was so close. He was deeper inside me than anyone else had ever been before. His thrusts were quickening and getting sloppier as I approached the edge. With one final thrust, I reached my climax, and Liam finished soon after, moaning my name. We caught our breaths and got dressed. We left the closet and I went back to the party refreshed in a way that only Liam could make happen  
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