One Direction Imagines (Collection 3)

Just some One Direction Imagines


10. Practice Run (Harry)


“Harry! Harry! Harry! Open the door! Come on, Harry, I know you can hear me! Please, Haz! Harry!” I raised my weary head and shook out my curls, swallowing the dregs of saliva I hadn’t yet drooled out in my “half hour” power nap. I raised myself by my arms, digging my flattened palms into the crumpled couch cushions beneath me. I let out an audible groan, and slipped from the sofa. I scuffed my feet on the floorboards as I made my way to the front door. “I’m coming already,” I groaned out, throwing my head back. I rubbed the back of my hand along my half-open eyes as I answered the door. “Why don’t you have a shirt on?” She gasped out as soon as I laid eyes on her at my doorstep. On instinct, I wrapped my biceps around my torso, lurching inward. She smiled kind of proudly, and I relaxed my stance. “Or pants,” she added, her eyes travelling downward. I thumbed the band of my boxers dully, slung low over the column of my hips. I followed her gaze, and shifted my feet. “You’re a funny girl, (Y/N),” I smirked at her, “but what the fuck are you doing here? It’s 11:30 at night.” I rubbed my eyes and watched her face fall. “Way to take ages to answer the door, by the way,” she said quietly, changing the subject, “I could have been murdered out here.” She strode past me into the house, wringing her hands as if she were just remembering her stress. She turned back to face me halfway down the hall. I closed the front door with my eyes shut and swung my body round to face her. “I highly doubt that, (Y/N),” I told her flatly, “Now, what’s wrong?” “Ben text me before,” she swallowed loudly, “he’s at a 21st right now. But he asked if he could come over afterwards, like in an hour or two, and I said yes.” I watched her dully and flattened the seam of my lips. After a moment, I raised my eyebrows and crossed my arms. I leant against the hallway wall and asked her simply, “You came over just to tell me that?” She bit her lip. “No, I just…” she started, wringing her hands again. She opened and closed her mouth a few times before she disappeared into the living room. I shook my head in disbelief, and let out a low chuckle before I followed her. I found her on the couch, around the mess I’d left when I fell asleep watching re-runs of ‘Chuck’. There were empty beer cans scattered over the coffee table and an empty packet of Dorito’s with a few crumbly contents strewn over the refined glass. “Still mourning over your had-to-happen break up, Haz?” (Y/N) smiled nervously, seated gingerly with her palms flat on either side of her slight body. “Uh…” I swung my arms at my sides and stared a little, unsure of what to say. I found a You Me At Six t-shirt slung over an armchair by me, so I pulled it over my head and went to sit down next to her. She looked at me a little desperately when I relaxed my body beside her. “So, Ben text you…” I started, trying to get the whole story. “Uh huh,” she nodded, “and you know how I told you we’ve been getting really close lately…” I swallowed, and answered, “Yeah.” “Well,” she continued, “then tonight means… and I think…” she trailed off. I stared at her for a moment before I broke out into a smile. It didn’t reach my eyes though, confusion still clouding my gaze. I looked her up and down, and addressed her, “(Y/N), I still have no idea why you’re here this late. What does tonight mean?” She looked at me wide-eyed, and didn’t seem to want to say anything else. We’d been best friends for so long. I placed my hand on her thigh, and rubbed roughly against her skin with my thumb. “(Y/N), you can tell me, babe,” I furrowed my brow, and spoke softly to her. “Okay,” she took a deep breath, “well tonight means we’re going to have sex. And I… I’ve never done… that before. Harry, I’m a virgin and I’m freaking out because I have no idea what to do and what if I’m terrible, and he hates me and never wants to speak to me again?” She drew in a breath, and I thought she was finished but she kept going, “I guess I came over here because you and I have been friends forever and I just started freaking out at home and I didn’t want to be alone, and I have no idea what I’m going to do and I need you to help me.” I removed my hand from her thigh, and strung my fingers together, lacing them over one another. I put my hands between my legs, elbows resting on my thighs as I looked at the ground. I took in her words and thought about them. “You need me to help you?” I sounded out the words, “how, exactly?” I looked to her when I was finished speaking. She was nervous, and her entire body gave her away. “You can… tell me how to have sex…” she murmured quietly. “Tell you how to have sex?” My eyes widened. It was the single craziest thing I’d ever heard come out of her mouth. “I don’t know, (Y/N),” I shook my head at her, “it’s a bit weird. Especially because you’re not a guy. I don’t know what to tell you, really. I’m not sure it’s something you can tell a person how to do. You just kind of… do it, and get a sense for what feels right and what feels good.” “Oh,” (Y/N)’s lips fell apart. She looked at the ground, and shuffled her body away from mine a little. I watched her gaze turn upward to the ceiling, her body heaving as she sighed heavily and swiped her palms across her thighs. “(Y/N),” I spoke her name and she turned again to face me. “I’ll do what I can, okay?” I sighed, offering her a smile. She relaxed and turned toward me again. Her hips swiveled as she knocked her knees lightly against mine. She attempted her own smile. “But I can’t tell you…” I told her carefully, “I’m going to have to show you.” “Wait, hang on, Haz…” she started, but I collected her chin in my hand and held her face steady. I met her gaze and kept it. “(Y/N), do you want me to show you or not?” I asked her calmly. “I…” “Relax,” I gave her another smile, “we’re not going to actually have sex, you goof. I’m just gonna show you a few tricks. Trust me, Ben won’t know what hit him, all right?” She was still unsure. I couldn’t tell if my weight was pushing her back or she was reeling away from me, but I slid my hand from her chin to cup her cheek. I squeezed lightly and turned the corners of my lips upward into a sincere smile that I made sure she saw. “How long have we been friends, (Y/N)?” I asked her, locking her eyes in mine. “A long time,” she spoke out hollowly. “So, can we do this?” I asked her, raising my eyebrows. She relaxed and, I swear, almost rolled her eyes at me as she batted my hand away. “Yep, all right, Haz, we can do this,” she grinned, flashing a smile.   “Okay,” I smiled back at her, and adjusted my position on the couch. Using my palms, I swiveled my body inward and crooked one leg in front of me. She did the same, and shook herself to – I wasn’t exactly sure – prepare herself? “Now,” I started, “the first you’re going to want to know is that you can’t just jump into sex, okay? I mean, you can, I guess. But if you want to get it right, you have to work towards it with, you know, kissing and foreplay. Now, if I recall, you’re an excellent kisser, am I right?” She definitely rolled her eyes this time. “Haz, that one time we made out at Louis’s birthday party doesn’t count, remember?” “Right,” I muttered sheepishly, “then kiss me now, so we’ll know for sure.” I regained my step and met her gaze. “Come on,” I encouraged her when she didn’t move, “pretend that I’m Ben, and show me what you’ve got. You need to get in the mood for this, so you’re ready when the sex happens, (Y/N).” “Okay,” she stressed, and leant quickly into me, but then she pulled back a little. Not too much, but enough that our gazes could lock and we could drink in the moment before our lips actually touched. I swallowed hard, as I stared at her. She did the same, and dipped her head to the side a little, leaning in even further. I could smell her perfume, whatever she must’ve thrown on before she came over. It was like strawberries and mint, all in one. She pressed her lips lightly to mine, and pulled back a little before kissing me again, changing tact with her lips as the kiss dragged over moments. She raised her hands tentatively, but left them hovering in the air between us. I responded to the kiss, and gripped her wrists, putting her hands on my neck. She slunk her hand around, and rubbed at the nape of my neck, catching a few loose curls with her fingers. “That’s it, (Y/N),” I murmured, in between kisses. She smiled and it felt warm in the kiss. “Now tongue, (Y/N),” I told her, placing my own hands on her waist, “come on, you know this.” She slipped her tongue into my open mouth, and immediately went to the back of my throat. She pulled back and lapped her tongue over mine a few times. It felt good, it felt nice. I raised my tongue and wrestled with hers, our lips staying connected. She let out a subdued moan before she could help herself. I opened my eyes enough to see her blush quickly, her hands slipping down from my neck to tease the collar of my t-shirt against my skin. I pulled my tongue from her mouth, and she did the same. I kissed her softly a few times, tilting my head to the other side to make it deeper, more passionate. I rubbed my hands in circles over her hipbones, through the material of her shirt. I broke the kiss before she had to, and took my hands back. She did the same. We leant away from one another, and our gazes met. “You’re a fucking pro, (Y/N),” I murmured, licking my lips. “Really?” She squeaked, her cheeks tinted pink, “I just… but I mean, that’s just kissing. Ben and I have already done that a few times. It’s all the… other stuff I don’t know about.” “Like what, babe?” I stressed concern. “Like…” she looked down at her lap and fumbled with her fingers on the band of her shorts as she spoke, “what if he wants me to… you know, suck his…” she looked back up at me, “oh God, I can’t believe I’m talking to you about this, Haz. This is so embarrassing! But isn’t that what all guys expect or something? I’ve never done that before! I’ve never done anything like that before!” She flung her hands in the air, her voice going up in octaves. I reached forward and gripped her wrists tightly, bringing her arms back down. I blew out low breaths, trying to soothe her. I started humming to her softly, almost out of instinct. I stopped when a laugh erupted out of me at the sight of her expression. She shot me a death stare, and I pulled my lips tight, smoothing out my features quickly. “This isn’t funny,” she snapped at me. I struggled to maintain my composure, my laughter spilling out, “You’re – you’re right, (Y/N). I’m sorry, I promise I won’t laugh anymore.” I paused for a few moments to regain myself before I could continue calmly, “well, what are we going to do about it then?” “Oh, what?” She shot over at me, “am I going to give you head and then you give me a score out of ten?” I smirked, and looked her up and down, “I’m game if you are.” “Harry! Come on,” she cried out, before her eyes went wide, “really? Would you do that?” I froze for a moment, raising my hands – I’d only been half serious. “(Y/N), I think the question is, would you do that? I mean the last thing that I want is for you to feel uncomfortable in any way. I would hate for that. I would hate to hurt you, (Y/N)… or make anything awkward between us.” She shrugged her shoulders. “Well…” she started slowly, “I promise not to feel awkward if you do…” I didn’t say anything for a moment. I was almost certain we were crossing some kind of friendship barrier that we wouldn’t be able to come back from, but then her words from earlier rung out in my head, clear as day. “Still mourning over your had-to-happen break up, Haz?” I pulled the pillow from behind my back and tossed it lightly to the floor, leaning back. “Like I said,” I gave her another smirk, “I’m game if you are.” “Okay,” she let out quickly, “well, you’re the one who’s done this a million times, so how do we get started?” “You can’t say stuff like that, (Y/N),” I laughed at her as I stretched my legs out in front of me, laying them on either side of her, “you have to say sexy stuff. You know, be sensual and say things that turn your partner on.” I leant back against the arm of the couch, and threw my arms up, crossing them behind my head. She bit into her bottom lip, and shook her expression clean. “This is so ridiculous,” she muttered under her breath. She sat up, and shifted herself until she was on her knees with my legs out on either side of her. She placed her hands on my thighs, watching me apprehensively. She let her gaze travel downward until her eyes fell on the tent in my boxers. I felt a hot blush under my collar that I quickly dissolved. I could feel my erection swelling, hot and throbbing. “Harry, really?” She cocked an eyebrow. I scoffed at her, “What? I’m a guy, (Y/N). You’re an insanely hot girl. What did you expect?” She rolled her eyes at me, but leant forward with her hands digging into the couch either side of my hips anyway. “Besides,” I continued, “you want your guy to be hard. There’s no point in sucking Ben off if he’s got a floppy dick, you silly billy.” “You’re a silly… billy,” (Y/N) tried, trailing off with a mutter. She met my gaze and asked me what to do next with her eyes. “Are you sure you’re comfortable with this, (Y/N)?” I came up on my elbows, and searched her unreadable expression. She nodded numbly. “Then, just do what comes naturally, okay? I don’t know, start by kissing down my torso or something and- ” “Can you take your shirt off then?” She interjected promptly.   “ – yeah, sure,” I grinned, and pulled the flimsy material over my head, “but seriously, just do what feels right. I mean I can’t speak for Ben because I don’t know the guy, but I love it when a girl uses her tongue on the way down. And pressure with your lips when you’re sucking doesn’t hurt, either.” “Okay,” she took my words in, and pulled her hair in a long rope over one shoulder. She placed a few delicate kisses across my pecs, leaving a burning where her lips made contact with my skin. I leant back and relaxed, closing my eyes to take it all in. She let out her tongue over my collarbone. I could hear her light breath and feel it come out of her and collide with my skin. She trailed her tongue along my chest before she started moving downward. She circled my bellybutton, and kissed my skin tightly. I let out a groan, sensing her sweet breath near the band of my boxers. She chuckled and I opened my eyes in time to see her survey me from under her lashes. “You like that, Haz?” She giggled. “God, yes,” I murmured out, throwing my head back, curls shaking. She slipped two fingers beneath the band of my boxers, and pressed her lips to a section of skin near my hip, leaving them there. My hips bucked beneath her touch, enough to let her pull the material of my boxers down and tug them into a bundle at my ankles. “Oh, wow,” I heard her gasp. I threw my head forward, and found her with my eyes wide. I felt my dick tip against my abdomen. My legs quaked a little on either side of her. “What is it?” I murmured, furrowing my brow. “You’re just so… big,” she half-smiled, meeting my searching eyes. “Don’t let that intimidate you, babe,” I told her gently, “you don’t have to fit all of me in. I can’t promise I’m the same size as Ben, though.” “Um, okay,” (Y/N) murmured, and regained herself. I leant back again, closing my eyes once more. I nestled, wriggling my back even further into the cushions of the couch beneath me. I felt (Y/N) lean forward again, her parted lips returning to suck on the sweet spot of my hipbone. “Oh, and by the way,” I said to her as she trailed her tongue along, just above my erection, “what you said turns me on so fucking much, just thought I’d let you know… you know, for later, with Ben.” “Thanks, Haz,” she breathed against my skin, and I felt a little pre-cum spill out. She moved down further on the couch, and gripped my length at the base with one hand. I gasped a little, my dick quivering beneath her touch. She started to move her hand to the tip, thumbing down on it before sliding along to the base again. She paid attention to the undershaft, tickling a little with the pads of her fingers against my skin. She could feel me throbbing, and drummed her lips along my length before sliding her tongue out, and moving back and forth. “Oh, shit yes,” I moaned out, clasping my hands together in the air above my head. She took my length in her mouth, and applied pressure with her lips. For a minute, she stayed sucking and slurping around the tip, moving down a little more each time. The pressure in me started building fast, and I reached a new level of pleasure when she started to slide down, her lips moving over my cock as she took more and more of me in her mouth. She hit her limit and gagged out loud when my tip bumped into the back of her throat. I sent my hands down and rubbed circles into her temples and she started bobbing up and down. I looked forward, and caught sight of her eyes through her lashes. I ran my fingers through her hair, and tucked a few loose strands behind her ears. “You’re doing good, (Y/N),” I soothed her quietly, “so fucking good.” She came back up to the tip, and dropped my dick from her mouth, circling the head with her tongue. I groaned out loud, and threw my head back again. “So fucking good, (Y/N),” I panted, coming close, “so fucking good.” She grinned to herself, and gripped my base again. She took what she could in her mouth once more, and started pumping the rest. She hollowed out her cheeks, and my dick throbbed beneath her touch. “Oh, God, I’m so close. (Y/N), I’m gonna fucking come. Shit, you’re so good at this, so fucking good at this, holy fuck!” I could feel the sweat forming on my torso, my legs going numb on either side of her body. I could feel her warmth there, the tiny little movements she elicited every few seconds. I could feel her pink lips rimming my cock, and her fist around the base, pumping hard and fast. I thought about her smile, and it sent me over the edge. “Fuck, I’m gonna come in a second, (Y/N),” I shouted out. I felt her nod, which changed the pace and felt like Heaven on earth. I came a second later, shooting my load into her mouth. I leant forward to watch her eyes widen and her cheeks plough out. She dropped my dick from her mouth again, and leant up, finding my gaze. “Um, you don’t have to swallow if you don’t want to, (Y/N),” I told her sheepishly, feeling awkward for the moment. She swallowed my cum a second later, and licked her lips, beaming at me. “Why not? You taste amazing,” she smiled widely, “so, was I awesome or what?” “Awesome,” I fell back, laughing weakly, “so, so very awesome.” “Harry, do you think I’ll be fine?” She asked a second later, “I mean, are there moves I should know or positions that he’ll wanna try? He doesn’t even know that I’m a virgin, should I tell him? Or do guys not like hearing that?” I listened to her words with my eyes closed and my head slung over the arm of the couch. I leant up when she finished speaking, and nudged her aside so I could pin my legs together and pull my boxers up. She trailed a hand down the contours of my torso, as she waited for me to respond. I hitched my body and sat up. I took her hand from my torso and held it in my own. I met her gaze, and measured every word I started saying, “(Y/N), listen to me, okay? The most important thing, and the only thing that you should be worrying about is whether or not you’re comfortable. Honestly, listening to everything you’re telling me, I’m scared that you’re not ready, but you’re going to have sex with Ben anyway because he wants to, and you don’t want to let him down. I want you to think about this for a second because sex isn’t just some stupid act that means nothing. It always means something, and you’ll never forget your first time. Trust me when I say that. To answer your questions, (Y/N), I think you’ll be fine, if you do decide to go through with it. Don’t worry about moves or positions. Worry about being relaxed, because if you’re comfy and settled, everything will feel so much better. Okay? Especially for the guy. If you tell Ben that you’re a virgin and he doesn’t like that, then you should punch him in the face and come right back here, okay? Because no guy should ever judge a girl on that, it’s just wrong. I’ve known you for a long time, (Y/N), and you’re honestly one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. You’re beautiful, and you’re strong, and you rise above the crap that other people get lost beneath. You rise above it and you do useful things with yourself and your life. You do things that matter to a lot of people, and you never waver on your beliefs just because other people might think a certain way if you do or say something they don’t agree with. And…” I took a deep breath before I continued, “I’m saying this not knowing whether or not I’ll regret it five minutes later, but if you really are afraid of how you’ll be in bed, you can use me as a test dummy. I’m serious. You can practice on me, and then your time with Ben can be the real thing. We can forget it happened, but it can just be to help you relax and feel more confident. Honestly, (Y/N), I would do anything for you, and if this is something that you might consider, then I surrender my body to you and you can do what you please. I won’t judge, or say anything negative at all, because how could I do? I don’t think you’ve ever undertaken anything and been bad at it in your whole life.” I finished and drew out a long breath, bracing myself for an unexpected response, something I couldn’t have anticipated. “Okay,” (Y/N) said quietly after a moment, her eyes on mine, “let’s do it.” Her expression was unreadable. All I could do was search her eyes for any telltale sign. “Um, really? You want to?” I stumbled out. “Yeah,” she replied swiftly, starting to smile, “Harry, that is the most beautiful thing anyone has ever said to me. And if you’re really willing to do this for me, then I want to.” “Um, okay then,” I started to tell her, “then just take off your shirt, for starters and lay back while I deflower you.” She laughed to herself as she undid the buttons on her shirt. I watched her as she eased herself free of the material. She was wearing a red lace bra. I swallowed hard as threw her shirt to the floor, and turned to face me. She lay back on the couch, and popped the button of her shorts. She slung her arms across her middle, and let out a sigh. “I can’t believe we’re actually doing this,” she chuckled nervously, her eyes scanning the ceiling. “You’re sure you want to?” I eyed her cautiously. “Yes,” she rolled her eyes, “now get your boxers off again, Haz. Let’s get this over with.” I raised my eyebrows and turned to face her, slipping off my boxers again. I kicked them across the room, and clambered onto the couch, resting on my hands and knees on top of her. “Hmm, (Y/N),” I murmured to myself, my gaze raking her chest. “What? What is it, Haz?” (Y/N) let worry cross her expression for a moment. “Oh, nothing, nothing,” I brushed her off, teasing her. I knew what I was doing to her, but I didn’t want to stop. I dipped my head and grazed with my teeth along the mound of her breasts, tugging at the material of her bra every few seconds. She let out a low breath. “Come on, Harry. Please, what is it? Am I laying the wrong way or something?” “No, no,” I shook my curls across her collarbones, sucking tightly on sections of her skin with my lips plump, “you just seem to think that this will be some… mediocre activity to, and I quote, get over with, and then Ben will be the real deal for you, (Y/N),” I whispered against her skin. I listened for a moment to the sound of her breath hitching in her throat. It made me smirk. “But when I make love to girls,” I knelt up to meet her gaze, “I don’t just do it lightly. No. I fuck them so they can’t walk the next day. I fuck them till their legs turn to jelly, and they forget what anything felt like before they were sleeping with me.” “Oh, okay,” she whimpered. She had no other words. I leant forward and held her cheek in one hand as I kissed her softly. She arched her back a little and the material of her bra grazed my chest. I slipped my other hand beneath her and unhooked her bra with a flick. She wriggled her arms to get the material away. I tossed it across the room to meet my boxers. “Now, Ben will want to play with these,” I told her, eyeing her bare chest, “all guys will want to. It’s just something that kind of drives us crazy. So just let him, okay? It’s all part of the foreplay.” She bit her lip and tossed her head back into the couch, as I palmed her breasts. Her nipples felt hard already beneath my skin. I pulled back and squeezed each nub with my thumb and forefinger, rolling them between the pads of my fingers. I leant in and took one of her nipples in my mouth, the other hand danced with my fingers down her stomach. I sucked hard, as I reached the band of her shorts. Button already popped, I started to tug them down. She gasped out when they reached her ankles, kicking them away quickly. I dropped her nipple from my mouth to look down at her panties. They matched her bra. I could feel my erection start to kick against her thigh. I trailed kisses up and down her stomach, before I leant up again and sucked hard on her other nipple. “Oh, Harry,” she moaned out, before she could stop herself. I placed a palm flat on her stomach, and blew out a low breath around her hard nipple, watching it pebble beneath the cool air. “Just relax, (Y/N),” I told her with a smirk, “you’re allowed to enjoy this.” “Okay,” I looked up to see her nod. I drew a thumb beneath the band of her panties and grazed with my nail over her clit. She was completely shaven down there. I numbly ran my thumb up and down her slit before taking my digit out, and tugging her panties down to her calves. “Now, I’m going to finger you now, okay?” I said as I hovered over her. I waited for her to nod. “Ben’ll probably do this to you, so just to make sure you’re ready, babe.” “Just do this, Haz,” she breathed out, her body squirming. I felt her hips grind against mine, my dick tight against her thigh. I kept my gaze locked on hers as I slipped a finger into her pussy. I curved upward instantly and pressed hard against her g-spot. She bit her lip, and turned her head to the side with eyes closing. I pulled out and pressed my finger in again, going slowly. I thumbed her clit and started to rub in circles. “How does that feel, (Y/N)?” I asked her, searching her face. “Mmm, good,” she let out a gasp in between her words, “so good, Harry. Mmm, yep, feels so fucking good.” She pawed at my chest blindly with her hands, but they fell limp on her stomach a second later. “You can touch me, (Y/N),” I smiled down at her, “it’s okay. Chances are I’ll enjoy it.” She raised her hands again and gripped my biceps this time. She pressed into my flesh with the pads of her fingers, trailing loose circles with the half-moons of her nails. I started to pump my finger in and out of her a little faster. She gasped out again when I picked up the speed. She spread her legs even further beneath me, and I lay down a little more in between them. I kissed along her stomach again, starting to finger-fuck her faster still. I slipped in another finger. “Oh, shit yes, Harry,” she moaned out, rubbing hard against my back with the heels of her palms, “is it supposed to feel this fucking good?” “Yep,” I grunted, applying effort to my wrist as my fingers jutted in and out of her soaking pussy. I moved my body down on the couch until my mouth was hovering over her clit. I kissed the swollen nub once, earning a scream from (Y/N). I started to suck on her clit as I moved my fingers in and out of her, pressuring her g-spot with each pump. Her legs started squeezing in on either side of me, and she was tossing her head from side to side, her soft hair whipping around her.  

“You close, (Y/N)?” I panted. “Uh huh,” she gulped. “Come for me, baby,” I whispered into the soft flesh of her thigh. I bit down on her clip, clamping with my teeth until I felt her walls contract around my digits. I flattened my tongue at her entrance, and lapped up every drop she offered me. I licked up and down her slit until she clean. She was panting when I raised my head, and moved my body to hover over her again. She licked her lips, and traced a finger over the outline of my lips. She lowered it down to her mouth, and sucked hard. I watched her numbly, with my lips parted. “That was so fucking hot,” I breathed out. She giggled delicately and swallowed herself, keeping her eyes on mine. “Now, are you ready?” I said again. “Harry…” she started. “I just want to make sure, (Y/N), because it’s gonna hurt, okay? I’ve been with girls who were virgins before, and so I know. The important thing is to relax. Ben should understand that, even if you won’t technically be a virgin when you do it with him now.” I inhaled her scent as I waited for her to respond. I kept changing where my gaze was heading, from the curve of her jawline, to the swipe of her full bottom lip, and then to the valley of her breasts fallen bare on her chest.

“Just do it, Harry,” she murmured finally, with a sweet smile. “As you wish, babe,” I smirked, and positioned my dick at her entrance. She shuffled her legs even further apart, as I held my length at the base and started to push into her. I felt pressure on the head as I started to slide in. Her walls were already funneling around me, as I slid through them. “God, you’re so tight, (Y/N),” I grunted, dipping my hips into hers. “Is that bad? I’m sorry,” she whimpered out, wincing, “ow, fuck, it hurts.” I shook my head and found her gaze, resting with my length halfway in. “(Y/N), this was a bad idea,” I looked down at her, “should I pull out? I’m so sorry. How bad does it hurt? Please, tell me.” “No,” she shook her head, “I just need a minute, I think.” I felt heavy and cruel as I watched a tear slip from her left eye. I drew my hand to her face, and wiped numbly at the tear with my thumb, brushing it away. I pushed into her a little more, trying to read her expression as my dick throbbed inside of her. Pleasure started to nip at my insides, tightening and stiffening my limbs. “I promise, it’ll feel good for you too in a minute, okay? I promise it’ll stop hurting. I promise you’ll feel the way I’m feeling soon. You’ll see what I mean, babe,” I kissed her forehead as if she were made of crystals, “you’ll see what I mean.” I pushed the rest of my length into her, feeling her g-spot against my tip. I pulled out halfway, only to set myself into her again, starting to thrust. “How does it feel now?” I started bucking my hips painfully slowly on top of her. She looked around the room before she answered, “it’s, um, it’s feeling okay now. Just a little weird.” She took a deep breath and wrapped her palms around my biceps, holding on tightly. “I’m gonna start thrusting into you now, okay? And sort of… move on top of you. You should do the same. Just kind of roll your hips underneath mine and find a rhythm. We’ll get it, I promise,” I told her gently. She nodded and started to buck beneath me. My hips made circles on top of hers and we fell into a pattern where she jutted beneath me, deepening each thrust when I went in. She started panting and gasped out. “Fuck, that feels good, Haz. That feels so fucking good,” she moaned, throwing her head back into the couch as far as she could. I kissed along the trail of her neck, circling my tongue over a cluster of freckles beneath her jaw. I started to suck hard on the skin there, before I had to pull my lips away to groan out loud. “Damn, you’re so tight. It feels so fucking good, babe,” I moaned out loud. “Yeah?” (Y/N) panted beneath me. “Trust me, guys love it when you’re tight. It’s such a fucking…” I thrust into her roughly, pleasure ripping into me, “turn on.” “Oh god, I’m gonna come again, Harry,” she cried out, “I’m gonna fucking come again!” “Go for it, babe,” I murmured before I bit down playfully on her jaw, trailing my tongue all the way to her chin. I screwed up my forehead in concentration, making my thrusts more passionate. They became a little sloppy, my hips rolling in wide circles on top of hers. Our legs wrestled numbly on the other end of the couch. I found her lips and captured them in mine. She pressed her tongue to the inside of my mouth, and tasted me completely, wiping her tongue along mine and pressing down hard. I felt her walls tighten around my dick, as I funneled through them again. She wrapped her arms around my neck, and pressed inward with her palms, holding me closely to her. I felt the sweat on my chest as I flattened myself against her in haste. She gasped tightly as she came for the second time that night. “Holy fuck,” she breathed out, and I bit my lip as I pulled out of her. I came onto her thigh, my juices squirting along her raw skin.

“Um, sorry, (Y/N),” I mumbled, looking down at her. She didn’t say anything as we caught out breath together, but I wore the smile she gave me until she could finally speak. “That’s okay,” she grinned, reaching for a pillow behind her head. She dabbed at the liquid on her thigh with the plump material, wiping it down. I grazed with my thumb along her thigh when she pulled the pillow away and threw it across the room. “That was…” she turned back to face me, “um… kind of incredible, Harry.” I smirked and nudged her with my elbow, shuffling her over on the couch. “Move over, honey bunny,” I joked, “so I can lie down next to you.” She shuffled onto her side and curled her arms over her front, bending her knees together. I lay behind her, on my side, spooning her. I wrapped one arm around her front, and held one of her hands in mine. The other found the soft spot on the small of her back, and started rubbing circles into her skin. “How are you feeling now?” I asked her, nestling my chin against her shoulder. I wiped my forehead against her, loosening a few damp curls that had stuck to the skin. “Fine,” she whispered, holding me close to her. I closed my eyes and let her warmth radiate me. It felt like home to have her in my arms, closer than whatever friendship was. I was listening to the sound of her breathing, when I heard her phone buzz, and start to zoom in circles on the coffee table. She groaned and reached out to receive the text. I saw the screen, a little blurry from far away as it lit up. I tried not to spy as she opened her inbox and scanned the words on the screen before her. It was from Ben, saying he was leaving the party and would be at hers soon. It also said he was excited, and really looking forward to seeing her. I cursed inwardly as she locked the screen and put the phone back next to a crumpled beer can with its ring missing. “Um, I better get going then. Ben’s on his way,” she murmured into the couch, craning her neck to look behind her and meet my gaze. “Are you really going to go?” I spoke out loud before I could stop myself. She sat up and turned around to face me, silence embedded between us.  

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