One Direction Imagines (Collection 3)

Just some One Direction Imagines


4. Movie Night (Harry)


It was Friday and the boys were over for a movie night. You were in one of Harry’s shirts that was way to big for you and a bright pink lace bra and thong. ‘Thank god this shirt goes mid-thigh,’ you thought. You happily walked downstairs to see the boys laughing and Niall making popcorn. You walked into the kitchen to get some drinks when you felt large familiar hands on your hips. “Why are you doing this to me?” Harry whispered in your ear.  

“I don’t know what you’re talking about Styles.” You pushed your hips back and Harry smirked. You knew you were gonna pay for that later. As you sat on the couch Harry got a blanket and sat next to you, Zayn, Louis and Liam were on the floor and Niall was in the chair. Halfway through the movie you felt Harry’s fingers running up and down your thigh and ignored him. He was rubbing the inside of your thigh and started kissing and biting your neck. “Babe,” you sighed getting hornier by the second. Harry’s long slender fingers rubbed your clit through your thong and you whimpered and heard Harry smirk. You shut your legs and put them over his lap and put your head on his shoulder. It wasn’t long before he crept his hand back up your thigh and you opened your legs slightly.  

“Don’t scream.” Harry whispered in your ear. You didn’t even have time to think before Harry’s fingers were pumping in and out of you. You made an O with your mouth and grabbed onto Harry’s neck to stop you from moaning. Harry curved his fingers hitting your g-spot every time he pumped his fingers in an out. You let out a moan and all the boys looked at you weirdly.  

“I pinched her, it’s fine.” Harry said as he pumped his fingers faster than he already was which you thought was impossible. You felt your orgasm coming up fast when harry pulled his fingers out. You whimpered at the loss of pleasure. Harry flipped you on the couch trying not to make a sound and laid you down on your back. You looked at all the boys watching the movie hoping you wouldn’t get caught when you felt harry slam into you and Harry’s hand covered your mouth and he thrusted in slowly enjoying the moment when he started thrusting faster and harder. You clawed into his back to stop you from moaning and felt your orgasm coming up faster than ever. Your walls were throbbing around Harry’s cock when you felt him twitch and your orgasm took over you arched your back and Harry and you rode out each others highs. You pulled your thong back on and got all cuddled back in with Harry. You heard Harry’s phone vibrate and read the text from Niall as he did. “Really? I just watched that and you didn’t even fucking share??!?!” You smiled at Niall and kissed Harry.  

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