One Direction Imagines (Collection 3)

Just some One Direction Imagines


18. Liam


As Liam reached behind me to undo my bra, his phone rang. He groaned and kissed me gently before reaching for his phone and sitting on the side of the bed. I was in a lacy, black bra, a pair of panties with strappy sides, and thigh high stockings. I started kissing his shoulders and neck and he tried to push me away. I giggled and kissed them again, giving him butterfly kisses over his shoulder blades. “She what?” He yelled, cocking his head and letting my suck gently on his neck, I watched his veins pop out a little. “I know. I’m sorry. I had no clue. Why did she say that? No, Louis. Tell me. I can’t come over right now. It’s, um, date night.” I was only hearing one side of the conversation, but from what I was hearing, he needed to go over there. “Okay. Whatever. Simon? Okay, yeah, I’ll be there in fifteen.” He said, hanging up. He stood up and starting redressing himself. “I’m sorry, Y/N. Something bad happened over a tabloid. I’ll tell you about when I get more information and when I get back,” he started, wrapping his arms around my waist, our bare hips colliding. “Okay, baby. I love you. Please don’t get into any fights with anyone, including the boys.” He had a temper, a bad one. I saw a side of Liam Payne that no one else did and I could tell you that he was the sweetest, most loving person in the entire world, but when you got him fired up, he’d take it out on you in a physical way. He started kissing my neck and massaging my bum with his wonderful, long fingers. His callused hands scratched up and down my sides as he kissed me long and hard. Our tongues danced a beautiful waltz as his hands roamed. When he broke away, he gave me one last peck. “I love you. I’ll be back soon. We’ll be picking up where we left off.” He chuckled, swatting my bum as he walked out of the flat. I smiled to myself as I walked to the kitchen, making myself a sandwich and a cup of tea. I sat on the counter, picking at the bread as I swung my legs back and forth. I was still in my lingerie, it was raining outside but it was warm in our flat. I was brought out of my thoughts as the kettle whistled. I grabbed it off the stove and poured a cup for myself. I put two teaspoons of sugar in it then took a sip. I smiled as the warmth traveled down my throat, and into the pit of my stomach. I savoured the sweet taste and sighed. I got down off the counter and began eating my sandwich. When I was finished, I walked to the fridge and pulled out a candy bar. I broke it in half and put it in a Ziploc then placed back in the fridge. I nibbled on the hard chocolate and walked into the living room and sat on the couch. I licked my fingers as I finished the chocolate. I turned on the telly and flicked on a movie. I dozed off about halfway in. I was awoken by the front door shutting and locking. “Liam, baby, is that you?” I ask, getting up and walking towards the front door. “Yeah, Y/N, it’s me.” He sounded unhappy, well, that was about to change. As he came into sight, I reached for him, our hands intertwined and he leaned in for a kiss. I smiled underneath his lips and felt his hands go to my waist. “Baby, upstairs.” He moaned, as he walked me up the stairs. We got to our room, then he pushed me on the bed. He settled between my legs and thrusted slightly to show me that he was, in fact, erect. I moaned in his ear as he started to kiss down my throat, to my breasts. He unhooked my bra and kissed my left breast. “You’re so beautiful.” He smiled as he took my nipple into his mouth, biting slightly. Then things became rough. “You’re mine.” He groaned as he stuck two fingers inside my dripping pussy. I threw my head back and gave him a throaty moan of encouragement. He pumped in and out as I arched my back and pulled the sheets. “Fuck, Liam, get inside me. Please?” I moaned. “Not so fast, babe. Suck it.” He chuckled before taking off his clothes. I kissed his lips and traveled all the way down to his v-line. I licked the prominent muscles as I took his shaft into my hand, I pumped him and took the head into my mouth. I then deepthroated him and got a moan out of him along with a back arch. I continued blowing him until he came. I swallowed and he pushed me over on my back. “I need you inside me.” I moaned as he rubbed my clit with his thumb. He shoved his length into me, giving me no time to adjust to his size. My nails scratched his shoulders and biceps, the muscles contracted under my touch and he pumped in harder and harder. I moaned his name. He picked me up, not leaving me, and shoved me against the wall. He thrusted in and out even harder than before. “Liam! Baby, don’t fucking stop.” I screamed as he bit my shoulders. The thing about Liam was that he seemed sweet and innocent, but once you turn him on, there’s no telling what he’ll do to you. My legs were wrapped tightly around his waist, “Baby, I’m gonna cum.” He moaned as his thrusts got sloppier. I nodded and we both released. Our moans were tangled together in the empty flat and they bounced of the freshly painted walls. As we finished, coming down from our highs, he kissed me gently, sitting me down on my feet. My body still tingled as he kissed my throat, giving me chills up and down my spine. “I love you.” He smiled, his hands on my hips. “I love you, too, Liam.” I kissed him and put my hands on the side of his face. Our bare, sweaty bodies tangled together as we kissed. “You know I love you, right?” He smiled, as we cuddled in our bed on that stormy night. “No, I don’t know. Do you love me?” I teased, looking up into his eyes as he smiled down at me. “I love you with all my heart, to the moon and back. I love you with every inch of my existence.” He said, kissing my forehead as his arms got a little tighter around me. “I love you just as much, if not, more.” I replied as I traced a heart into his chest muscles. I kissed his shoulder and got onto his stomach, straddling him. His hands were on my waist, I leaned down to kiss him and he puckered his lips in an attempt to make me laugh. It worked, I let out a giggle that came along with a snort. He chuckled, “You’re adorable. Do you really have no clue how beautiful you are?” I blushed and got off of him. I cuddled into his chest again and he smirked down at me. He started singing to me, softly at first, then, almost as if he’d gotten lost in the lyrics, his voice got louder. He was singing our song, “Kiss Me” by Ed Sheeran. “So, what happened with the tabloid?” I looked up into his wide eyes, “Um, a girl had claimed that I fathered her child and the tabloid had blown it out of proportion. We just had to go and settle it.” I leaned up and gave him a small kiss. “It’s okay now?” I ask, my hand rubbing up and down his rib cage. “Yeah, Simon cleared it all up.” He smiled at me. “Good, and guess what.” I said. “What?” He asked, the callused skin of his hands rubbed my skin at my waist. “I love you.” I said simply, pecking his chest gently. “I love you, too, Y/N.”  
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