One Direction Imagines (Collection 3)

Just some One Direction Imagines


13. I Love You Most (Harry)


I walked down the wooden steps of me and Harry’s flat. My heels clacked loudly and my hands shook in nervousness. “Are you ready, babe?” Harry asked, walking out of the kitchen, coming into my view. A smile erupted onto Harry’s face when he saw my in my tight red dress. “You’re perfect.” He grabbed my hand, and kissed me lightly on the lips. “Let’s go.” He smiled, opening the door, and gesturing me to go out first. “I’m ready.” I blurted out. I bit my lip, and looked down at the ground. “I know babe, that’s why were leaving.” Harry chuckled and pressed the button to unlock the car. I looked up and his face, and I felt my ears burn up. “No, Harry. I’m ready.”  By now I knew I was beat red. “Oh…are you sure?” Harry asked while closing the front door. I gulped loudly and nodded my head lightly. “Alright… I’ll call Paul and tell him we can’t come.”  Harry ripped his phone out of his pocket and quickly dialed Paul. The phone call was fast and easy. Harry set his phone of the coffee table in the front room. he took my hand and we walked up the stairs to our bedroom together. “I am so hard right now, baby. You look so fucking sexy tonight.” Harry growled as his hands began to tease my breasts. His lips forcefully met mine, and his tongue immediately begged for entrance. I let out a moan, and I felt Harry smile into the kiss. I threw my head back against the wall and my hands traveled around his neck, and began playing with his mop of curls. Soon, his hands snaked around to my back, and fiddled with my zipper. Harry broke away from the kiss and looked deep into my eyes. He raised his eyebrows, wondering if he should continue, and I nodded my head. His fingers took a hold of the zipper and slid the dress off of my body. The mixture of the cool air and Harry’s fingers lightly touched my back made my body shiver. Harry let out a chuckle and I bi my lip. He pushed me up against the door, and grabbed the underside of my thighs, and hoisted them on his hips. His hands slowly made their way to my breasts and began massaging my nipples. It was a mixture of pain and pleasure. Harry’s eyes were glued to his hands, making sure that every move was pleasurable for me. I snapped my eyes closed and let out a little whine. Harry’s soft lips had connected to my nipple, and he began sucking eagerly. Moans began leaving my mouth, and I felt myself starting to get extremely wet. My right hand wrapped itself around Harry’s back for support, and the other hand reached down between our bodies and lightly rubbed his already hard shaft. A moan escaped Harry’s mouth and vibrated against my nipple. I whined in pleasure and continued to rub his shaft through his dress pants. “Babe, you taste so good.” Harry said, as his lips left my nipple and connected with my mouth. My hands found the back of his neck, and clung on to it as he picked me, and began carrying me up the stairs. He opened up the door to our bedroom and set me down on the bed. I sat there and watched him and he quickly threw off his dress pants. He began to take off his boxers and I quickly stopped him. “I’ll do that part.” I purred, and slid my body on the bed so that my back was resting against the headboard. Harry’s body cowered over me, and I was getting extremely turned on. My eyes were glued to his perfectly toned abs. I raised my hands, and my fingers lightly touched his abs. Harry let out a little chuckle and met his eyes. They were dark and filled with lust. “You sure you want to do this?” Harry asked as hi face came close to mine and planted soft kisses where my jaw meets my neck. “Yes.” I replied, and threw my head by with pleasure. My hands found their way to elastic band of his boxers. I pulled on them, teasing him. he groaned, and I smiled, knowing that I was making his feel good. “Babe, please don’t tease.” Harry whined. I grabbed the elastic band and quickly pulled it down his thighs. He sighed in relief, once his shaft wasn’t in a tight place. I bit down on my lip, nervous of what was about to happen. “This is going to hurt a bit, babe. I promise it will only hurt for a little while, alright?” I nodded my head lightly and felt myself tense up as Harry lined his shaft up. I shut my eyes, preparing for the worst. I yelped as Harry slid into me. The pain was unbearable and I didn’t understand how anyone could do this. He slid his shaft all of the way in, then slid it all of the way out and repeated it. Harry’s hand came up to my cheek and wiped a tear that trickled down my face. “I promise it will get better, love.” Harry continued to slid in and out of me, waiting for me to adjust. The pain slowly began going away, and waved of pleasures started to fill my body. “Harry, move.” I demanded, and the pleasure began building up in me. a smirk formed on his face and he began thrusting into me, fast. “You’re so tight fucking baby. It feels so good.” Harry’s head dipped down onto my shoulder blade and he began breathing heavily. I lifted myself up, so I was in a sitting position. Harry’s forehead touched mine and I began to bounce up and down. I clenched my vagina and Harry let out a loud groan. “Christ… that feels so good.” I smirked and did it again. Harry’s hand snaked down to the middle of our bodies and found my clit. He began rubbing it in figure eight motions. I moan in pleasure and felt the burning sensation built up in the pit of my stomach. my hands grabbed my breasts and began to play with them. Harry pushed me back down onto the pillow, and thrusted into me with all of his force. His hands grabbed onto the headboard and the only noise in the room was our moans and the sound of skin slapping against each other. “I’m almost there, Harry.” I moaned as I bucked my hips attempting to get him deeper inside of me. Our thrusts became in sync and profanities rolled of off my lips. I felt myself become undone. “Let it go, baby.” Harry encouraged, rubbing my clit a tad bit rougher. His mouth met mine and he kissed me passionately. “I cant.” I whined, not wanting to release without him. he broke away from the kiss, and our foreheads were pressed against each others. “Baby, trust me, let it go.” Harry’s words through my off of the egde and I felt my orgasm run through my entire body. I moaned, and my body shook vigorously as I rode out the last bit of my orgasm. Knowing that Harry wasn’t done yet, I hoisted my body up and started whispering dirty things into Harry’s ear. His thrusts got sloppy and he continuously hit my g-spot which made the familiar burning sensation in my stomach to start up again. “Harry.” I whimpered. I threw my head back and shut my eyes tight. “Again?” Harry raised his eyebrows at me in shock. I nodded my head and replied, “Again.” His hand skillfully played with my clit, and his warm tongue rolled over my nipple, which hardened instantly. I bucked my hips and clenched my vagina, knowing Harry was close. “Shit, baby… you kill me when you do that.” I smirked, knowing that I was pleasuring Harry. “Harry, I’m so c-close.” Harry’s hand roughly rubbed figure eight motions on my clit, and I soon felt his dick twitch inside of me. He let out a loud groan, and it threw my off of the edge. My body trembled beneath his and a loud moan escaped my mouth. I moved my hips into a figure eight motion, riding out every ounce of my orgasm. Harry pulled out of me, and laid down. “So, how was it?” He smirked as he tucked a piece of hair behind my hair. “Perfect.” I smiled, and stared into his emerald eyes. “I love you.” He said, while wrapping his arm around my waist. “I love you more.” “I love you most.” His cheeky smile appeared on his face and he let out a little chuckle. I closed my tired eyes and began to draw circles on his abs, knowing that I everything I ever wanted in the world was right in front of me, and let me tell you, he isn’t going anywhere.  
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