One Direction Imagines (Collection 3)

Just some One Direction Imagines


15. Happy To Have My Dork Back (Zayn)


“Miss. (Y/L/N) You’re late, again” Mr.Ross said, eyeing me, as I walked in with my books into my Bio class. The entire class turned looking at me. Great… “Sorry, I slept in” I said, staring to walk to my seat. Mr.Ross cleared his throat, “well you know what the policy is for being late in my class” he said, crossing his arms. I let out a sigh, pulling my seat, “yep” I said, tucking my uniform skirt under my bum and sitting down. “I’ll see you on lunch” He said. I sighed, putting my head down, on my desk. It was to early for this shit, and I was getting a huge headache. “What’s that? Like then third time this weak?” I heard a voice from behind me. I shot my head back, looking at the person behind me. Zayn Malik, one of the smartest guys in the school. He had an amazing singing voice… But he wasn’t a dorky nerd, like suspenders, acne, button up shirt. You know that kind of nerd. He was a nerd in the way, where he was socially awkward, he only had two friends, and he always had his nose buried in a different book every other day and he was a brainiac, straight A+ student with out even trying. Every girl in whatever class he was in, would go straight to him, asking them to be their partner. It was cute actually, he’d get this shy smile, and nod his head. He also actually spent time on his hair, and he smoked too. I knew all this because Zayn use to be my tutor last year. Some time’s when I would look at him to long, he’d blush and look back at the books. Zayn also had a really nice body too. He wasn’t some weak, scrawny little guy. He was chiseled, and rugged. But he was obsessed with Star Wars and comic books. He also had a really nice car, he told me his parent’s got it for him for a perfect report card gift Like I said before, I didn’t know how he was so awkward, especially around girls. He had them swooning over him. He would barley talk to them, or just become really shy. But, he was absolutely beautiful. He had flawless skin, gorgeous hazel eyes, but they were hid behind black think rim glasses. He had a very defined jaw line, with just a bit of stubble. “Wanna repeat that again?” I growled, my eyes narrowing. His eyes grew, locking to mine, but he looked down to his lap, quickly. “That’s what I thought” I hissed, turning back. “whada’ bitch” I heard him breath. My head shot back, “excuse me!?” I snapped. Zayn’s head shot up. “What is going on!?” Mr.Ross snapped. “Zayn just called me a bitch” I hissed, looking at Mr.Ross. The entire class gasped, everyone knew Zayn wasn’t one for swearing, or disrespecting girl. So him calling me a bitch, had set me off. He looked at Zayn, “Mr.Malik, is this true?” he asked, in shock. The entire class waited for Zayn’s answer. He looked down at his lap, fiddling with his hands, “y-yes sir…” he said, in a soft voice. The class gasped again, like they were going to die. My eyes still locked to Zayn, who looked around the room. You could tell how uncomfortable he was, Zayn hated when all eyes were on him. He swallowed hard, and squirmed in his seat. His face was becoming red with embarrassment. “Mr.Malik, I would never expect that from you…” Mr.Ross said. I’m pretty sure no one did, I guess that’s why I was so angry. Mr.Ross’s jaw hung open, “but I’m going to have to give you detention” he said, shaking his head. Writing his name down on a paper. Zayn’s eyes widened, and he swallowed hard. He looked scared. I’m guessing he’d never gotten detention before. “You as well Miss.(Y/L/N)” he said. “What!?” I asked, whipping my head to him, “but I already have one!” I said. “Well now you have two! Would you like to add another!?” he snapped. I looked down, shaking my head, “no…” I said, in a soft voice. “After school, and at lunch for you (Y/N)” he said. I felt my jaw clench, and I shot my head back quickly, giving Zayn the dirtiest look I’d ever given anyone. His eyes grew, but then quickly narrowed. I rolled my eyes, and let out an annoyed sigh. I turned facing the front. Great. It’s only 8:30, and today’s already gone to shit, I knew I should of stayed home today. “Your parents are gonna’ be pissed” I heard behind me. I knew it was Zayn’s friend. I didn’t know his name, nor did I care to know it either. But unlike Zayn, his friend was the typical nerd. He had really bad oily skin, he was pale and barley talked to anyone just like Zayn.”Yea mate, I know” he said, almost in a growl. His growl sent shivers down my spine, and I gulped. The bell rang. Finally this class was over. I got up, feeling dark eyes watching me. I grabbed my books and started to walk out. I passed Zayn’s desk, “thank’s a lot fucking asshole” I hissed as I walked by. Zayn’s eyes narrowed, and he shot me a wicked look, “I could say the same” he said, through clenched teeth. It was obvious Zayn was mad, he’d never gotten in trouble in his life. “Oh, bite me asshole” I snapped, leaving the class. I went to my next class, thinking about what had just happened. Zayn Malik, one of the biggest nerds in the school, that barely talked to any girls or anyone for that matter. The Zayn Malik, when a girl talked to him, he would look at the ground, and become red, had just called me, a bitch. I swallowed hard, again, and looked down, looking at my phone. I pulled up my contacts and text my mom. Me; Got detention after school, for being late. So I’ll be home around when you do. I hit sent, and put it back in my pocket. Mrs. Marshall walked in, said sorry for being late, and started teaching right away. Half way through the class I got a text Mom; Again!? That’s the 10th time this month! No more after this, or ur grounded…I knew I should of sent u too ur aunts!… I miss u, but still call me when u get home. I’ll see u Sunday, rememebr my flight gets in at 7. Can’t wait 2 c u. Love u I sighed, and responded back Me; I know, I know, but you’ll be back tmrw. I love & miss you too! <3 can’t wait until you come home :) Class finally finished, and it was lunch. Ya detention… I got up, dropped my books off at my locker, and went straight to Mr.Ross’s class. I wasn’t hungry anyways, and I wanted to get there as soon as I could, to get it over and done with. I walked into the class and sat down. Mr.Ross was writing down stuff on the board for the next class. He turned to me, “so what happened with you and Mr.Malik?” he asked, like he was dying to hear my answer. “I don’t even know, he made some smart ass comment, and I told him to repeat it, then he didn’t , and I said, ‘that’s what I thought’. Then I turned and he was like ‘whada’ bitch’ to his friend, what ever his name is” I said. Mr.Ross’s jaw dropped open. The thing about Mr.Ross was, he was actually one of the only teachers I liked. He was so laid back, but he was serious about his job. But when he wasn’t teaching, it was like he was the kind of guy you could joke around with, that’s why I didn’t mind having a detention because him and I just talked. “And what have I told you about staying up late?” he said, turning back to the broad.”I know, I know. Not to…But I had to finish my essay for English” I said, sighing. “How much did you get this time?” he asked. Can’t you tell we’ve had this conversation all the time?. “About an hour, or so…Iunoo…Can I take a nap?” I asked. He looked back, “don’t you always?” he asked, chucking. I smirked, “noooo” I said and put my head down. “I have to go get papers for my next class, I’ll lock the door, and turn the lights off, but Mrs.Conner will check on you” he said. I gave him a thumbs up, and closed my eyes. The room went dark and the door shut. I let out a deep sigh and adjusted myself, a 40 minuet nap is what I needed. I mean I’d only gotten an hour of sleep. I was soon asleep and for some reason dreamt of Zayn. I was awaken by me being slightly shaken, and my name being called. I woke up, and moved my head up, opening my eyes. I saw Mrs.Conner standing in front of me, “the bells about to ring, so you can go” she said, kindly. “Okay, I’ll see you in… five minuets” I said, in a sleepy voice. “Yes, and no sleeping” she teased. I sat up, stretching. “No worries, I’m good now” I said, putting my arms down. My hair had been covering my side view. I got up and turned. I jumped to see Zayn sitting in the desk on over from mine. He was reading ‘Brave New World by Aldous Huxley’ “Jesus!” I snapped, holding my chest, “how long have you been there?” I growled. Zayn was the last person I wanted to see. He held out a finger, I knew he wanted to finish the page he was reading, he use to do it to me sometimes, when he would come over and tutor me. He put the book down, and looked at me, raising his eye brows, but his eyes staying narrowed, “About five minutes, calm down” he said. “You fucking creep!, you were watching me sleep!” I snapped. His brow narrowed,and his jaw tensed, making it more defined. “and if I was?” he asked, in a deep, rapsy voice. My eyes grew slightly, and I swallowed. “Ugh, you’re such a fucking ass” I said, pushing in my chair. I heard a chair squeak, and my head shot up. Zayn stood in front of me, stepping closer. I stepped back, and my bum hit the desk. He got closer, putting his hand on either side of me. I swallowed hard and my mouthed gaped opened. “Wh-what are you doing?”I asked, my voice shaky. Zayn said nothing, but only inched his face closer to mine, “it’s been awhile, since I’ve seen this nice little body” he growled. My eye’s widened, and I gasped, and I felt his breath on my neck. I felt his hands start to snake up my shirt. I pushed him off quickly, “I told you I never wanted to see you again” I hissed. He smirked, “well that’s hard isn’t it, I mean you see me everyday… Is it just as hard for you, knowing that you’ve seen what I look like under these clothes?” he said, in the same sexy, raspy voice. He came closer to me again, his hands finding their way back on either side of me. I looked down, to only find my chin being forced by his thumb and pointer finger. He inched closer, looking at my lip,s then back into my eyes.”S-stop…” I said. He put his lips lightly against my cheek “You know I become a different person around you (Y/N)…and what was that you said to me early?” he asked, against my neck, “something about…bite me” he said, right into my ear. It made me shiver massive, I swallowed hard, and shut my eyes. He gave little kisses down to my pulse point,and his teeth suck into my neck. “Z-Zayn…” I moaned. His body tensed,and growled against my skin, which made me gasp. The bell rang, and I pushed him off of me, again, and ran past him. I ran out, turned going through another pair of doors, and down the stairs. I noticed people had started coming back from lunch. I stopped and took a few deep breaths, swallowing hard. Why would he do that! how dare he! I told him after the last time he tutored me, I didn’t want to see him again. He became so aggressive, and I asked him to stop, and he didn’t . Zayn was right, he went from some shy guy, to some aggressive, passionate lover. I walked through the doors, and to my locker. I felt hands grab my hips, and I practicality jumped out of my skin. I turned quickly, to see my best friend killing her self laughing, “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you that much” she said, through her laughter. I put my hand on my chest, trying to stop my heart from beating out of it. “Where were you, we were looking for you” she said. “I had detention” I said. “Slept in?” she asked, I bite my lips together, nodding. “Jezz, how many times is that” she said. I let out an annoyed sigh, “ten” I said. “Shit…well hurry up, we have Mr.Connor next-eh, what’s that on your neck? Is that a love bite!?” she said. I gasped, and my eyes widened, “N-No, I burnt myself with the curling wand this morning” I said. “Oh, I did that last week” she said. “I know, you’ve bitched about it since” I teased. She gaped, “well sorry, now hurry up, we’re going to be late” she said, walking away, to her locker. I sighed, and grabbed my books. I looked at myself in the mirror, she was right, there was a little red mark on my neck, where Zayn had bit down. I covered it with my hair and I closed to locker door, and rested my head against it. Did that really just happen? Did Zayn just really do that? We met up again, and went to class. We got in, and sat in our seats. Mr.Connor was already in class, and when everyone got in, she stood up, and shut the door, starting the lesson. “Alright, and now everyone hand in their essays, to the person in front of them, and I’ll collect them at the top. When she was done, and we were doing our work, I got up and walked over to her, “Um Mrs.Connor?” I asked. “Yes love?, what is it? And no you can’t nap” she said, jokingly. I laughed slightly, “no,no it’s not anything like that…well kinda, but how long as Zayn in the class…while…you know” I said. She gave me a confused look, “he asked to come in after about five minutes after you passed out” THAT LYING ASSHOLE, HE WAS WATCHING ME SLEEP FOR ALMSO THE ENTIRE TIME. I knew he was watching me, and when Mrs.Connors would come in, he’d “read” Ugh the never of him! “Ah” I said, putting my head back, then looking down. “Why?” she asked. “Just wonder” I said, “thanks” I said, walking back to my seat. The bell rang. Yes only one more period and I can go home- oh shit, wait…FUCK I have detention with Zayn, FUCK, FUCK, FUUUUCK. Today was just getting worse and worse. The class I wanted to last the longest, was the shortest. The bell rang and I swallowed. I knew Zayn would already be there before me, so I would just sit as far from his as possible. I walked to my locker, opened it, and threw my books in, and closed it. I let out a deep sigh and just stood at my locker. Maybe I should skip it, and just get one tomorrow. I turned and saw Mr.Ross turn the corner. OH COME ON! He eyed me and walked over to me, “you weren’t going to leave were you Miss.(Y/L/N)? were you?” he asked raising an eye brow. I shook my head, “no…” I said. He smiled, “good, because you would of gotten a weeks worth” he said, “alright comon’ let’s go. Mr.Malik’s probably already there” he said. I nodded, and pushed off my locker. We walked upstairs and into his room. And of course, Zayn was already there, sitting in his spot. “Alright you know the rules Miss. (Y/L/N) no talking, no leaving with out permission, yad, yad, yad” he said. I nodded, and sat at the opposite side of the room. I pulled the chair and sat down. I pulled out my head phones and placed on in my ear. I brought up my music and hit ‘play’ and Thinking about you by Frank Ocean Came on. By the end of the song Mr.Ross got up, “I have to make a few phone calls” he said. Which was code for, I’m going to talk to Mrs.Connor until 4, so don’t do anything stupid. My eyes widened, No! He couldn’t leave me alone with Zayn!. I swallowed hard, “c-can I go to the bathroom before you go?” I asked. He nodded and I quickly got up, hurrying out of the room. I rushed to the bathroom. I was just going to stay here until 4, then I was going to go home, and I wouldn’t have to see Zayn. Or so I thought… “Miss. (Y/L/N)? are you in here?” I head Mr.Ross said. A look of strong confusion came across my face, “yea” I said back. “Alright, you need to get back to my room okay?, I have to go make phone calls, and I’ll come back, I’ll let you guys go before 4, if you guys behave. I’ve already told Zayn, and Mr.Alan is there, he’s going to watch you two” he said. I heard his foot steps become softer and I let out a sigh, thank god, I wouldn’t be alone with Zayn. I wanked back to the class room, earphones in my one ear. Thinking about what happened earlier. I ran my finger over the tiny love bite. I felt strong hands come over my mouth and and wrap around my waist. I was pulled into a dark class room. I screamed, but it was muffled by the hand. “Shhh” someone hissed in my ear. My eyes widened and as the smell of the familiar cologne hit my nose. “Thought you could get away from me, didn’t you?” he growled in my ear. A hand left my waist, and I heard the door be slammed shut, and locked. I swallowed hard, and looked over my shoulder, with the hand over my mouth still. The only light in the room, was the light from the windows. My eyes locked with hazel one’s. I felt my head be pushed back, and it rest on his shoulder. “You scent’s still so intoxicating” he growled in my ear. I moaned slightly at his hot breath on my neck. “Do you want me?…Do you want me to please you again? Like I use to?” he hissed in my ear. My eyes widened ever more, d-did he just say that to me?…but oh god yes, I want to feel his touch again, and his breath taking kiss. He leaned down, running one of his hands up my exposed leg. Oh, did I mention that Zayn had my virginity? And I had Zayn’s. We studied a lot of chemistry, even if he came over to help e with math. “Hm? My little (Y/N)” he said, kissing my neck. I swallowed, gasping, feeling his lips against my skin, and the coldness of his glasses. His hand snaked down, getting closer and closer to my waist. His hand slid down from my mouth to my neck, gripping it, stroking it with his thumb. He turned my head to him. “Just say the word, and I’ll take you, like never before” he said, in between kisses, on my neck. I gasped, and our eyes locked. My hands gripped his fore arms that was resting on my chest. His thumb ran across my bottom lip, and I brought my hand to the back of his head, pushing him closer to me. “I won’t do anything until you say, I won’t please you, or kiss those…soft…perfect pink lips” he growled. “Yes Zayn” I breathed. “Louder” he said. “Yes Zayn” I said louder. “Yes Zayn…what?” he asked, his hand slipping into the top of my panties. “Y-Yes Zayn… I want you to please me, like you use to. I want you” I moaned. “That’s my girl” he growled, I could tell lust had taken over him. His hand pushed more into my panties, “I can still make you dripping wet” he said. I gasped, as I felt his tongue lick my pulse point. “Kiss me” I pleaded. I want his lips against mine. He lifted his head from my neck. His lips met mine. Oh god, it was still the same as it was before. I felt his finger dip into my slit and I gasped against his lips. “Should I loosen you up, and save it all for my cock?” he asked. It made my body shiver, and I grinned against his front side. I felt his cock twitch, and press against my bum. He started to rub my clit, hard. It mad my back arch and I moaned, into the kiss. “You still love it when I’m controlling, don’t you. Do you want me to make you my little toy again?” he asked. “Yes” I gasped. “Then say it” he said, massaging my left breast. I ripped of his jean jacket, and it fell to the floor “I want to be your toy again” I said. He pulled his hand from my dripping panties. He gripped my hips tuning me, pinning me against the door. Pushing his lips against mine again, hard. “Oh Zayn!” I moaned, into the kiss. “I’m going to make you scream” he growled, picking me up by the hips. I wrapped my legs around him, and my arms followed. He pushed from the door and swung around, walking to the row of desk. He laid me down, breaking the kiss, biting down on the skin on my neck. “When you told me you didn’t want to see me again, I don’t think I’d ever been so mad” he said, biting down again. It made me gasp. He released my skin, and he came back up, hovering over me. I brought my hands to my chest, and slowly brought them to his face, touching the side of his glasses. I pulled them off his face gently, and his eyes widened, and his mouth gaped opened. His face started becoming slightly red. His eyes narrowed, and he leaned down, only an inch from my face. “Was it because I’m no the popular jock?” he asked. My eyes widened, “N-no…” I said, shaking my head. “Then what was it!?” he snapped. “I-I don’t know” I said, holding his glasses to my chest. “Then what was it?” he asked, gripping my hips. “I-I can’t tell you” I said. He gripped my wrists, pinning them above my head. “Then I’ll make you squeal it out” he snapped. The force mad me drop his glasses, as his lips were pushed against mine. He released my hands, and quickly ripped open my button up uniform shirt. I heard some of the buttons hit the floor. My hands were pinned again, and I felt his start to kiss down, my exposed neck and chest, sucking and nibbling. He linger my breast, he ripped down my bra, exposing my breasts. Playing with them, sucking and biting. I moaned, arching my back. His bit down harshly, on my hard nipple, flicking his tongue over it. I gasped loudly. He grabbed my on leg, and made my foot rest on the desk, the other one followed. He lifted from me, hovering over me again, He brought my hands to my chest, “they stay right here, I know you’re going to want to grip my hair, but you’re not allowed to, or I’ll tie you up” he growled, “got it?” he said. I nodded, swallowing. “That’s my good girl…but like I said, I’m going to fucking make you scream” he said, in a dark cold voice. He kissed back down my chest, kissing down my ribs, and along my torso. He lift short wet kissed, along the top of my skirt. “You’re such a tease when you wear this. Showing of these sexy, fucking legs” he said. I felt my skirt lift, and fall onto my stomach. “You’re drenched” I heard from between my legs. I felt lips press against my inner thigh.“All from you” I gasped, feeling teeth sink into my skin. He kissed closer and closer to my heat. He licked the skin between my heat and thigh. He hooked his finger into my panties, and in one swift move, he pulled them off. His hand wrapped around my legs, gripping my inner thighs, spreading them. I felt my heart beating right out of my chest. I felt his tongue lick my folds. I gasped loudly, “Oh Zayn!” I moaned again. I felt him smirk into me. He started licking, sucking. I moaned and gasped loudly. He was driving me wild. I felt myself becoming hotter and hotter by the second, “f-fuck Zayn!” I groaned. “I think you’ve gotten sweeter” he said, into me, his voice making my heat vibrate. He started licking faster, and sucking harder. My breaths became faster, and shorter. “Ah” I squealed, “Z-Zaa-Zaynn!” I moaned high pitch and loudly. “Louder!” he growled, biting slightly. “AH FUCK, ZAYN!” I shouted. He chuckled into me, “that’s what I love to hear” he started flicking his tongue over my clit, and I grabbed his hair. Zayn shot up from me, “what the fuck did I say!?” he snapped, gripping my hands. “Guess I’m gonna have to tie you up” he said, undoing his belt. He ripped it from his waist, and wrapped it around my wrists. He tied them together. “Now keep them here” he said, pressing them to my chest. He went back down, and continued sucking and flicking his tongue over my clit. “It feels so good to touch, and please you again…you have no idea what you’ve done to me” he said, into my thigh. I felt my heat start to tingle. “I have an idea” I whispered. “What was that?” he asked. I didn’t respond. He came up from me, hovering over me again, his palms on either side of my head. “Wanna repeat that?” he said, mocking me. My eyes widened, locking to his. He leaned closer to me, “…you are just so beautiful…” he said, brushing some hair off of my face. I gulped, remembering how he use to always say it to me, where ever he’d come over. I gripped his shirt, and pulled him, making our lips crash. He was caught off guard by my action. I felt his lips press against mine quickly. I could taste me on him, which only made me want him more. “Zayn, please take me…” I pleaded. “You want me to take you?” he asked, in a low raspy voice. “Yes, l-like you use to…” I said. He lifted his head, looking down his nose at me, “why do you want me to take you?” he asked, in a cocky tone. “Because I need you Zayn,” I said. “What? What was that?” he asked, cocking his head to the right.    “BECAUSE I NEED YOU ZAYN, I was an idiot for letting you go. I was scared, it was moving to fast. I didn’t know my feelings for you. But know I do…Zayn I have such strong feelings for you. And I didn’t end it between us because you’re not a jock, I did it, because I thought you were to good to be true, the way you kissed me, the way you treated me…how you made love to me…Zayn you didn’t just fuck me…You were so passionate, but aggressive, it’s like you showed me every time that I was yours…I just didn’t know if it was real…if you were…I mean Zayn, you’re honestly the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, and I wanted you, but then when I got you, I thought it was to good to be true” I said, letting out a deep breath. Zayn’s eyes were wide, and his mouth hung open. “Y-yo-you…you thought…I…” Zayn stuttered. I lifted my tied hands, and cupped his cheeks with one. He gasped slightly at the touch. He turned his face into my palm, “it was real…but you ended it” he said, closing his eyes tight. “Because I was falling to fast, and too hard” I said. His eyes shot open, locking to mine. “How do you think I felt?!” he snapped. I saw the anger and the hurt in his eyes. “I mean you’d have my virginity. You were my first everything” he growled. He pressed his body into me, and it made me gasp. I could feel his bulge, pressing against my heat. One of my hands, became loose, and it slipped into his pants rubbing him threw his boxer briefs. He tensed, leaning down into me again, pressing his lips against mine. My other on gripping his shirt. “I need you to touch me more” he said, breaking the kiss. He lifted from me un tieing my hands. He dropped his belt, crashing his body into mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck, tangling my fingers in his hair. I ran my hand down his chest, un buttoning his shirt. Running my hands all over his chest. I kissed him deeply, grinding my body against him. He lifted from me, undoing his pants. He gripped my legs, pulling down on the desk. His eyes watched me, like a hawk, the were narrowed, and full of lust, and desire. “I am going to take you. But I’m going to make you scream, I don’t care who hears…I want everyone to hear. I want them to know whose please you, and whose you belong to…that is…if you want to be mine again” he said, in his low raspy, demanding voice. “Y-yes Zayn. Please let me be yours again, Please I want to be yours again…I want you to be mine” I pleaded. He un zipped his pants, pulling down his boxer briefs. His cock hit my heat and I gasped. He grabbed it, sliding it up and down my slit, teasing me. “So you want to be mine again?” he asked. “Y-yes Zayn! Please…” I breathed.He kept teasing my entrance. “…Beg for me, like you use too” he growled. “Oh Zayn please take me, I want you!, I need you!” I pleaded. A cocky smirk came across his face, and I felt him start to insert himself in me. I gasped, as he pushed more into me. I adjusted myself to him. “That’s right baby, I’m gonna be all inside of you” he said. He placed his palms on the side of me. “Are you ready for me?” he asked. I nodded, gripping his shoulder, and his muscular bicep. He started pumping, in and out. I threw my head back, fuck, did Zayn ever feel good. “Oh yes Zayn” I cried out, in pleasure. “Oh (Y/N), you’re feel better then I remember” he said. I wrapped my arms around his neck, lifting myself to him. His arms snaked around my back, pulling me closer to him. I put one of my arms back, supporting me, He started going faster and hared, his pumps, becoming thrusts, “so wet, and all from me” he said. I lifted my head, pulling him down more and our lips met again. “I want you to ride me” He growled. He pulled the chair from the desk. He gripped my hips and lifted me. He pulled the chair out more, with his foot. He sat down, ripping off my shirt and slowly lowered me onto him. I gripped his shoulders, and I gasped loudly, closing my eyes slightly. “That’s right baby, feel all of me” he said, his hand on my lower and upper back. “Now ride me, and move those fucking hips like I know you can” he said, gripping my hair. I gasped loudly again, and started to move my hips on him. Zayn threw his head back biting his lower lip, “fuuuck yes” he moaned, letting out a sigh of pleasure. He brought his head back up, and he gripped my hips, and followed the motions. “You love being in me, don’t you?” I asked. He gave me a wicked grin, “fuck yes, my love…But I’m the only one that’s allowed to be inside of you. You’re mine again, and I’m not giving up” he said, grabbing my chin, our lips meeting. I gripped his cheeks with both of my hands, licking his bottom lip. He opened his mouth, and my tongue slipped inside his mouth. Our tongues wrestling. He let out a moan, and it vibrated my lips. I felt my stomach tense and my sex tingle more. “You’re close, I can tell…but not yet, I want you to wait for me. You can’t come until I say” he said, pulling me closer. I rested my forehead on his, him and I both panting. He let his fingers slid into my slit, and started to rub. “Nahh-Za-Zayyynn. Fuck..” I said, my nails dragging down his chest. “Come for me, my love. Come, and fucking scream my name with everything you have in you” he said. He rubbed faster. I started to squirmed more on him, ridding him faster and harder. Zayn’s mouthed gaped open, and his eyes narrowed. I knew he was close to. I wrapped my arms around his neck, and I felt him bite down, and suck on the nape of my neck. The combination of him inside me, rubbing and sucking my neck sent me over the edge. “Ah-na-ha ZA- FUCK ZAAAAYNNN!” I cried out, throwing my head back, Zayn wrapped his arms around my back, as my body shook, and I released around him. He gripped my skin, and his body tensed, “Oh! Fuuuuuck! ” he moaned, and his head dropped into my neck and shoulder. I squeezed my arms, hugging him tighter. He did the same, and I felt him run his hand down my back. I lifted from him, and he lifted from me. Our eyes met, and I creased his neck. “S-so you’re mine again?” he asked. I nodded, kissing him passionately, and deep, “yes Zayn. Yes” I said. “Even if Imma’ dork?” he asked. I smiled, “you’re my dork now” I said, kissing him again. I felt him smile into the kiss, “I love hearing you say that” he said, breaking the kiss. “What? That you’re mine, or you’re a dork?” I teased. Zayn thrusted into me, and it made me gasp, “that I’m yours” he said, ever so cocky. Zayn held me close again, and rested his lips on my neck, “oh and if you ever call me a fuckin’ asshole again…I’ll make it so you won’t be able to sit for a weak” he growled. I played with the back of his hair, “I’m sorry for that…” I said. He lifted from me, kissing my cheek “I know, you can make it up to me by having dinner with me, tomorrow night” he said. I smiled “sorry my tutor’s coming over tomorrow” I said. His eyes narrowed, “you have a new tutor, who!?” he hissed. “You don’t know him, but. His name’s Zayn, he sorts a dork, but I think I really, really like him…” I said, giggling. He thrusted into me again, “sounds like a lucky guy” he said, smiling. I smiled back, and kissed him. He broke the kiss, “I’ll drive you home” he said. He gripped my hips, and lifted me. I got up, and skirt fell. Zayn got up and pulled up his boxer briefs I grabbed his pants and did them up. , He wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me in. “You know…my mom’s not home…and if you weren’t busy. I was wondering if you wanted to come over…and-and spend the night?…I-I mean it’s the weekend and there’s s no school…” I said, looking down, my hands running over his chest. “You-you want me to spend the night?” he asked. I nodded, “i-if you want…” I said. He smiled and nodded, “I’d love too” he said. My face lite up. “Sorry about your shirt” he said. I giggled, “I’m not the one you have to say sorry too” I said. He gave me a confused look. I turned, and grabbed my shirt from the floor and my panties. I put it on, and Zayn walked over to me, doing up what was left of the buttons. I put my panties into Zayn’s pocket, and he smiled pushing his tongue to the back of his teeth, “I still have to first pair” he said, I blushed remembering at first time at his house. I did the same for him, leaving the first few top buttons undone. My breast and part of my stomach was still exposed. Zayn ran his hands down my arms, and his finger intertwined with mine. “It’s like they’re made for mine” he said. I blushed, massively. He kissed my fore head, and let go of one of my hands, bringing me to the door. He picked up his jacket and put it around me, “here, cover up with this” he said. I put my arms through it. It smelled like him. I grabbed the collar, and brought it to my nose, “it smells like you..” I said. He smiled, and grabbed my hands, bringing them down, holding them again. He brought them to his face, and I cupped his cheeks. “I have you phone” he said, as I went to turn to look for it” he said. I turned back to him. He buttoned up his jacket, and grabbed my hand again. He unlocked the door, and we walked out. We walked down the hallway. We walked down the stairs, and out of the school to his car. He unlocked to car as we approached it. He held open the door for me. I smiled at him, “always a gentleman” I said. He smiled back at me, and I got in. He shut the door, and walked around, I watched him biting my lip. He got in, and started the car. ‘Forever by Chris Brown’ came on. Zayn backed the car up. The car stopped, and Zayn looked at me. “What?” he asked chucking. I looked down, laughing, “just trying to graps the fact that I just had sex, with shy guy Zayn Malik…in school” I said, shaking my head. Zayn laughed, “looks like I’m turing into a bad boy” he teased. I laughed, and Zayn drove off. Zayn started to sing, “Oh, little cutie. When you talk to me. I swear the whole world stops. You’re my sweetheart. And I’m so glad that you’re mine. You are one of a kind and…” he grabbed my hand stroking it with his thumb, “You mean to me. What I mean to you and..Together baby, There is nothing we won’t do” he sang, looking at me. I blushed, and held his hand back, placing my other hand over his. Zayn looked back to the road, and I smiled, resting my head on his shoulder. I felt him smile, “cause if I got you. I don’t need money,I don’t need cars, Girl, you’re my all. And…Oh! I’m into you, And girl, No one else would do ‘cause with every kiss and every hug, You make me fall in love” he continued to sing. I smiled and turned my head towards him, kissing him on the cheek then resting the tip of my nose on his cheek. I was so happy to have my dork back…  
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