One Direction Imagines (Collection 3)

Just some One Direction Imagines


21. For His Birthday (Niall)


Contains : Vibrator & Blindfold “Thank you all for coming! Have a nice night.” Everyone was leaving my house after an amazing night. I had thrown Niall a surprise birthday party, and man was he surprised?! His face was priceless and that expression will never leave my brain. I shut the door as Zayn and Perrie were the last ones to leave. I turned to Niall who was standing next to me and took his hands in mine. “Happy birthday.”, I gave him a kiss on the lips and he smiled when he kissed back. “You didn’t have to do all this you know.” “It’s ok. I wanted to. You’ve done so much for me and I wanted to do something special.” “Thank you babe.” “Of course! No problem. Now I think we should start cleaning.” I looked over and there was food on the floor, cups and plates all over the counters and tables. Not the biggest mess ever, but pretty bad. “I’ll get some garbage bags.”, he said, walking to the pantry. I walked to the couch and started straightening the cushions and picking up crumbs. Niall walked past behind me and smacked my bum. I turned and smirked at him and continued my work. I had something else special planned for my birthday boy. Tonight was his night so I was gonna let him have what he wanted. Last weekend, I bought a black, lacy bra and matching panties. When I was trying them on at the store, all I could think about was tonight. I picked up the last few pieces of trash and put them in the bag Niall was holding. “All done.”, I said. He tied the bag and put it next to the garbage can. I slumped on the couch and he sat next to me. I laid my head on his shoulder and he wrapped his arm around me. “Did you have a good time?” “Yes I did. One of the best birthdays I’ve had. You did an amazing job.” “Thanks. I had a lot of help though.” I looked in his eyes, thinking about my first move. I put my hand on his mid-thigh, “You know… Your birthday isn’t over yet.” “What else do you have for me?”, he smiled catching the hint. “I bought some things…” He had a smirk on his face and I stood up and held out my hand. He pushed himself up and he was inches from my face. I breathed out, “Follow me.” I lead him to the bedroom and I surveyed the bed. “Lay down babe. Hands to your sides.”, I told him and he followed my orders. I walked over to my dresser and grabbed a blindfold. “Put this on please.” He put it on over his lust filled eyes. “Thank you. Now wait here. I’ll be back.” I walked to the bathroom and grabbed the bag of things I had bought earlier this week. The first thing was I changed into the black lace bra with matching panties I had got. It made me feel sexy and not very insecure, which was good for tonight. I messed with my hair a bit. Then I pulled out some whipped cream and shook it up. I was ready. I cleared my throat and slowly opened the door. I saw Niall laying on the bed like I asked him to. But his hands weren’t where they were before. His was jacking off and it was sexy as hell. Just watching him moving up and down with his mouth open and his legs twitching. Damn. I got one more thing from the bathroom. My vibrator. It was a secret present Niall got me for my birthday and I remember what he said when he gave it to me. “Just for when your lonely.”  NOW I was ready. I tip-toed over to the bed and silently put the can of cream down. I slowly climbed on my side of the bed. Niall sensed me and he quickly covered hisself with red cheeks. “Don’t be embarrassed baby.”, I stroked his cheek. Then I leaned down to his ear and whispered, “It was hot. Could you maybe do that again? But imagine its.. Me.” He gulped and pulled his length back out. “I’ll tell you when to go babe.” I got my vibrator and I turned it on. I felt the vibrations going through my hands. I laid down next to Niall and I took off my panties. I spread my legs and kissed Niall on his neck. I took a deep breath and put it at my entrance. “Niall. Go.” He hesitated for a second then slowly started rubbing. I put the machine inside myself and I could feel my adrenaline getting high. I adjusted my legs until I found the perfect spot. I slowly went in and out, closing my eyes. I found a good rhythm and all my worries and insecurities washed away. I looked over to Niall and he seemed pleased. I hit a spot in me that made my heart skip a beat. “Ohhh Niall. That’s it baby.” I saw his body tense and he was now pumping at a quick pace. “(Y/N)…”, I heard him mutter. I turned my body over so I was on top of the machine. I moaned nice and long. He was probably hard as rock by now. “OOOO…”, he groaned. I leaned over and whispered in his ear, “Cum for me and I’ll cum for you, birthday boy.” “(Y/N)…. I’m so close.” “Scream my name Niall. Let me hear you.” I felt my walls tense and I felt so amazing inside. “F-FUCK (Y/N)!”, he screamed, cumming on his stomach and hand. I came a second later and yelled, “NIALL! Oh yes!!” I flipped back over and put my panties on. I looked over and Niall’s fingers were covered with his juices. I reached over and got his hand, which he was surprised, and sucked each finger, cleaning off his slender fingers. “I’m not done yet, Niall.”, I whispered, licking his index finger slowly. I took his hand and put it on my heat. “Feel that? That’s just for you. And only you..”, I said seductively. I put his hand back to his side. “Suck me. I need it.”, he commanded but in a gentle way. “As you wish.” I moved over to the end of his side. I sat in between his legs and looked at his body. He put his pants back on which was what I wanted. I liked seeing him squirm but I didn’t want to tease him to much because revenge is a bitch. I saw his in-the-process-of-a-big-bulge in his pants. I rubbed myself against him and went up to his face. I leaned in and kissed him softly. He responded but with a harder and more passionate kiss. I pulled away and quickly took of his shirt which exposed his perfectly sculpted torso. I went back to kiss him again. I moved my body against his and I felt his tongue lick my bottom lip. I granted entrance and we explored each others mouths. I could taste the Nando’s in his mouth from earlier and I smiled in the kiss. He won dominance and I pulled away smiling. I kissed his neck and gave him a mark that would be there for awhile. I started planting kisses down his body towards his happy trail. I stopped at his hip bones and licked from one to the other. Niall bucked his hips and said in his deep accent, “Stop teasing (Y/N).” I took of his belt and threw it aside. His blindfold still on I reached over on the side table and got the whipped cream. I decided I didn’t need it so I just left it there. I pulled his pants down and I could see his bulge through his underwear. I pulled them down and threw them down with his jeans. His cock touched his stomach and I took it in my hands. I examined it for a minute and he was hard. I wasn’t gonna let him wait so I went down and kissed his tip. I took half of him in my mouth and I heard a low moan come from him. I knew he was satisfied so I started moving my head up and down. He tangled his fingers in my hair and I circled my tongue around him. He started moving around and he lifted his knees around me, letting out a groan. I pushed his legs back down and I had his whole inside my mouth, hitting the back of my throat. I moaned & the vibrations went through me and Niall’s body. He was breathing fast and deep and moaned, “(Y/N). Oh god (Y/N)! I’m close.” I felt his dick twitch and his hot liquids go down my throat. I pulled him out of my mouth and sat up next to his feet. I stroked his leg and we both smiled.  He took a light breath and said, “That was perfect (Y/N).” I just smiled and traced circles on his thigh. “Babe?” “Yeah?” I answered. “Can I take this blindfold off?”, he asked raking his fingers through his hair. “Of course.” I said sweetly. He took it off and set it on the dresser. He turned back, observing my body. He smiled and took my arms and pulled me close. I sat in his lap, hips to hips and he put his forehead against mine. I put my hand on his heart, feeling his steady heartbeat and kissed him lightly. He pulled away smirking and he said, “You know I love when you wear that.” I pushed him down back on the pillows slowly and traced my fingers on his collarbones. “Why do you think I wore it.”, I giggled. I was laying on top of him and he put his hands on the back of my thighs, holding me in place. I could see his dark eyes looking into mine. Niall licked his lips, put his hand on the back of my neck and gently pulled me down. He kissed me passionately and his tongue traced my bottom lip. I let his tongue in my mouth and I moved down and hard on him. He was completely naked and I still had the lingerie on. He reached down to my back and undid my bra and pulled it of my arms. He slid down a bit so my breasts were hovering over his face and took them in his hands. He slowly massaged them and it made me moan and I grabbed onto his hair. He took one of my nipples and put it in his mouth, sucking. I threw my head back in pleasure and he licked the other side. I could feel him getting hard again and I rubbed him slowly. He gave me a groan which made my body shake. He pulled away and slowly took my panties off. We both sat up a little and I was sitting on top of him with my hands on his stomach. I took his hard on and rubbed it against my heat and he closed his eyes, holding my waist. He reached down and put his fingers on my clit and slowly rolled in circles. I moaned out louder than last time and he went faster. He stopped and adjusted his pillow so his eyes were aiming right at my waist. He opened the side table drawer and got a condom and put it on. “Ready babe?” I shook my head and lifted myself and put his length in me. He kept his eyes on me the whole time and I got him half in. “Ooh (Y/N).. So tight.” I bit my lip and started rocking my hips forward and back. He felt so good inside me. I picked up my pace and picked my hips up and down, slow at first. “Mmm.”, we both hummed. His whole fit all inside me and I was coming close. His head was back and eyes closed so I took his cheeks in my hands and lent down and kissed him hard. He smiled in the kiss and bucked his hips to my rhythm. I put my head in the crook of his neck which was the chance for him to flip us both over. “Look at me when I come.”, he said in a deep, demanding way. It was sexy though. I shook my head and he thrusted faster in and out of me. My stomach clenched and I felt my walls go tight around him. “N-NIALL!!”, I screamed and let out my warm liquids around his dick. I grabbed onto his arms that were gripping the sheets on each side of my head. He looked down and bit his lip as a drop of cum trickled down my thigh. I took his face in my hands and looked into his lustful eyes and said, “Come for me Niall.” I put my hands on his shoulders. “O-oh. FUCKK (Y/N)!”, he screamed out. He put his head in my neck and his breathing was slowly coming down. I hugged him and traced light circles on his back. He loved when I did that, and I loved when he did that to me, lets say we are mutual with a lot of things. He breathed out and put his forehead to mine, “I love you so much. You are perfect to me.” “I love you too.”, I kissed him lightly and played with his hair. “Happy birthday.”, I said and sat up. “I’m tired baby.”, Niall said and pouted his lip a little. “Lay down.” I got up and put my vibrator in the drawer, and my underwear in the bathroom. I walked back to the bed where he was already under the covers, on his side, with my side of the covers pulled back. I smiled and climbed in bed next to him. We were spooning, another thing we loved, and he kissed my shoulder. “Goodnight lovely.”, he whispered. “Goodnight.” He yawned and we soon fell asleep. Skin on skin. I knew we were in love, my heart even knew.  
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