One Direction Imagines (Collection 3)

Just some One Direction Imagines


5. Enabled (Harry & Zayn)


You were driving in your car home from work, tensely gripping on the wheel as you pleaded that the red light would turn to green. You just wanted to come home watch movies and cuddle with your boyfriend, Zayn. You finally pulled into your driveway and heard some muffled screams. “Just some of the kids down the street,” you thought, as your heel clicked as you made your way up the steps. You opened your door and Zayn was on top of Perrie, moaning and groaning in pleasure. You couldn’t believe it. The same Zayn who told you that he would never leave you, or cheat on you. “GET OUT!” you screamed, trying to not cry. Perrie quickly threw on her clothes and fled, fearing you. Zayn laid there, with a scared expression on his face. “Go up to our room, I’ll be there in a second.” you growled, kicking your heels off. You quickly dialed Harry. You had a plan. You took a chair, and bought it up to your room. you gestured for Zayn to sit and he did, still naked. You grabbed a blue scarf and tied his arm together behind the chair.  “What are you..” Zayn tried to finish, but then you smacked your hand angrily over his perfect lips. You then grabbed another scarf, and then tied his ankles to the chair. The doorbell rang and you ran to get it. It was Harry. “Hey (y/n), why did you call me here?” Harry murmured, staring at the black smudged on your face. “You’ll see…” you spoke dragging Harry up the stairs to your bedroom, where Zayn was tied up. Zayn’s face contorted with confusion as he saw Harry standing there, the same expression on his face.  “(Y/N) why am I…” Harry started saying, but you cut him off with a kiss. You pulled away. “This is your punishment.” you shot at Zayn with an angry glare attached. You slid you skirt off and unbuckled Harry’s pants, still kissing. Soon you two were both naked and still making out. You looked over at Zayn, which you haven’t done in what seemed like ages, and saw his lustful chocolate brown eyes. Harry started to massage your boobs, showing no favoritism to one or the other. Harry started sucking and massaging, until you were soaked. You heard a moan, but it wasn’t Harry’s. It was Zayn’s. Harry got on his knees and started to eat you out, nipping and biting and sucking on all the right places. You quickly came on him and he greedily lapped up your juices. Then, Harry slammed you on the bed and fucked you hard. In and out in and out, for ages. Harry screamed out some profanities and then pulled out and came on your ass as you rode out your orgasm. You thanked Harry as he got undressed and untied Zayn and had epic makeup sex.  
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