One Direction Imagines (Collection 3)

Just some One Direction Imagines


17. Do It Rough (Harry)


Me and the boys went to the club tonight. I was dressed in a short black dress, just covering my butt, smoky eyes and my hair was wavy. I couldn’t deny it, I looked hot. I was dressed like this to make Harry jealous. When he was jealous or angry, he would fuck me hard and fast. I loved it like that. So here I am in the club, trapped between 2 boys I don’t know. One boy had his hands on my hips, the other one was rubbing his crotch against my bum. I looked from the corner of my eye to Harry who was sitting in the corner, looking at me with dark, jealous eyes. I smirked and placed my arm around the neck of the boy behind me. Harry was always good in bed, but he was always sweet and gentle. I want it to be rough tonight. To have bruises when I wake up, that remind me of the night before. I saw him stand up from his chair and walk to me. I smirked when I saw his hands were fists and his eyes were dark, his eyebrows knit together and he was biting his bottom lip. ‘Excuse me wankers’ he said in a low, deep voice and took me by my arm. ‘What do you think you’re doing?’ one of the boys asked. Oh ow, this wasn’t good. ‘Getting my girl away from faggots’ Harry said and took my hand in his. The boys looked at me, confused and I raised my eyebrows at them with an evil smirk on my face. Harry tugged on my hand, so I turned around and walked away, swinging my hips a bit more because I knew they were still watching. I turned around one more time and winked at them. When we were outside, Harry slammed me against the wall. ‘What do you think you were doing? ‘ he asked. ‘Just dancing’ I said innocently. He growled from the back of his throat and gripped my hand again, dragging me to his car. He drove home, really fast. When we got out of the car, he opened the door of our apartment and slammed me against the door. ‘Just dancing? That wasn’t what it looked like’ he hissed through his teeth. He placed his lips on my neck and sucked hard, making a mark. ‘You’re mine, got it?’ he growled into my ear. I didn’t respond, I just stood there. ‘GOT IT?’ he asked again. I nodded. I had to admitted, he scared me. ‘Good’ he said and pressed his lips against mine, hard. He bit on my bottom lip and I opened my mouth, letting his tongue in. He was very dominant this time, taking control. Pushing his tongue inside my mouth. He grabbed my hips into his hands and pulled me against him, crashing our hips together. He dug his nails into the flesh of my hips. ‘Go to the bedroom and be naked when I get there’ he said and slapped my ass. I went to the bedroom and took of my dress, bra and panties. ‘My little slut needs to be punished to know who she belongs to’ Harry whispered in my ear from behind me. He place his arms around my naked body, placing kisses on my shoulder. He let his hands trace up and grabbed my breasts into his hands, kneading them hard. He takes my nipples between his fingers and tugs on them, making them hard for him. He slips one of his hands down my stomach, resting his hand on my wet center. It just stayed there, he didn’t do anything. ‘Tonight, you are going to do what I say, okay?’ he asked. I nodded. ‘Okay sir’ he growled. ‘Okay sir’ I said. I’ve never seen this side of him, letting me calling him sir. He chuckled in my ear. ‘Love it’ he said and pushed me towards the bed. ‘Get on all fours’ he said. I climbed on the bed and waited for what was going to happen. I felt his hand on my bum, stroking it when he smacked his hand down on it. I winced in pain. I felt the place burn where his hand came down. I heard him chuckle. ‘Not so teasing anymore? Are you?’ he asked. He smacked my bum again. ‘I asked you something! Answer it slut!’ he growled. ‘No, sir’ I said. ‘Good’ he smirked. He turned me around and laid me down onto the bed, hovering over me. He rests his forehead against mine and looks at me with loving eyes. ‘Where is my punishment?’ I asked. ‘I know you did this to let me be rough’ he said. Damn, he knew about my plan. ‘Why didn’t you just ask?’ he asked. ‘I don’t know’ I mumbled. He smirked at me. ‘Do you want it rough?’ he asked. I nodded. ‘Your wish is my demand’ he said and got off the bed. He undressed himself until he was fully naked. He crawled back on top of me. ‘Let me see’ he said and felt how wet I was. ‘So fucking wet and I haven’t done anything yet’ he growled. He placed himself between my legs and licked my slit up and down, really fast. He sucked and nibbled on my clit. ‘Mmmmm Harry’ I moaned. ‘Sir’ he hummed against my clit. ‘Fuck, sir, don’t stop’ I moaned, my climax building up. He hummed against my clit again, sending vibrations down. He got up and smirked at me. He got off the bed and looked at my naked body. He took his dick in his hand and started to jerk himself off. ‘Sir…’ ‘No’ he said and kept pumping his cock into his hand. ‘Can I…’ ‘No’ he said interrupting me every time. He looked at my boobs and then at my dripping wet center. ‘You need me, don’t you?’ he asked smirking. I nodded, being desperate to be touched. I trailed my hand down my stomach, to my swollen clit. ‘Don’t you dare’ he said and looked at me with stern eyes. I kept going and touched my clit and moaned. He slapped my hand away and pulled me off the bed. He pushed me on my knees. ‘C’mon little slut, take it in your mouth’ he said and slapped his cock against my cheek. ‘Open wide’ he said. I opened my mouth and he shoved his cock inside my mouth. ‘Good girl. Now suck’ he said. I took the tip in my mouth and sucked hard on it, making him moan and throwing his head back. ‘Oooh yes, keep going (Y/N)’ he groaned. He took the back of my head and pushed his cock all the way into my mouth, his tip down my throat. I gagged, sending vibrations on his dick, making him moan harder than I ever heard. ‘Come here’ he said and pulled me up. He turned us around and pushed me against the wall. ‘So, you like it rough?’ he asked. I nodded. ‘Good’ he said and slammed into me and thrusted at a fast pace, without letting me adjust. I moaned and threw my head back against the wall, gripping onto his biceps to hold myself up. ‘If you like it rough, I’m gonna destroy that beautiful pussy of yours.’ He moaned while he looked at his dick, going in and out of me. He looked up into my face and took my bottom lip between his teeth, sucking on it. He let it go and laid his head on my shoulder, moaning into my ear. ‘Baby, you feel so good around my throbbing cock’ he grunted and moved his hips back and forth. When he’s almost there, he pulled out. ‘What?’ I asked. ‘Wait’ he said and took the white sheets from the bed, dragging them with him. He rubs my pussy dry with them and threw them on the ground. ‘I wanna fuck you dry’ he said and slammed into me again. ‘Oooh sooo good’ he moans. I felt a bit of pain, but the pleasure was too overwhelming to care about that. I gripped his curls and took my bottom lip between my teeth. ‘Harry’ I moaned. ‘I know baby’ he grunts. I felt the knot in my stomach and I knew I was cumming. ‘Oooh Harry! Fuck, I’m cumming baby!’ I moaned, almost screamed. ‘Scream my name baby, let me know who’s making you feel this good.’ He whispers into my ear. ‘Harryyy!’ I scream when I release onto his dick, my walls flexing around him. He moans and pushes into me as deep as he can. He stays there while he’s moaning and he shot his cum into me. When we got our breaths back at a steady pace, he picked me up and laid me on the bed. I crawled into his arms, him pulling me close. ‘We should do this more often’ Harry said.  
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