One Direction Imagines (Collection 3)

Just some One Direction Imagines


20. Candle Lights (Harry)


“Harry, stop tickling me!” I cry as his large hands rub all over my body, his fingertips moving quickly along my skin. “You know I’m ticklish!” “The thing is babe,” Harry smirked, pursing his lips, “I don’t care.” His nose grazed against my skin, sending shivers down my spine. “I love making you laugh.” He whispered lowly, pulling away from my body. “I’m going to get a drink.” Harry walked into the kitchen, opening the fridge. Then the house turned black. “Harry?! Harry?!” I stood up, turning in a circle. It was about 8 pm, so it was very dark outside. You couldn’t see a thing, I swear. “Harry, stop playing jokes. Turn on the light.” I walked slowly forward, searching for the silhouette of his tall, muscular figure. “There’s no jokes, babe.” I felt his large hands rest on my waist, his lips attached to my ear. “There’s a storm, the power went out.”  “We need candles.” I ignored his touch, grabbing my phone. I shined the light to show me a path to the kitchen where I left scented candles and a lighter. I lit the carmel scented candle, along with a few others. I set them on the table in the living room, bringing a bit of light to the room.  I felt Harry’s presence as I sat down on the couch, his body hovering over mine. His hand lingered over my thighs, stomach, chest, and shoulder before coming to my cheek. I felt his thumb caress it slowly, bringing warmth to my skin. “You’re so beautiful, even in candle light.” He whispered, his voice low and raspy.  “Harry, you smell so good.” I breathed in his scent, wrapping my arms around his neck. “You’re so warm.” I felt his lips attach to my neck, kissing and biting simultaneously. I leaned my head back, tangling my fingers in his full head of curls. His tongue moved in a small circle as he tried to relieve my newly sensitive skin.  He slowly pushed me against the couch, his body hovering over mine. I leaned down, grinding his hips against my slowly. I felt his hard on against my inner thigh, making my body tighten. His lips traveled down my jawline to my prominent collarbone, his long fingers pulling against the think fabric of my t-shirt. “You know I love you in this shirt,” He pulled again, looking up into my eyes. “But it needs to come off.” He growled, pulling it over my head. I felt the cold hair hit my chest, making goosebumps appear on my skin. Soon after, Harry’s warm fingertips cascaded down my chest, his eyes wandering to mine. I gave him a reassuring nod as he looped his arm around my back, unclipping my bra. I heard a snap, then my bra was off and tossed the the side.  Harry’s eyes got bigger as he saw my exposed chest, his touch getting rougher as he ran his hands up and down my sides. I looked down at his face as his curls covered his eyes, his hand grabbing a handful of my right breast. He massaged it slowly, kissing it every now and then. “Perfect.” He whispered, doing the same to the left. Harry didn’t really like foreplay, he liked getting right to it. But I wasn’t up for no foreplay today. I leaned on my knees, pushing Harry so he’s up right. “Arms up.” I purred in his ear, tugging on the bottom of his shirt. He obeyed, lifting his long arms over his head. I slowly lifted up his shirt over his head, kissing his lips as I go. I looked down at his chiseled physique, his v-line ver visible. I saw his Calvin Klein’s peek out of his trousers, begging to be taken off.  Harry could tell I wanted control, and he did not like that. His hands grabbed my face, his mouth mending into mine. My lips met his, not long after his tongue came out of hiding. He ran his tongue over my bottom lip, begging for entrance. I kept my lips closed as he hands ran up my side, roughly pulling me into his chest. I opened my mouth slightly, his tongue plunging into my mouth.  Harry explored my mouth, eventually finding my own tongue, wrestling with it. I rested my hands on his chest, tracing shapes on his warm skin with my fingertips. His mouth formed into a smile, pressing soft kisses against my neck.  I pushed him down against the couch roughly, straddling his waist. I looked over at the table, 2 candles were out. I could still see Harry’s face clearly, his skin turning moist. I ran my fingertips down his chest to the buckle of his pants, his hard-on more visible now.  “Stop teasing.” He spoke in a husky voice, running his fingers through my hair.  “Baby.” I smirked, pulling his belt out of the loops. “Sh.” I pulled his pants down, throwing them to the side. Another candle went out. Only one more. I started to shiver as I pulled down his boxer briefs, his hard-on slapping against his stomach. “Cheeky boy.” I crawled on top of him, only to be turned over. His curls were touching my forehead, his body only inches from mine. He leaned down to my hip bone, leaving wet kisses on them.  Harry pulled down my jeans, leaving me only in lacey underwear. He bit the lace roughly, resting his hands on my thighs. He slowly moved down my body, taking my panties with him. As his body left mine to grab a condom out of his wallet, I whined, waiting for his touch again.  “Who made you this wet?” He growled in my ear, resting one hand at my waist. “Niall.” I smirked, pressing my hand to the back of his head. “Say it.” Harry spoke in a husky voice, rubbing his tip across my entrance. “Who made you like that.” “Y-you.” I choked out, gripping his hair.  “Who?” He repeated, holding my waist tightly. “You, Harry!” I tilted my head back, twisting his curls in my fingers. “That’s what I thought.” His head moved down to my neck, his lips touching my skin ever so slightly. “Are you ready, babe?”  “God dammit Harry, get in me already.” I pulled on his hair gently, biting down hard on my bottom lip.  I felt his length slowly fill me up, his thrusts slow and steady. I opened my mouth, leaving it hanging open. “Harry.” I moaned his name as he thrusted deeply into me, burying his face in my neck. His hand gripped my hips as he quickened his pace, making my toes curl. The pain turned into inexplainable pleasure as he bit my shoulder, frustrated, trying to find the right spot that sends me to another world. With one deep, slow thrust, I could feel all of him. His thrusts became quicker, but still steady. I wrapped my arms around his torso, digging my nails into his back roughly. “H-Harry.” I moaned again, his mouth letting out a loud groan. “I’m gonna-” I saw his face move in front of mine, his curls damp from his sweat. “I want to see your face as this happens.” His eyes were filled with lust .  With a few more thrusts, my walls tightened around him. I tilted my head back, feeling my high come over me. Harry groaned my name, his thrusts becoming more sloppy. We both rode out our highs, his body collapsing on top of mine. The warmth of his body warmed mine, sending goosebumps up and down my body. I traced his tattoos on his forearms, feeling his lips kiss my neck a few times. His hands found mine, pulling my hands away from his forearm into his large hands. He intertwined our fingers, pressing our foreheads against each others.  “Baby?” He whispered, playing with my fingers. “Yes, Harry?” I whispered back, catching my breath. “I love you.” His lips formed into a smile, his eyes looking straight into mine. “I love you, Harry.” I smiled wide as I looked over at the table, the last candle slowly burning out.  
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