One Direction Imagines (Collection 3)

Just some One Direction Imagines


2. A Public Affair (Harry)


“I’m boooored. Can we go yet?” your boyfriend Harry groaned from outside your changing room. You laughed as you slipped on another ridiculously expensive skirt from the selection the overly-kind store associate had brought you. Harry had taken you out shopping, and even had your favorite clothing store shut down for a private shopping spree for just the two of you. Harry had started out with a great attitude, but he was obviously agitated now since the two of you had been shopping for close to 3 hours now. “I told you, we can go once I have an outfit that is suitable to do that interview tomorrow,” you scolded him. “Babe, come on, it’s just for a magazine! No one will even see your outfit!” he whined.  Even though you knew he was right, you still wanted to look your best. This wasn’t just another interview. Every month, your favorite magazine ran a special section that spotlights one of Hollywood’s hottest stars’ girlfriend. This month, they wanted you. You would also take any opportunity to buy a new outfit. You did a quick spin in the mirror to see your outfit from every angle, taking in every inch of where the Hi-Lo skirt hit your body. It was high-waisted, flattering your hips perfectly. It was just short enough in the front to give off sex appeal, but had the perfect amount of flow in the back to give the look some class. You were wearing a lacy black Bralet top that the associate brought you, showing off just a strip of skin between the bralet and the skirt. You added a chic blazer from the generous selection hanging on the rack, and did another quick turn. You had to admit, you cleaned up pretty damn well.  “Alright, I think I found the one!” you announced as you pulled back the curtain of the dressing area and walked out to where Harry was impatiently waiting. “How’s this? Do you like this outfit?” you asked, spinning for him. You took the silence you received from him as a no, and made your way back to the dressing area to start over. “Damn, I really thought this was the one! I really love the way the skir-” Your sentence was cut off by a hand grabbing your wrist as you walked back to the dressing room. Harry tightened his hand around your wrist when you tried to pull away from him. You looked down to question him, but all words left your mind when you saw the look on Harry’s face. “Hazza? What’s wrong?” you asked him, placing your free hand on top of the one he still had clenched around your wrist. He continued to sit in silence, but tightly shut his eyes, his brows drawing together as if he was in pain. “Haz, what’s going on? You’re scaring me!” you told him, the tone of your voice urgent.  You were trying to keep your voice down so as to not draw attention from the many sales associates that were milling around, hoping to catch the eye of the one and only Harry Styles. Once again, you were met with silence. “Harry Edward Styles, I don’t know what you’re trying to pull here, bu-”  before you could finish putting him in his place, he stood up and took his hand from your wrist and replaced it over your mouth, clamping down and cutting off your words. You began to struggle, but the look in his eyes made you fall silent. Finally he removed his hand, and pulled you close until you could feel his hot breath in your ear. “The only thing I’m trying to ‘pull here ’ is this outfit from your body,” he rumbled into your ear. You took in a deep breath from his unexpected answer. “Do you realize how hard it’s been for me to sit here and watch you walk out in sexy outfit after sexy outfit? Do you realize how hard I am?” he asked you, grabbing your hand once again and pulling it down to feel his shaft through his trousers. Sure enough, it was hard as a stone, and your hand reflexively began to wrap around it. Even through the layers of material, you knew your touch was electrifying Harry. You could tell simply from the way his eyelids fluttered. “Harry…” you said as you moved your fingers along the material between his length and your hand. “We have this whole store to ourselves…” you hinted as you wrapped your hand gently around him through his pants. Harry couldn’t respond, but you knew that he would follow you wherever you lead him in this state. You pulled him into your dressing area, and closed the curtain behind you. The small space allotted very little room for all the racks of clothing as well as the two of you, but you hardly noticed. You couldn’t stop staring at Harry. “Blazer. Off.” he demanded. You obliged, taking a step back from Harry and slowly taking the jacket off, tossing it into the corner of the dressing room.  “Now the top.” Again, you did what you were told and slid the bralet top off, sliding one strap off at a time before unzipping the back and letting it fall to the floor in front of you. Harry didn’t make a sound. This wasn’t the first time Harry had seen your bare breasts, but you were still self-conscious to have one of Hollywood’s hottest male celebrities ogling you. “God you’re perfect,” Harry whispered before pulling your body into his. Despite the heavy sexual tension, Harry’s lips were gentle against yours. You pushed your body harder against his in an attempt to deepen the kiss, but Harry resisted and pulled his lips from yours, pressing a single finger up to your mouth. You had been so lost in your own little world of just the two of you, you hadn’t even noticed the pair of high-heels hitting against the hardwood floor, no doubt headed directly to your dressing room.  You tried to grab a shirt of the nearest rack in the dressing room to cover yourself, but Harry pinned your hands to your sides, kissed you softly once more, and whispered, “Don’t worry, babe,” just as the clicking heels stopped right outside the curtain.  Three curt knocks were followed by a “Mister Styles?”  from a high pitched voice, dripping with false sweetness. You could tell by her tone that she knew what the two of you were up to – well, were ABOUT to be up to – in your changing room. You were sure your face was blushing beet red, but Harry kept his composure entirely.  “Yes, love?” Harry answered the sales associate, releasing his hold on you and sticking his curly head out of the curtain to meet her face to face.  Even though you were out of sight from the woman, you still tried to hide yourself completely behind the racks of clothes in the room.  “Oh, erm, well, I was just wondering if you and your…friend needed any further assistance.” The disdain in the woman’s voice was enough to make your blood boil. “If this ‘friend of mine’ that you are referring to is my lovely girlfriend, I would appreciate it if you would have the decency to learn her name,” Harry bit back at the woman. The stunned silence he was met with made you absolutely giddy.  “I-I, I didn’t mean any offense, Mister Styles. I was just-” The associate was trying to regain her composure and form a full sentence, but Harry wasn’t going to hear it. “To answer your question, no, we do not need your assistance. And if the rest of your colleagues share your attitude, we will not be needing their assistance either.” And with a quick, swift wave of his hand, Harry sent the bottle-blonde associate reeling backwards in her heels and out of sight.  You came up behind Harry and slid your arms around his waist. You were flustered from the encounter with the sales lady and as he turned around to face you, and you knew he could see the remaining blush that was still coloring your cheeks. You tightened your arms around him and placed your head on his chest. Harry gently placed a finger under your chin, bringing your head up to look at him. He cradled your face in his hands and let out a slow, deep breath.  “God, you are beautiful,” he whispered.  Your lips turned up into a small smile before you moved your hands to the back of his neck and pulled his face down to yours.  Harry pushed your back into the wall and placed his hands on either side of you while your tongues were still entwined. You brought your hands to his chest and pulled his t-shirt over his head.  You made quick work of his belt, and began unzipping his jeans, pushing them down his thighs. While you were at work trying to uncover his beautiful bod, Harry’s hands slid down the wall and came to rest on your hips. One hand went up to palm your bare breast while the other began sliding up your thigh underneath your skirt. When his hand reached his destination, he stopped kissing you and gave you a quizzical look. “No underwear?”  “I didn’t want the panty lines,” you explained, making him laugh before you grabbed his neck and resumed your kiss. His fingers underneath your skirt were sliding along your heat, making you shudder. You grabbed onto his shoulders to keep yourself from melting into a puddle on the dressing room floor. Harry’s lips moved from your mouth to your shoulder where he began planting slow, sweet kisses along your collar bone and down towards your breast. As soon as his lips were around your nipple, his finger dipped inside of you, making you dig your nails into his shoulders. “Already so wet and I haven’t even done anything,” he murmured, slowly stirring his finger inside you. You weren’t sure how long you could hold on for with all of his teasing.  “Harry, please!” you breathily whispered. Harry obliged by pulling his finger out and replacing it with two, slowly thrusting in and out. You sucked in a sharp breath as your knees went weak from the sensation. Harry began running his tongue over your already hard nipple, adding to the intensity you were feeling building up inside of you. You undulated your hips over Harry’s hand, begging for a release. As his two fingers worked their way in and out of you, Harry placed the pad of this thumb over your clit, rubbing it in slow circles. You couldn’t hold back the loud moan that escaped your lips as you threw your head back in absolute pleasure. You felt him laugh against your breast, but you didn’t care. If he kept this up, he would have to mop you off the floor as you felt yourself melting into him. As his thumb quickened it’s circles, and his fingers sped up their rhythm, you reached your peak. Before you could release, you pushed his hands away from you.  “I’m not doing this without you,” you growled as you pulled down his Calvin Klein boxers and released his member. You pumped your hands up and down his length for a few seconds, making him groan. Normally you would try to pleasure him for as long as he could handle it, but you were about to burst. It seemed Harry was, too, from the way he grabbed your bottom and lifted you up. Your legs automatically wrapped around him, and Harry used one hand to line himself up at your entrance. Slowly, you lowered your body onto him. Once he was seated as deep inside of you as he could be, he lifted your body back up, and then lowered it back onto him, bringing his length in and out of your wet sheath.  Each time he repeated the process he gained speed, and before long he was thrusting into you with all his power. You tilted your hips upwards, making the angle just right so that he would hit your G-spot every time he entered you. To keep from screaming in ecstasy, you bit into Harry’s broad shoulder. Harry seemed just as lost in pleasure as you were, focusing all his attention onto bringing the two of you to a climax.  Harry pumped into you over and over, pushing you over the edge. You gave yourself over to your orgasm and felt your body grip tightly to his, both inside and out. As soon as Harry felt your sheath pulse around his length, his body tensed and he released himself, allowing the two of you to climax together.  Harry continued to pump into you even through his release, prolonging your orgasm even further. Finally, Harry collapsed against you, breathing heavily. You unwrapped your legs from his waist, and he helped you place your feet back on the ground. Your hands were still hooked behind his neck, and you ran your fingers gently through his curly hair, now dampened with sweat. Even though the two of you had just had insane, intense sex in a public dressing room, Harry still looked so beautiful. You couldn’t help kissing him. Harry responded to your kiss and put his hands on your lower back, pulling you towards him again.  “Unless you want a repeat of what just happened, I suggest you collect the items you want to purchase, and get into our own bed back at home as soon as possible,” he said in a low voice. You sighed as Harry let go of you and took a step back. As he collected his shirt off the floor, you smoothed your hands over the skirt that you were still wearing. You did a quick check of it, and were surprised that it had survived the ride totally intact. This was clearly a lucky skirt…but you had to make sure.  You stepped towards Harry and simply whispered in his ear, “I’m ready for round two.”  
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