bella at hogwarts

Blurb: Bella has gone to hogwarts. a school of witches and wizards. She goes their to see how a normal child stands out their. When going in the libary she finds out she has an ancestor who was a famous wizard. She must help save the world with the help of harry potter. Will her boyfriend edward help her.


1. moving away

Bella was at her house in her bed room texting her boyfriend edward. She mainly said about how she was going to miss him when she left. She was packing her bags to go to hogwarts. It was a school a wizardry and she was going to experience human life their. She had herd about the famous harry potter that lived their. She wondered about the adventures they would have their. She put lots of pictures in her bag and looked at them. Her favourite one was her with Edward on their first date. They had been together for 3 years. Now she was 18 and moving away. far away.

1 hour later she was at the station. She had a bag in her and she held it tight. The train hopped along to the station and was like a rabbit. It made a straight halt at the station . It was a cheetah pouncing on its pray. Bella got into the train scared. She didn't know what was going to happen.




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